Victorian Government refuses to give quarantine answers

Victoria’s Health Minister, Jenny Mikakos, avoided seven questions on Melbourne’s Hotel Quarantine debacle at Tuesday’s Legislative Council question time by saying she would provide a written response the following day.

These questions included topics like:

  1. When the government first became aware of problems around quarantine?
  2. Who made the decision to outsource to private contractors?
  3. Will the government release the findings of the genomic sequencing from the Doherty Institute giving the origins of the second wave outbreak?
  4. Why the state government cut the budget to contract tracing teams?
  5. ICU capacity

Instead of addressing these straight forward questions, Health Minister Mikakos flat out rejected to provide answers on the grounds that the judicial inquiry is “ongoing”:

Recall that the chair of the judicial inquiry into Melbourne’s failed hotel quarantine, Justice Jennifer Coate, yesterday confirmed that there is nothing stopping the Victorian Government from releasing information to the public:

Premier Daniel Andrews and his ministers have repeatedly refused to answer questions on the quarantine program, saying it is not appropriate for them to do so while an inquiry is ongoing.

However, Justice Coate has said there is nothing preventing the Premier or ministers answering questions about the quarantine program.

“This board of inquiry is not a court,” Justice Coate said on Wednesday.

“Under law, unlike a court, there is no general restriction or prohibition, which would prevent a person from commenting publicly or answering questions to which they know the answers on matters which are the subject of examination by this board of inquiry.”

The Victorian Government must stop stonewalling and answer these questions. Victorians deserve answers.

Jennifer Coate has given the green light. The Government no longer has anywhere to hide.

Leith van Onselen
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    • If they did that it would appear rac1st and sex1st:
      – The security guard and the person he blew were sub-continentals
      – They were both men
      – The security company in charge of the hotel is “Australia’s largest indigenous owned security company”
      For these reasons w0ke MSM journalists cannot touch this story.

      • From what we understand the security guard may have been Indian or Lebanese background. The virus was then passed to the Islamic community around Fawkner etc.. and then they had EID celebrations in that community with large family gatherings where it ran rife. It made its way into low skilled warehousing jobs and industries such as meat packing, and into the casual workforce that works in aged care etc.. where they move to different aged care homes.

  1. What is occurring is the delay to give a response to be prepared by lawyers paid for by the Victorian taxpayer to defend the egregious negligence of hotel quarantine failure and leakage to mainly women aged care workers. What they really fear is a class action by the grieving relatives of the aged care sector deaths will cause jail terms and personal asset confiscation just as the proprietors of businesses face for deaths by negligence in the workplace under O H and S legislation. Bring this on! with lawyer fees to be repaid from the politicians assets if found negligent.

  2. 471 cases today.
    near complete lock down started today with a release of the details at 11 pm an hour before it started!!
    one of the allowed trades are locksmiths, Any locksmiths who can’t open their doors in Vic need to have a long hard think about whether they’re in the right trade :}