Victoria records another 410 COVID-19 infections, 21 deaths

Victoria has recorded another 410 COVID-19 infections and a record 21 deaths (all elderly):

Other key data points:

  • 2961 cases with an unknown source
  • 662 Victorians in hospital with COVID-19
  • 43 in ICU, 25 of which are on ventilators
  • 1079 hospital workers currently infected
  • 1929 infected in aged care

Victoria’s infection growth rate has fallen to 0.8:


NSW recorded 18 new COVID-19 cases, with 13 locally acquired:

NSW’s infection growth rate remains around one:

Nevertheless, it continues to keep a lid on case numbers, unlike Victoria:

Victoria now has 7877 active cases, 96.0% of the nation’s total. By contrast, NSW has 306 active cases, 3.7% of the nation’s total:

Since the pandemic began, Victoria has recorded 15,646 COVID-19 cases, roughly four times NSW’s 3,915:

Victoria’s infection rate has risen to 236 per 100,000, nearly five times NSW’s 48 per 100,000:

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  1. Permanently high plateau? Just need to vote in a Liberal govt and all problems will be solved 😉

    • Yep – a govt in thrall to the gaming and liquor industry that keeps restaurants, schools and bars open and doesn’t mandate masks….

    • Victoria is stuffed, at this rate even Stage 4 is unlikely to get them back to zero community transmission. Meanwhile NSW could go either way and the rest of Australia is putting up big signs saying KEEP OUT!!

      How long will this go on for? We’re a nation that is a federation of states, for 120 years our country has been built on free movement of people, goods and services and finances across state lines. If the current situation goes on for years, which it could, the entire Federation could be put to the test.

        • Backing Fatty McF*** Head in his High Court challenge to WA’s border closure is one of the most politically inept decisions I’ve ever seen. I know ScoMo would be cowed after seeing what Palmer did to Campbell Newman but at some point even millions of Australians manage to become bigger than Admiral Palmer and democracy is a flawed but beautiful thing.

          • Diogenes the CynicMEMBER

            Libs are set for a hammering at the next election(s). WA is angry. Scomo has definitely blown a few seats, hopefully Porter who was his point man loses.

          • I really hope Porter loses, it will make a fine example.

            COVID-19 is the new enemy at the gate and people will richly reward any government that keeps the enemy at bay and deliver and election hammering to those who let it loose. SloMo is too thick and blinkered by his greedy globalist perspective to recognize this.

      • migtronixMEMBER

        We’re a commonwealth that is administered as a federation of states.

        “. In the 17th century, the definition of “commonwealth” expanded from its original sense of “public welfare” or “commonweal” to mean “a state in which the supreme power is vested in the people; a republic or democratic state”.[3][4]”

        Well being/weal being operative here…

      • Queensland and WA only consider themselves part of the Federation when it comes to receiving JobKeeper and JobSeeker payments for their people, but otherwise, they don’t care about the free movement of their people (or other people outside their states). They want it all.

    • This appears to be the fault with the irresponsible franchisee rather than Macas. My son’s Macas workplace is 24 hour but is closed at 8pm to to all but Uber pickups.

    • Because Maccas is where so many denizens eat every day – we’ve already denied them enough. There’ll be riots if anything more closes. Barista-made coffee for the snobs, Maccas for the bogans – sacrosanct!

    • Jevons ghostMEMBER

      Are Maccas touch screens – used for placing orders if you didn’t know – still operating? Asking for a friend.

    • I would post those international students breaking curfew to maccas right back where they came from. ASAP. They should be paying for their quarantine not us.

    • WTF? One week into Stage 4 with a virus that has up to 14-21 days incubation period and you want to call it a failure?

      Old people not dying fast enough for you Ronin?

      • Ronin8317MEMBER

        It’s a failure because too many industry have been granted exemption status (including construction), and restaurants are still allowed to serve customers despite a curfew. Median incubation time is a bit over 5 days, so if the lockdown is working, the number of people infected from unknown source should be close to 0.

        • Median is not the right figure to use for that calculation. The median might be 5 days but not the upper bound. The upper bound is closer to 21 days. So you’d need to lock down for 21 days before you’d see zero cases from unknown sources.

          I agree that the current lockdown is too slack but it still might do most of the job. Not sure. Let’s see.

    • okradovicMEMBER

      Well, those students are right when they say: “This is why Melbourne’s restrictions are like a fart”. It does make my blood boil though when they take the piss out of us even though back home in Chyna they would weld them in to their houses i.e. they are not appreciating the freedoms they have in this country with or without a lockdown.

  2. Exponential growth successfully averted, transmission rate well below 1, what’s not to like…
    Dan for PM!

  3. SoCalSurfCreeperMEMBER

    Melbourne’s daily death rate (20) on a population adjusted basis is about the same as the USA currently, or a bit worse.
    330 million in USA. 5 million in Melbourne. 20 deaths per day x 330 million / 5 million = 1320 equivalent deaths per day
    US daily deaths seem to be averaging about 1000. So it’s about the same, give or take, within a margin of error.

  4. by mid next week we should have better idea of where Vic is heading. Too early to tell. And can’t blame Dan from here on as it is up to Victorians to use common sense.

  5. Events like this won’t aid the cause to open the borders again.

    Three Melbourne vloggers have been fined thousands of dollars after they posted a video of themselves breaching curfew rules for a McDonald’s run on Chinese social media. In the five-minute video, the vloggers, who are also Chinese international students, are seen walking through alleys and dodging police officers on Elizabeth Street in the CBD, as they make their way to a nearby McDonald’s restaurant at 2:30am on Sunday.

    • If you could convince me everyone attending would get infected I might reverse my usual opposition to such events very quickly!

  6. Selfish I know, but part of me wants to see this lockdown be unsuccessful again and it get extended for another 6 weeks, say stage 5. I want to see the state borders shut for years not months. I want to see this selfish country crack. I want to see people explode with lockdown fatigue. I want to see the federal govt run out of cash to throw around. I want to see unemployment in the tourism/mining states hit 50+%. I want to see you try it out with no federal cash handouts and dole keeper. I want to see the elimination crowd lose their income, shelter and food. I want to see the federal govt open the borders in desperation after waiting in isolation for years. If nothing changes the path we are on is bleak so be careful what you wish for. The world is moving on but Australia is grinding to a halt. Eventually the decisions made today will catch up with each and every one of you.