VIC records another 450 COVID-19 infections vs NSW’s 11

Victoria has recorded another 450 COVID-19 infections alongside another 11 deaths:

NSW, by contrast, recorded only 11 new infections and continues to do a far better job containing the outbreak:

Victoria has 7,637 active COVID-19 infections, 96.1% of the nation’s total. By contrast, NSW has 274 active cases, 3.5% of the nation’s total:

Victoria has now recorded 13,867 COVID-19 infections since the pandemic began, more than triple NSW’s 3,842 cases:

Victoria has now recorded 209 COVID-19 infections per 100,000 residents, more than four times the NSW’s 47 per 100,000:

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    • Super spreaders are great at moving about. Plus the latest NSW infections are not linked to known sources. So, that means likely many more in the state and probably higher numbers.

    • 17 pubs and one African restaurant. Bloke’s a legend – a legendary spreader!

      Maybe he knew he had it and wanted to share it with the “community”?

    • I am GrootMEMBER

      It’s like those infected dopey fishlip triplets south of Brisbane. They collectively visited more places in a week than I would in a year.

  1. Quarantine bungle linked to Morrison led National Cabinet.

    When Nat Cabinet established the hotel quarantine program, the Vic Govt mobilised security contracts within 24 hrs, exempting them from a tender process “due to urgency”. They chose from the firms tendered by Morrison. He tendered the team that bungled hotel security!

    • Thats a pretty desperate and long bow to draw.
      Todays Fairfax says something quite different, that the Victorians were completely in charge of how the quarantine security was set up and run, out of the Jobs department (and not Health dept … so where was the medical expertise for the pandemic quarantine?)
      If you are going to try to link the Feds in you are going to need more facts than that. For example … the Feds recommended Border Force for quarantine and everyone but Victoria did so. Even if Victoria used a security firm that the Feds use on other jobs that does not mean the Feds recommended the use of those security firms for pandemic quarantine.

    • Yeah Leith’s 7 day trend numbers finally look like they are rolling over a little, but hopefully when Stage 4 hits the numbers in a week and a half, the numbers come down a lot.

  2. What’s this ‘by contrast’ nonsense? Victoria ‘by contrast’ continues to much better than the USA. Whereas NSW ‘by contrast’ is having its ar3e handed to it by New Zealand.

    • 1 Also Vic’s outbreak was not picked up until far into community transmission. Numbers in the 400s are to be expected for much of August but could start dropping significantly in September. Hopefully 🙂

      Sigh, three more weeks of MB lambasting Dan Andrews to savour……