VIC records 390 new COVID-19 infections vs NSW’s 17

Victoria has recorded 397 new COVID-19 cases today, versus NSW’s 17 (three from hotel quarantine):

Some outlets are recording 397 cases for Victoria, but I’ve gone with this source.

41 Victorian COVID-19 patients are in ICU with 24 on ventilators. Three more people have also died (all elderly), taking the state’s death toll to 116. 1,008 active cases are related to aged care.

Victoria’s cases have hopefully stabilised, but it is too early to say:


Locally acquired cases continue to pose a problem:

However, in NSW at least, the rate of community transmission is fairly stable:

There are now 5,919 active cases in Victoria, 95.8% of the nation’s total. This compares to NSW’s 232 active cases, 3.8% of the nation’s total:

Victoria has now recorded 10,930 COVID-19 cases since the pandemic began, versus NSW’s 3,773:

Victoria’s rate of infection has climbed to 164.9 per 100,000 residents, versus NSW’s 46.5.

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  1. Anecdotally, it seems like my Melbourne suburb is far busier than it was during the first lockdown. Much more pedestrian traffic – people lining up for coffee at windows on the high street. Considerably more traffic on Nepean Highway – same as when there were no restrictions. I see neighbors with company all around me. I’m trying to make myself as fit as possible so I can handle an infection.

    • Robert Johnson

      Yep, case counts irrelevant, all that matters is ICU usage, which is flopping about at 40 people when we have a total capacity of 450.

      We could easily go back to Stage 2, keep masks only for when in an enclosed space, and regain some economic activity before jobkeeper winds down.

      • You’re delusional, the virus cannot be regulated or controlled. We’ve seen it time and again. The only way forward is to go full NZ style and keep borders shut and any form of quarantine highly regulated.

        • Robert Johnson

          The virus is controlled by the human immune system. Give it some credit. Stockholm hit 20% immunity, and bam, now they are down to zero daily COVID deaths in Sweden. Only -1% GDP hit, no excess deaths from interrupted medical care and suicides like in lockdown countries.

        • The only way forward is to go full

          Sweden style and let it spread.

          Is Sweden’s coronavirus strategy working after all?

          Swedish strategy allowed people to keep living largely as normal. Stores and restaurants remained open – so too did many schools.

          With a COVID-19 death toll of 5,700, Sweden’s mortality rate from the disease is


          1 in 5 in Stockholm have virus antibodies

          • Sweden is about to surpass Italy and Spain in death ler million and UK is in the gunsight already, which means it will trail only Belgium .
            1 in 1700 dead a t the cost of saving pennies.
            Imo we should have gone full lockout for 3 weeks in March and remote quarantine for new arrivals and a dedicated covid hospital. By now there would be 0 community spread and life could resume as before (to a point)

          • With a COVID-19 death toll of 5,700, Sweden’s mortality rate from the disease is now around a quarter higher than that of the United States, when adjusted for population size.

            Data published by Sweden’s public health agency in June showed that about 10 per cent of people in Stockholm – the nation’s worst affected area – had developed antibodies to COVID-19, more than anywhere else in the country

            Still, whether Sweden is on track to greater immunity to the new coronavirus than other countries remains one big question mark at this stage, says the Karolinska Institute’s Albert.

            “There are so many unknown factors about how many actually develop antibodies and other types of immune responses after going through the disease, and how many will be required to have had the disease in order to see herd immunity,” he explained.

            “We know that we’ve had more cases in Sweden than for instance in Norway and Denmark and Finland, our neighbouring countries, many more. But whether that means that we are on our way to herd immunity is a big unknown.”

            For now, Sweden’s light-touch approach to tackling the coronavirus pandemic has drawn attention and criticism from around the world.

            It has also weighed on the popularity ratings of Sweden’s prime minister, Stefan Lofven, who announced last month an inquiry into the government’s handling of the coronavirus outbreak.

          • Sweden is fine very close to herd immunity.
            20% had antibodies but antibodies drop in few weeks so all the people who had infection in March and April are not counted into this number.
            And just look at numbers at the moment… down to very few same as NYC or North Italy or Toledo …
            People are immune so they dont get sick and don’t die anymore.

            And those who think that immune system as simple as having or not having antibodies should get educated a bit. Besides if immunity is not possible after getting infected as those people claim than vaccine has no even theoretical chance so as many will eventualy regardless of measures and lockdowns.

          • Dr douche none of your anti vaxers dribble is true. There is no herd immunity in Sweden. Less than 10% of the most populous city are have detected antibodies and it’s even less in outer regions. So when the next wave comes Sweden’s death rate will be as high as before. In addition subsequent waves of covid will be mutated so if there is any resistance now there won’t be for coming waves. Why do you think a new flu vaccine is required each year. It’s updated for new strains as well as trigger a boost for existing strains. Go out and catch covid then get on tv and show the rest of the world how amazing you are with it. Antivaxers supremely brave in isolation behind a keyboard.

          • AngryMan, why you are so angry? Fear?
            Don’t worry, there is immunity and there is herd immunity. Why do you think there are bad and not bad flu seasons?
            This covid is not mutating very fast, and the same way we get immunity to certain kind of flu, we get immunity to certain kind of common cold so we will get immunity to this kind of common cold.

            Once again, those very people who claim Sweden has only 10% with detectable antibodies also claim how antibodies drop quickly – funny, almost like little kids.

            So far not a single case of reinfection has been recorded regardless of antibody counts, and believe me there were medical staff people being exposed over and over again.

            Don’t worry about Sweden, they have almost no measures and almost no covid19 anymore … mostly some imported cases at this stage

          • The singular focus on Sweden is weird. It is the exact same story in Italy, New York etc. The real important milestone will be in H2 2020 when it is all done bar the shouting in all the USA major population centres.

            Australia’s rigid refusal to face that the only way to be over this is through this, remains bizarre. Without perma-lockdown/isolation we all become Sweden eventually…

          • Sweden is fine very close to herd immunity.

            You need to contact the experts and let them know. They are laboring under the mistaken impression that things are still very uncertain.

            Stamataki and others caution that it remains to be seen whether any level of antibodies can shield against reinfection. “The fact that we can pick up antibodies in patients that have been infected with coronavirus does not mean that they are protected,” she says. “It means that they can recognize the virus and make the right immune response that could potentially be protective in the future.” Researchers still do not know what amounts and types of antibodies will prevent reinfection six or seven months later, “but we will soon find out,” she adds.


        • billygoatMEMBER

          The virus is spread by govt news conferences , MSM & social media. Once removed from diet all symptoms & fear of catching magically go away

      • Failed Baby BoomerMEMBER

        Persons in ICU is the correct KPI to measure.
        Wake me up when it reaches 40% – that is the time to hit the brake.
        The other meaningful KPI is excess deaths. Many Covid deaths were due from other causes anyway.

  2. Reverse engineering the 116 Victoria deaths with a 0.4% IFR gives a total case number of 29000.

    I just can’t see how New Zealand is close to comparable for a solution. They’re too far gone…

    • Because of aged care facilities and hospitals are so disproportionately affected I think fatality rate so far is much higher than 0.4% so number of cases is lower. If we had epidemic mostly among younger people like Singapore fatality rate could have been so low that would hardly see any death on this many cases.
      Our governments failed big time in managing epidemic despite having 6 months to prepare

      • You may well be right as I basically picked a middle of the road IFR on global examples. Still, point would remain that numbers are far too high to be going on about stage 4 lockdown.
        Given deaths lag and there will be more a back of the envelope calc of 50-100k cases in Vic in coming weeks isn’t too far fetched. Way too entrenched for anything but mitigation.

        • Stage 4 lockdowns are not going to help, just like stage 3 lockdowns failed to do anything.
          Virus is spreading now as easily as it was without much measures a month ago.
          The only ways for epidemic to end at this stage is if something changes in the environment that makes it so much more contagiousor if enough people get infected so virus get unable to find new carriers.

          We saw these things so many times around the world. In a particular location it takes around a 4 to 6 weeks from well established situation (couple of thousands cases) to the peak. Almost regardless what measures have been taken.
          I think Melbourne will see peak in new cases relatively soon (in a week or two) and peak deaths around two weeks later.

          • Average time between onset and death is 19 days.
            Anything short of a Chinese lockdown is unlikely to work at this point. To many people have stop caring and returned to normal habits. Saw 4 tradies sitting shoulder to shoulder without masks yesterday.

          • Wuhan lockdown didn’t work. Even officialy there were more deaths (age adjusted for population) in wuhan than in Sweden or even Lombardy (there are more people in Lombardy over age of 80 than in wuhan over age of 60). Based og age CFRs and 4k deaths there were oved 5 million infected in wuhan. If official numbers are lower by 2k as those urn data show than they had 7-8m infected in a 10-11 m city
            What Chinese did is prevented spread by blocking wuhan until epidemic ended in wuhan via herd immunity.

          • billygoatMEMBER

            Yeah lock down everyone in high vis. Love to see how long virtue signallers will go with, no lights, no internet & blocked $ Hitter

  3. Sad part is that 1030 cases (as of yesterday) are among healthcare workers … 10% of all cases and over 1000 cases linked to aged care facilities- another 10%
    In qld there is one aged care case out of just a couple of cases.

    That really says a lot about how government works nd what priorities they have. If they were about saving lives it would have been harder to ger into a hospital or aged care facilities unnoticed than into a banks vault. But when it comes to locking young or preventing families from different states get together than governments are on the task.

    • Aussies Not Doing The Right Thing

      Aged care facilities are staffed by young people. You can’t keep the virus out of aged care centres.

      Go to Victoria and get yourself infected with Wuhan Flu and report back to us.

      • DodgydamoMEMBER

        Aged care facilities appear to be staffed more so with Jimmy Grants than young people.

        • It is where the girlfriends of the security guards probably work… same worker demo, just a different gender profile.

    • Nope. They can’t even prevent young groups of infected Victorian organised repeat flying shopstealer mules freely crossing interstate borders and spreading the bug all over.

    • Robert Johnson

      Family friend is a nurse in an aged care facility. One of the residents tested positive, and now all the staff that interacted with them have to go into 14 day isolation! Who do they expect to staff the facilities? We are going to kill more old people through neglect than COVID.

      This is 14 days isolation for that worker even when testing *negative*. I can understand why migrant workers say ‘stuff this’ and just work other jobs.

      • My sister is an RN in aged care in Melb. Sniffles and sore throat during the week. Told to get tested and isolate until results. Tested on Thurs – negative result today (Sat). 3 days. Back to work on Monday. They process aged care workers as a priority.

        • They are doing the same with teachers. 48 hour turn around on testing. Because of potential super spreading and school clusters rather than essential work.

          • Sorry, but that is piss-poor. I had test around 2pm one day, results delivered via msg before 8am next morning.
            No reason for testing to be languishing that long, particularly for priority groups.

          • why teachers?
            there was no recorded case of large cluster in primary schools anywhere in the world
            simply kids don’t spread the disease easily, if at all

          • Have you heard of high schools, doctor-know-it-all? They still have 1/3 of students, and they are the older, virus carrying age.
            Masks are mandatory but a lot of students and teachers are not wearing.

          • so far any significant covid effect on kids has only recorded among older high-schoolers over 15 so really 80% of all school kids are safe and safe for others
            and those over 15 can do online schooling

          • simply kids don’t spread the disease easily, if at all

            DrX, you need to get your insights published because you are far ahead of the scientists! Amazing stuff.

            Here, we report that replication of SARS-CoV-2 in older children leads to similar levels of viral nucleic acid as adults, but significantly greater amounts of viral nucleic acid are detected in children younger than 5 years.


          • Lol
            and that study proves exactely what?
            This is the most meaningless study so far, proves nothing …
            Who says that CT levels correlate with infectiousness? Having symptoms like sneezing or coughing are much more important. Also higher CT in a sample doesn’t means higher presence of virus in a perso. Some who is bigger would always produce more viral particles than someone small other thins being same.
            Should I mention small sample grouped in meaningless ranges 6 year old with 17 year olds.

            So far none of dozens of kids cases in schools, daycares, sports clubs in Australia grew into a cluster… symply not a single case of child passing the disease

          • You spazDr x. Only year 11s and 12s are at school in Victoria, plus a few essential worker kids 7-10.

            Last I checked that means 16-18 year olds. Older than your 15yo tthreshold, no? And a lot of the focus in schools is teacher to teacher transmission. There is very real danger of another al taqwa style outbreak.

            A lot of low socioeconomic students live in multi-generational households.

          • drsmithyMEMBER


            You can catch it on a wind blown from Indonesia but not from a child with infected parents.

            This is why people are struggling to take you seriously.

    • At this point it looks like everyone in Victorian aged care has probably been exposed. 200k aged care residents in Australia, roughly 1 in 5 Australians live in Melbourne gives 40k Melbourne aged care residents. 1 in 4 Ruby Princess passengers tested positive in the end, so probably about the same for Melbourne aged care residents – so 10k residents before it finishes plus the staff baked in now, just waiting for the incubation period and the testing process to occur. I think that means there’s somewhere between 8k and 9k aged care cases waiting to join the stats, which will probably largely happen over the next two weeks. Given the huge volatility in reporting, I’d say that there will be a least a couple of 1k plus days about to happen, maybe next week, and the deaths will peak a week or two after the cases.

      • Infection fatality rates in Italy for people between 70 and 80 was around 2% and 6-7% for people over 80
        That means that there could be over 1k deaths in aged care …
        That’s so bad when we know that those people were among the easiest to protect, via strong PPE, staff testing, entrance controls, …
        Instead of wasting 20k tests a day on people who are fine we could test all health care and aged care staff almost daily.

        • Exactly! I live 10 mins from both Epping and St Basil’s aged care and have been thinking of this constantly as we all creep about about out here (btw this part of Melb is MUCH more subdued 2nd lockdown) Having had a low immunity condition for decades I’m acutely aware of such issues and this entire political COVID theatre seems bizarrely irrational waste of money. Vic police are interrogating we solo suburban dog walkers and joggers (no another person within sight), while just up the road workers and clients are trapped in a frantic state with COVID going like the clappers.

          Btw all the local aged care workers around here are migrant women in their 40s-60s most caring also for young grandchildren and elderly parents,so it’s causing huge social and financial stress out here. Anyway thanks Dr X for some sanity, it’s a relief to read someone who actually knows WTF he’s talking about:-)

  4. reusachtigeMEMBER

    Hey where’s those scared freaks on here who were saying Sydney would be like Melbourne by now and screamed Lock. Us. Down! weeks ago huh? LOLOLOL. They’re just tools of the system man. Lapping up the fear and squeezing it out their butt cheeks.

  5. Got an email from Woolies today saying from Monday they will be “strongly encouraging” all customers to wear masks. Wont be long until masks will be compulsory.

  6. Migrant spread virus.
    By Migrant criminal illegals.
    The vast majority who are in visa or COe breach, no funds, working illegally, using false identities & living in vast fetid migrant enclaves in cash in hand bunk share.

    Most of what we had allowed into Australia, particularly the Temporary Residents (TR) and Tourist Visitors(TV) were already diseased and a bio security risk.

    They are allowed to enter Australia on falsified ‘foreign agent doctor health checks’ or never tested at all.

    They then live and spread their disease to Australians and it’s often not detected or picked up until they or an Australian infected present to our public hospital emergency.

    The Indians, Nepalese, Bangladeshi, Chinese and South East Asians, Africans & South Americans are typically found to riddled with all the latest strains of Hepatitis, TB, Dengue, Malaria, Ndm-1, HIV & venereal diseases, along with third world worms & parasites, and also endemic skin infections and other communicable diseases.
    Bribes paid to the foreign agent doctors to get into Australia. Shocked? Go see the real world in where these people come from and how they are trafficked in.
    It’s just one small part of the top to bottom systemic corruption of our border controls by the migrant visa trafficking industry.

    Once in Australia, the vast majority of the Migrant TR & TV are only here to live and working illegally.

    To repay that agent procurer loan debt, to send back remittances, to churn the visa & COe to extend their stay, to try and snag a PR and sponsor in more like themselves.

    False identities are routine.
    Cash in hand, labour rings, trafficked in for vice.

    These migrant TR live under the radar.

    They will actively avoid any authority.
    They will avoid, lie, cheat or evade any police or health official attempts to identify them or contact tracing.

    How many third world foreign nationals non citizens?
    At least 1.8 million in Melbourne…
    1 in 3.
    And 1.3 million are TR / SCV or TV.
    1 in 5.

    Australia overall.
    👉🏽1.9 million PR non citizens.
    Over 1.2 million are Chinese or Indian foreign nationals, almost all now on some form of welfare dependency reflecting that intake being unskilled, lower socioeconomic and unhealthy – a Medicare & healthcare time bomb about to explode in our face with the China virus.
    These are non Australians – foreign nationals on a foreign country passport. Beats me why we are giving them Centrelink & Medicare.
    And btw – that includes 158,000 non Australian PR allowed back in in the last 6 months to spread the disease and spread a further welfare and healthcare burden.
    🔻750,000 PR foreign nationals in Melbourne
    🔻900,000 PR foreign nationals in Sydney
    250,000 elsewhere.
    We appear stuck with this PR burden.

    However we can, and should do something about the third world migrant TR/SCV & TV here.

    👉🏾2.5 million TR / SCV – on an array of TR / SCV visa pretexts with 45,000 TR also being allowed to sneak back in via transit countries in the last 6 months.
    🔻1.0 million TR / SCV in Melbourne
    🔻1.3 million TR / SCV in Sydney
    200,000 elsewhere.

    👉🏾220,000 TV – long stay or repeat stay foreign nationals as ‘tourist / visitors’, many also trafficked in to work illegally..
    Now overstaying with the excuse ‘they can’t get flights or have no money’ to get back to their country of origin.
    At least 100,000 in Melbourne or else Sydney

    So Melbourne – pop 5 million
    1.8 million or 36% are non Australian foreign national third world migrants. (PR, TR/SCV, TV)
    1.1 million or 22% – 1 in 5 people being third world migrants on pretext visas, now invalid visas, invalid COe, no funds, or simply using the virus pandemic as an excuse to continue to overstay.

    👉🏾The eventual outcome in Melbourne (and Sydney( is a full curfew & dwelling lockdown.
    And that the virus outbreak by the migrant guestworkers and thru the migrant slums of Melbourne will spread to the wider Australian community unless person movement restrictions and suburb by suburb and other physical controls are put in place.

    That means Army, Border Force and Police street checkpoints.
    And massive sweeps thru the migrant zones,, tower block by tower block, suburb by suburb to identify and tag the people there.
    And that is going to pick up the 1 million plus migrant non citizens in Melbourne including many who are here illegally, no valid visa pretext, no funds, no COe, living and working illegally with no reason to be in Australia.

    And that inevitably start the deportation process.

    🔹50 flights a day with 250 migrant criminal illegals on each plane over 100 days..
    That will see the 1.1 million migrant TR in Melbourne exited back to their home country.
    We have plenty of airplane & airport capacity to do this.
    The time to do it is now.
    Round up and deport the migrant criminal illegals before they further spread the virus infection, and before they overload our health care system which should be for Australians.

    Similar in Sydney is also needed.

    • Would explain what Dan Andrews was saying about 45 cases where they don’t know the origin patient!

    • How many third world foreign nationals non citizens?
      At least 1.8 million in Melbourne…
      1 in 3.
      And 1.3 million are TR / SCV or TV.
      1 in 5.

      Not bad, still less than reptilians, eh?

  7. That $3k obligatory payment to jail yourself for citizens arriving back home (unless you’re Kerry Stokes of course) I imagine has really put the brakes in international arrivals. No fool in their right mind is going to pay that to return to Australia now.

    July international arrivals are going to be the lowest since 1788.

    • reusachtigeMEMBER

      Yeah nah. I know of quite a few corporates flying people in and out and especially their new hires due to the skills shortage we have here. Their people just have to work from the hotel. They even have deals with the hotels and get the best kitted out rooms.

  8. Over half of people tested in Italy’s Bergamo have COVID-19 antibodies

    also notice that tests were done between 24/4 and 03/06 and with the fact that antibody count drops quickly in weeks it’s easy to see they missed most of people who got infected in first half of March when epidemic raged in Bergamo.

    Now Bergamo can truly open up it’s safe for visitors and safe from visitors

    • reusachtigeMEMBER

      Please stop posting this heartless propaganda and Lock. Us. Down now! Lock Bergamo down too for their own sake!!!

    • What interests me is what happens in 2021. In 1918-9 we had a 2nd wave that resulted in a huge death spike, probably due to cytokine storms in people pre-armed by their immune systems from the first mild exposure.

      • Bitter Looser Renter

        Cytokine storm = dysregulated, directionless innate immune system response with host damage.
        True immunity = focused, near asymptomatic elimination of pathogen via acquired immune system, possible because the correct antibody is present in body in adequate numbers at time of second exposure.

        Immunity from prior exposure (if it exists) to COVID will produce latter, not former.

    • So basically herd immunity in that province with 50%+ population infected
      Yet Stockholm had it burn out with 20%?

      It seems like Lockdown means the threshold for herd immunity is *higher*, not lower.

      • These two studies didn’t measure the same thing. Italian study covered a period of almost two months. From late April to June.
        Swedish study was a blitz sample in June. Weeks and weeks after many people got exposed tobthe virus so they detectable antibody count dropped.

        So Italian study is estimating % of people who recovered from the disease somewhere from mid March to June. Swedish study tested how may people recovered in few weeks rior to study, missing everyone who got infected between March and May

    • meanwhile, Elon Musk is saying: “Chinese “Smart, Hard-Working”, Americans Are “Entitled, Complacent””

      • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

        The US needs to bring back the 90% tax bracket and tax the fk out of traitors like Musk.
        They should Nuke the Bahamas and all the other tax havens of the rich as well.

        • “The US needs to bring back the 90% tax bracket and tax the fk out of traitors like Musk.”
          Modern capital & enterprises are highly portable. The above would simply relegate USA to third world status as ALL the money and corporations left.

          Also rather than being a traitor Musk has built immense wealth for USA. He’s only expressing something that is true.
          When we are being globalised internally and externally, our better working conditions cannot hold.
          It’s something we can address, but not while replacing our populations with immigration, and outsourcing production.
          Both must stop before we are all serfs, replaced with both foreign masters, and foreign slaves.

    • The article seems to be back online now:
      It is interesting that it was moved from a central website (newsroom.unsw) to the Law Faculty website (law.unsw). Could it be that the latter is blocked in China but not the former? Law has generally been more willing than other faculties to stand up to UNSW management (maybe because they know their rights). Is newsroom.unsw really izvestiya.unsw ? (Remember the old saying: in Pravda there is no Izvestiya, and in Izvestiya there is no Pravda)

      • George Williams was Dean of the Law School but has now taken up a central role as Deputy VC in charge of “Planning and Assurance” (whatever TF that means) after the recently announced restructure. So it might be that even the Law School will start having to pull its head in.

  9. ‘Every reason to believe’ tougher restrictions will be needed, Victorian Premier says

    Isn’t this a definition of stupidity?

    I could understand if current lockdowns are working but not good enough… but in the absence of any evidence that current measures in place for almost a month working at all, imposing more of the same measures is borderline insanity
    at the end of this … politicians should be tried for crimes against humanity

      • BoomToBustMEMBER

        [email protected] insults ?? How to tell you are far left wing: You resort to personal attacks and insults when someone has an opinion different to that of yours or the herds.

          • Then why comment at all? Or copy/paste your superior argument. I want docx and others to continue commenting because it allows us to see a diversity of opinion, glib insults do nothing.

          • Bzunica – if you want that idiot to keep posting his waffle you’re just as bad. Dr x is not providing anything useful or original. It’s the same crap over and over and gets debunked or shouted down (for better or worse) over and over. I’ve simplified the process and I’m highlighting the stupidity for you lot that don’t seem to understand that spam trolling isn’t diverse opinion. Far out you people are tossers

          • Other opinions too hard for you to stomach? Debunking ideas regarding covid is a difficult process given little has been conclusively proven about the disease. Resorting to name calling shows the world who in fact the tosser may be.


            There ya go, all caps just so you can get it.

        • DrX’s garbage has been refuted repeatedly, yet he keeps posting the same nonsense. there’s nothing wrong with personal insults at this point, rational discourse isn’t an option. he’s a nutcase.

      • reusachtigeMEMBER

        Hey bloke, your extreme fear in life brings you to worship cancel culture. Best to hide away and be safe ok fella.

    • If the virus gets loose in WA it will have serious consequences for the resource sector. Im surprised Rio Tinto arent up in arms about it.

      • Yep along with BHP and FMG. Commodities, especially Iron Ore is the only sector of the economy showing any real strength.
        How politically stupid….

      • Shades of MessinaMEMBER

        Behind the scenes they will be and probably told Scomo to drop the support or he will be Rudd’ed.

        Regardless of the court case outcome, what’s to stop WA simply saying that everyone who enters the state then has to do a 30 day quarantine ?. Would stop most people.

        Except Kerry Stokes of course, he is special.

        • Palmer will probably appeal that too saying that 30 days is unconstitutional- 14 days is standard for other states, 30 days shows no benefit and is restricting free movement. Yada yada

      • How so? The trains drive themselves, the trucks drive themselves. Takes one guy to operate a loader. Out in the desert exposed to searing UV all day. Surely critical control rooms etc can be socially distanced so people don’t share workstations.
        Hands on workers can wear gloves (probably are anyway). Out in the fresh air alot of the time.

        • In accom camp, on FIFO flights. Plenty of opportunities to touch contaminated surfaces if it does end up spreading.

    • reusachtigeMEMBER

      Just a bunch of selfish heartless scum. They must Lock. Us. Down! to protect the few, who are already dieing anyway. We all need to make the sacrifice so as to prolong their lives… Now!

      Notice how the media always makes them out to be scum!

      “A large crowd of far-right groups gathered for a “sit-in” at Berlin’s iconic Brandenburg Gate on Saturday to protest against the German government’s coronavirus restrictions.”

    • After they got away scott free on the Sports Rorts, the LNP don’t even seem to care if they get caught any more.

  10. Bit of good news of the NSW front. Only 11 today and no sign yet of it getting out of control. Hopefully it can continue.

    • reusachtigeMEMBER

      We must Lock. Us. Down! now to stop it from getting to 13 as it is an unlucky number!!!

    • Gladys is now “strongly recommending” wearing face masks in Sydney hotspots and in any indoor public places.

    • Ronin8317MEMBER

      The one in Merrylands that cannot be traced to anyone is a concern, so we’re not out of the woods yet.

      Victoria’s conference is at 2pm. Having it in the afternoon means really bad news. Expect Stage 4 lockdown.

      • Good one, rumours now causing everyone to now rush out to stores. Totally predictable.
        Dan is heading a f#cking Clown show.

        • Yep, curfew announced for the same day is going to cause all kinds of panic and havoc. Lack of detail on work restrictions will add more confusion too. Going to look dumb if a lot of people are still going to be able to work, yet have to stay indoors from 8pm.

  11. Ukraine fnMEMBER

    Couldn’t they give an instruction not to go to work until they make and announcement tomorrow ?? Big lock down with fines but no real content on what is going to happen .
    Another bush fire type organizational cluster F%CK …

  12. New measures in Vic are just ridicilous…
    Curfew just makes more crowd during the rest of the day, 5km limit does nothing when community transmission is going on everywhere but consumes huge resources to implement. One person per household shopping will make hell for people who are alone caring for kids while do nothing to end the spread (one infected at the time per household is same as all at once)….
    Basically just copy of failed measures done in Italy, France, Spain, Belgium… that did nothing to slow down or end epidemic.
    But our great leaders are doing this just to able to say “we did everything we could” at the end

  13. ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

    Old Danny boy is laying down the law!
    Do the Feds need to implement a UBI for Victorians only?
    Just to keep em at home.