VIC records 278 new COVID-19 infections vs NSW’s 12

Victoria has recorded another 278 COVID-19 cases alongside 8 deaths:

The trend continues to improve:

And the growth rate is now well below one:

NSW recorded 12 new cases and one new death. But it continues to hold the line with only seven cases from local transmission:

But its growth rate remains just above one:

Still, it has done a far better job controlling the outbreak than Victoria:


Victoria now has 8,147 active COVID-19 cases, 96.2% of the nation’s total. This compares to NSW’s 303 active cases, 3.6% of the nation’s total:

Since the pandemic began, Victoria has recorded 15,924 COVID-19 infections, quadruple NSW’s 3,927:

Victoria’s infection rate has now hit 240 per 100,000, around five times NSW’s 48 per 100,000:

At least the situation in Victoria is improving.

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    • Dan’s still pulling the top wage in Australia for a Premier. No one in the ALP capable of taking over?

    • LittleEmperorMEMBER

      Test numbers are consistent with the last few weeks so the number of infections genuinely appears to be going down.

  1. New Zealand reports 13 cases. More than NSW – and it is smaller (7.5m in NSW to 4.9m in NZ).

    It could really escape there – elimination not successful. Was it hiding in asymptomatic folk? What are the real numbers in Vic & NSW (even Qld …)

    • Arthur Schopenhauer

      One of the original family members worked at the Airport. A more likely vector than frozen food handling.

      • Will be interesting to see the genomic testing to see where this outbreak originated from.

        Airport does seem likely with flight crews etc.

    • PolarBearMEMBER

      Yep my vote is airport and/or hotel “quarantine”. They only recently cancelled group yoga sessions at one of the NZ hotels for “quarantinees”. I know mental health is important but group yoga doesn’t sound very wise with such an infectious virus. Just goes to show your borders are never fully shut. And then there’s diplomats who in Australia didn’t have to do hotel “quarantine” because of an international convention.

      • FMD.

        You could deliver a group yoga session with everyone staying in their rooms using a good old fashioned TV.

        I don’t have particularly high expectations, but it is genuinely staggering how often bad choices have been made in this debacle when better ones were so completely obvious.

        • Group yoga in a quarantine hotel? This is tragically brilliant. Does anyone else lop yoga instructors and personal trainers into the same group as baristas – “ie modern service economy.”

          • As a Covid19 test on average will not return a positive until 5 days after infection it is most likely that most tests will relate to a period of 7 or more days before the test was done. Most of the current reduction in cases therefore is more likely to be from mandatory mask usage than the lock down.

            Had masks been worn in n the home environment the results would have been even better.

          • Lockdown should not be in the numbers yet. As per surfbeach it takes 7 days for an action to have effect in the numbers. So masks have levelled out the number of active cases .. i.e. reduced the new cases to match the recoveries or deaths. The lockdown should reduce the new cases lower and shrink the number of active cases, currently 7800 or so based on the VicHealth numbers. We seem to be at the end of the beginning, to borrow Churchills phrase.

    • Oh but Vic is *sooo* much worse than NSW Lol lol lol

      (even though their infection rates is above 1 and Vics is under)

  2. Ronin8317MEMBER

    Of the 12 cases in NSW, 5 are from Hotel quarantine, 4 from known sources, and 3 from unknown sources. The number of infected from unknown sources is increasing.

  3. I’m definitely going to vote for Dan Andrews next election. Just to stick it up the ar$se of all of the whingers who have been hating on him.

      • reusachtigeMEMBER

        Not really. If people fear the cops they may think twice about breaking the law lest they get fckt up badly! That stupid b1tch that was askn for it won’t be doin it again after getn a good choken!

    • Arthur Schopenhauer

      Tim Smith for the WIN! 😂
      The Vic Libs are a reactionary rabble, to the point of being unelectable.

    • How good would that be? He’s a Trump wanna-be in a pathetic effort to make up for his total lack of ability. The poor old Vic Libs have lost thier way so bad that they might even give it a shot – hilarious! They will be out of government for a generation.

      • Inability to administer a failed quarantine with all that follows from that. I think we have had enough of that ability.

        • The whole world’s a failed quarantine with a few minor exceptions (& one velly large countly)

          • I think I’d prefer to be in any other Australian state than Victoria. For many people it is a matter of life and death. No one is taking any responsibility for anything, at least not with any consequences.

    • Enlighten me – Which minister was responsible for the failed quarantine and all those subsequent deaths?

      As Pat Condell would say- You can always find someone you can vote against and put them last.

      • Ultimately the buck stops with Scott Morrison, PM and leader of the country – described as a control freak, narcissist and Machivellian by his Liberal peers Cormann and Turnbull. Some talk that Dutton is also ramping up for another challenge with the Nats unhappy about the education reforms, and further pressure from the Aged Care debacle.

        Even Sky is having a go now. Lord Rupert has demanded Scotty the Saviour be crucified!

        • That wasn’t the answer Martin Pakula gave at the inquiry. I don’t think Scomo hired the firm from Sydney to do the Quarantine or any of the other security firms- do you??? Is it true that the Sydney firm paid $76,000 to put on a party for Dan in 2018? That was posted on this site but I haven’t seen it elsewhere. I read in the Age they got the job for social justice reasons, not because they knew anything about quarantine.

          Nothing to do with the Victorian government then.

  4. reusachtigeMEMBER

    I just don’t understand why NSW hasn’t locked down yet. It’s out of control and should of happened a month ago when everyone said it would be worse than Vic by now. Way too slow to impose order! Just wait another month until it’s really nasty at around 15 new cases a day!

  5. Folks, the COVID-19 asymmetry among the states is working like a charm! There is no way Scummo can open the borders while there are local outbreaks.

    • He’s probably getting the opposite result from focus groups in different states, so unlikely to be able to make any call.