Stage 4 lockdown announced as VIC hits 11,557 COVID cases

Victoria has recorded 671 new cases of COVID-19, versus NSW’s 12:


There were 7 more deaths in Victoria overnight (all elderly, 6 in aged care), 649 active health worker infections, and 1,053 aged care infected. The overwhelming majority of active cases are also of unknown origin.

In light of the ever-growing active cases:

Premier Daniel Andrews declared a state of disaster from 6pm tonight. Also stage 4 restrictions have been announced, namely:

  • Melburnians cannot travel more than 5kms from home, once per day, and only one at a time.
  • 1 hour of exercise only within 5kms of home. No groups bigger than two (regardless of family).
  • No golf, tennis, or the like.
  • Curfew from 8 pm to 5am, beginning tonight.
  • Flexible and remote learning for all schools from Wednesday.

Announcements on work will come tomorrow.

Regional VIC will also move to stage 3 restrictions from midnight Wednesday.

NSW, by contrast, recorded only 12 cases overnight is controlling outbreaks much better:

Victoria now has 6,322 active COVID-19 cases, 95.9% of the nation’s total. By contrast, NSW has 231 active cases, 3.6% of the nation’s total:

Victoria has now recorded 11,557 COVID-19 infections since the pandemic began, more than triple NSW’s 3,784:

Victoria’s case numbers have climbed to 174 per 100,000 residents. This dwarfs NSW’s 46.6 per 100,000:


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  1. this will all be revealed to be a wild goose chase with no payoff in the end. it may take a while but hopefully the architects of these policies will be held to account after people realise this, preferably by having their their writhing, broken bodies dragged alive through the streets.

    • Robert Johnson

      If Stage 4 doesn’t work the people of Melbourne will be blamed.
      If Stage 4 does work Dan Andrews will be praised.
      If there was no Stage 4 Dan Andrews would be blamed.

      Therefore there will be Stage 4.

      • It constantly mutates its here 4r ever and more will come we have to genetically start engineering our people’s now
        If we don’t I think 20yrs were gone 4r ever like the DODOs

        • I agree it is now endemic. We and the virus will have to get “used” to each other.

          This is the beginning of a 4 horsemen century – pestilence (wuflu), war (China/multipolar world), famine (overpopulation and limited resources), death (climate induced fire and flood).

          The old world is gone; things are going to be more biblical.

    • Thankfully your not one of the medical staff looking after these people who are currently overwhelmed and cognisant of what is coming.And of course your an expert with abundant knowledge in virology and epidemiology as well as a keen interest in economics

          • Arthur Schopenhauer

            I’ve got family and friends working with Covid patients the Vic Hospital system. The noisy minority that continuously call ‘let it rip’ have no idea what is currently happening in Victoria.

            It’s pointless arguing with the boorish twits that say the same idiotic stuff day in, day out.

          • Sure Arthur & I’ve been told by surgeon at major hospital south of Yarra that hospital dead quiet , they’re doing courses as so much time on hand like all the international docs, nurses & frontline folk doing choreographed tik tok vids as folk lay dying in corridors choking on sputum. specialist north of Yarra said ‘don’t take the test .. more folk die of the cold diabetes cancer car crash & now suicide than covid corona bat flu wooohan flu. So not buying your anecdata

      • migtronixMEMBER

        And muppets who just 2 weeks ago said masks are a game changer know what their doing?

        • The results of mask will not be clear for another few days and the results we have now are nothing to do with the recent mask requirements.

          When MB said in February we need to close the borders now our government dithered, then contaminated international arrivals were handed over by the Feds to the States. This is a crisis of our governments making.

          Seriously when you have health care workers instructed not to wear masks that protect patients one week and then an about face the next you need to ask what is wrong with those in control. I think I recall that you made a comment about passing a hotel seeing the lax security sensing a disaster waiting to happen. Here it is.

          • Failings at EVERY LEVEL, doesn’t it make you cringe! Everything that should have been obvious was overlooked. After all the years of OH&S drummed into workers this is worse than leaving school kids in charge of Pine Gap.

            No wonder conspiracy theorists abound, who would have thought our leaders could be so incompetent.

          • @surfbeach
            You gotta love how every person that question narrative & mandate & right to choose is labelled a con $ piracy theorist. A tin foil hat wearing nut job crazy man just portrayed by Mel & Dustin:)). Gullible folk easy fooled. Candy off a baby and all that. Wash your hands, wear a mask, don’t hug, don’t leave home, don’t see your parents, go to work, don’t go to work = acts of courage & bravery FMD at the idiocy on display in Melbourne on a street near you. Where’s Wally??? Everywhere:)

      • Only a mentally defective person can’t learn the difference between your and you’re.

      • Good call Matthew. It never ceases to amaze me how many blowhards on this website profess to be experts in so many different subjects.

        • Thank you.These conspiracy theorist are so vocal and aggressive.Was feeling like a shag on a rock so your support is appreciated

          • don’t be shy. its easy for these idiots to dribble on.

            Anyone who thinks let it rip is the right course should sign a no medical treatment to be provided document, then bundle the family up head to victoria and have a covid party. otherwise, its just mindless hypocrisy.

      • Are you speaking to me simpleton I think you underestimate they have know for 20yrs
        As the ice melts we have no immunity
        Bow your head in shame this is the end
        My friend get in to you thick tory skull
        You grotuse human

    • Strange beast covid. Yet to know anyone who knows anyone who knows anyone who knows anyone who knows anyone to infinity and beyond who has covid, died from it or knows anyone that knows anyone etc who got it:)

      • You’re lucky then, give it time as this will touch us all either directly or indirectly. Personally, I know of one individual who died from it (comorbidities but 50-some) plus 2 off the Ruby Princess (both fine, but they traveled through SYD, BNE and MEL thanks to canceled flights), let alone friends of friends of friends.

  2. So that is it then. The putting of covid on a pedestal above literally every other societal or economic concern and be damned with the consequences. All to find out in the end that you can’t control mother nature in this way.

    • Not so long ago our great leaders would have sent hundreds of thousands of our young kids into a war just so we call ourselves Australains and preserve some meaningless traditions.
      Now they can destroy everything that makes this a livable country in the name of saving few thousand elderly lives … and we love it
      Orwell got it all wrong, he was just an ultimate optimist

      • Now they can destroy everything that makes this a livable country

        The housing shortage destroyed that decades ago.

      • Orwell was an overrated writer penning social engineering propaganda distributed to impressionable teens accross the world for decades via mandatory edication. Same with Huxley FFS do some research # Tavistuck Instutute of human relations. It’s not a secret

      • DrX, How about saving the lives of real nurses and real doctors working in hospitals taking care of the infected? When the hospitals are full of it?
        How about thinking of real doctors, doctors who are also young mothers saying thankfully the mitigation strategies prevented us having 10,000 pre day like Italy. And if won the lottery would still go to work to care for patients because it’s what we do.
        In some countries the psychopaths were quietly pushed off the ice.

  3. Show me all those outbreaks from people playing golf … and they say things are ‘evidence based’.

      • No one died playing golf and that’s a fact , unless someone was hit by a golf ball

        I’d like to also ask, (although very sad for the families), what did the 2 90 actually die if, was it COVID or another serious condition

        I also heard from a pharmacologist who is involved in designing tests, said the parameters of the test are very wide and can read positive if you have another illness, the tests have a large margin of error

        That being said I’ve heard from a close family friend who is a surgeon at St Vs and he said it’s pretty bad and is much worse than flu

        That being said too, it’s be really balanced to report on all the families that will now lose their businesses Melb now, will lose their home and will now struggle to feed their family which will be in the 1000’s….genuine hard working small businesses

        In the STATE OF DISASTER, declaration why doesn’t MB report on these families now affected……..suicide, depression mental health issues, many will hang themselves, will put a gun in their mouth and blow their head off, they’ll put a pipe fromguess exhaust into the car, I’m. not sure the most popular ways to suicide these days, it’ll be good if media discussed these…..

        VICTORIA is STATE OF DISASTER for many of the above reasons

        Let’s get real and be truthful about the consequences from these shut downs

        There are positives
        Immigration stopped
        Falling property prices
        Working from home

        All these positive and negative outcomes other than COVID 19 , as we look back into the past from 2023…. will much outweigh COVID itself

        The social destruction is the real “NATIONAL DISASTER”

        It’d be decent and respectful of this site to have a more broader perspective

    • annualize_this

      I’d think about it another way. Even if there are no cases contracted by actually playing golf, this policy means that people are not to go out into the community for the purpose of playing golf. Its simply not an essential activity while we are in the midst of a highly contagious pandemic. Even if there are some golfers that go straight to the course and then back home there would have to be others that don’t.

    • The point is not that Golf is a problem, the problem is that people use Golf as an excuse to go about normal activities.

      • Gavin,
        I have no vested interest in golf (dont even play) but if we require this rule so people don’t have an excuse to go out.
        Then how do we explain allowing takeaway coffee? There are normally *loads* of people outside cafes interacting while getting their takeaway, including the police. But I have yet to see the crackdown and media carryon that seems to apply for golf, or people at the beach etc. be applied to takeaway coffee.

        Let alone the fact that a cafe represents a single source of surface transmission, whereas golf, assuming each has their own club, tee and ball and arrives by their own vehicle has far less chance.
        I suspect it has more to do with any attempt at closing takeaway coffee would lead to such a massive backlash that everything else would fail, much easier to condem a few people playing golf or sitting on a beach.
        But coffee is a strange one, because its not like you can’t make it at home.

        • Mate, if people don’t have at least one barista-made coffee a day there’d be riots — middle class riots!

        • I don’t make the rules. I think Cafe’s should be shut also.

          If I get pulled over and officer asks where I’m doing. I’ll tell them, i’m going to get tested. 🙂

      • Mr SquiggleMEMBER

        The last time golf was restricted, it was called stage 3, now it’s stage 4. Truth is the first casualty in war

  4. Couldn’t they give an instruction not to go to work until they make and announcement tomorrow ?? Big lock down with fines but no real content on what is going to happen .
    Another bush fire type organizational cluster F%CK …

    • Arthur Schopenhauer

      Thus year’s Bushfires were handled very well in Victoria, given the extreme circumstances.

      • @ Arthur Schopenhauer tell that to the residents of Mallacoota.. I’m sure they would agree.. sarc/

        • UKfn. If you closely followed the Mallacoota fires, you would know it came out of small fires south of the highway which were built up quickly by the strong wind. Find the story of the bush walkers in the area who were rescued off the beach.
          The more interesting part was in how the fire went from the Vic border to the Eden chip dumps in 4-5 hours – greatly assisted by the slash left from woodchip logging and new plantings,

  5. The other thing is there is no thinking outside the square going on in govt.
    Where is the use of UV Sanitisation methods, E-Beam/Rhodotron of product headed to rest homes (for example), installing HEPA filtration in critical air handling.
    All we see is mask wearing garbage which is to be expected because it is all these low IQ politicians know about.
    Mask wearing is a nonsense outside of confined spaces, and probably increasing the health hazard risk given the way people touch and discard masks, let alone wearing them beyond the effective use time. Dont get me started on the sew your own jobs that are totally unrated for anything.

      • So you’ve missed my point about offsetting behaviour, i.e now you have your home sewn DIY face mask on, you spend more time in crowded locations believing (falsely) you’re protected, when that is not the case. Let alone what one is doing with their hands.
        Why do you think we have so many test standards for masks and respirators as well as guidelines for the method/duration of use, if any old piece of cloth out of the draw at home will do?

        This is subject matter economists should be all over!

    • V. That all looks pretty good. Just convince the private nursing home owners to spend money on those useful things rather than waiting as usual for the gov. to bail them out. Privatise the profits, socialise the losses – the Game of Mates.

  6. Niki Savva got it right on insiders this morning. Despite attempts to distance he and his party, Scomo owns aged care and as a consequence, owns this debacle. It now is apparent that he acted too late and this is were the most deaths will occur. Does Scomo save business and real estate or does he save actual voters? I don’t think he can do both especially in the short term.

    • I think everyone is responsible, but particularly the facilities themselves. You can’t pretend it is possible to micromanage these facilities from Canberra.

      • Scomo’s govt is ultimately responsible for the overall systems in place for the nursing homes. Royal commissions/recommendations for aged care have not been acted upon yet. After Newmarch in Sydney earlier this year why wasn’t there a clear national guideline for all private/public aged care homes to prevent this from happening again? His focus was on giving shyte to QLD for not opening up and joining Palmer to take the WA govt to court.
        As was the case of hotel quarantine – the system was setup to fail for managing COVID with the casualisation of aged care staff.

          • C’mon mate, you can’t pin VIC’s quarantine failure on ScoMo. That’s reaching big time. The VIC’s rejected assistance from the ADF in favour of uber drivers.


            Scomo was also quite convinced we could have some kind of magical “suppression” strategy when the virus inevitably got out and about. Well here we are. This is what “suppression” looks like.

          • Mr SquiggleMEMBER

            I agree on the point about the quarantine debacle. It’s unforgivable.

            But now I’m looking for something else, there needs to be an explanation for why Melbourne is out of control and NSW is not even in stage 3. Is there something in Melbourne’s set up? Something in the population set up? Why is Sydney plateaued at 15 per day?

          • Contact tracing working so far in NSW. In Vic, the bug found it’s way into the ‘untraceables’. If it finds its way to the same people in NSW, it’s game over.

          • Why didn’t the Federal Government run all the International quarantine with common processes instead of letting the states implement a hodgepodge?

          • Arthur Schopenhauer

            The Federal Government is responsible for customs and quarantine: ‘Border Force’.

          • Because the federal govt have almost no operational capacity. They only exist to tax and rort.

        • How about hospitals?
          VIC has 10% of cases among healt workers… by far most in whole world and after having 6 months to prepare

          • You would have to question if they ever got prepared, staff going to Bunnings for PPE was a common story and not just at the start. Then it seemed that only in the last week or so were PPE regulations tightened in hospitals. Thats a concearn I have with blanket community mask wearing, has anyone asked if hospitals aren’t still rationing PPE?

          • I personally know first hand of one private hospital in NSW going to Bunnings for PPE within the last 7 days. I am almost certain this is being repeated around the country.

          • Good question drX, I asked gently re PPE and use of UVC @225 to sterilise covid o famly member at public melb hospital,in early March, having shut up in January and February, NO. Why not fer christs sake? POLICY. Why aren’t staff striking, rebelling…No they just do the job of caring, patients first. Back in the day the AMA was so powerful. I was stunned. The union should have been active in January, February and March because no one else was in the decision makers.

    • Robert Johnson

      Who is there to save? If you look at Italy the deaths can be basically explained by weak 2018 and 2019 flu seasons, an aging population, and migrant workers abandoning aged care centres:

      35,000 deaths / 60m = 0.06% of the population dead, 1 in 1,666. If you are in your 80s you have a 1 in 7 chance of death each year.

      Once the annual stats are tallied up for places like Italy at end of the year there might be a 2-3% increase in annual deaths.

      The idea that this causes mass deaths is bunk.

      • Pathetic. The only reason the deaths are ok is because of scone hot dedicated medical staff, thankfully Whitlams legacy of Medicare, and except for the cretinous scum in Melbourne breaking pseudo quarantine, the mitigation policies worked. The hospitals are coping, but the virus is running freely thru the buildings. They are doing their best with ventilation to reduce indoor level but when covid medical staff are working 14 hour shifts for Christ’s sake how long before they succumb. Babies have it, they dont develop any immunity until 2 years of age anyway. Pregnant women get it. Some have had abortions wishing not to I’ve the consequences to young ones to carry the effects for their lifetime. American info re covid is NOT australian.

    • The virus only spread in the first place because the Andrews Government completely stuffed up quarantine. The aged care issue is a secondary impact. We wouldn’t even be talking about it if the quarantine debacle had not happened. Australia would be almost virus free (like WA, QLD, SA, NT, TAS…). Aged care in those places is not suffering like in VIC. Why? Because they don’t have the virus.

      • I agree that mistakes were made. I’m also sure lessons were learned from this example. Not sure of the value of apportioning blame. Must Andrews’ head roll?

      • Arthur Schopenhauer

        I don’t get your point Leith. NSW has been as lax as Victoria when it comes to quarantine.
        Border quarantine is a federal responsibility, and it has been devolved to the States because Border Force can barely do basic Customs services.
        You MB guys are quick to apportion blame to individuals, but this is a ‘system’ crisis of governance, service delivery and policy, 30 years in the making.

        • Sure it’s been dreadful for long long time. Bottom line the current crisis has precise rotteness at the core. The past is diffuse, getting hard fact and precise behaviour and accountability right now is what we need.

      • Nope
        This is CCPs fault firstly for being a totalitarian govt that could not control a wet market. One. Wet. Market.
        Our fed govt then did not take on international quarantine as border protection which is their job but placed it in the hands of state govts AND did not put in controls in the aged care facilities that is also their responsibility.
        Then it is the Vic govts fault for palming off their delegated responsibility to private contractors.
        Then it is these private contractors who probably paid less than min wage to some people and did the usual skimming off the profits off the public teat while doing the dodgy.
        What are we fighting over which part of this chain had the sole responsibility?? Make no mistake they are all to blame for this.
        Here’s the rub though, this will not stop happening to us until the fed govt actually starts doing their own job instead of handing off all the hard stuff to someone else and doing nothing.

        • And don’t forget the blame on the voters who voted for rubbish like Dan Andrews and Scomo and will continue to vote for the big rubbish parties with rubbish policies and greedy, dumb, incompetent members.

      • Again, Niki Savva is wrong. Why has she ignored (deliberately?) the Andrews Government’s quarantine disaster? We wouldn’t even be having this discussion if they hadn’t completely stuffed up quarantine through gross negligence.

        • It’s a good question. Obviously there’s an inquiry going on, so they’ll simply bat away any questions as is the usual political tactic. As the public has a notoriously short attention span, so it will probably work – just look at how hardly anyone is talking about the Ruby Princess or Newmarch house now.

          Andrews should definitely get hauled over the coals for the quarantine and latest curfew, but will likely escape because the experience of most Victorians is that there are plenty out there doing the wrong thing (stripper Eve) which he won’t be held responsible for in the same way most reasonable people will not hold a politician accountable for the actions of a private security firm. Now that NZ has had good results from their much harder lockdown, I think people are looking to that as an ideal outcome so will tolerate the (hopefully temporary) reduction in freedoms.

          It’s interesting to see that on Twitter the likes of Kew MP Tim Smith, Adam Creighton, Gideon Rozner and the IPA have been receiving more flack due to undermining the public health message.

        • bolstroodMEMBER

          It was Scotty from Marketing who insisted on opening the country back up too early.

        • So LVO, would the other side who did not want any lockdowns, have done any better? The odds are NO.
          There was an interesting letter in the Age during the week from a health sector manager pinpointing when the public health management department was gutted.

          That is the more important question and needs to be fixed, after the neo-lib obsession with privatisation (and the lead proponents) is drowned in a reality bath. Just like Newt Gingrich was determined to strangle and drown gov. spending in the USA 🙂

    • They will! no massages for more 6 weeks
      Not to mention no brothels since March!!
      Imagine the pressure they are under

      • I am really surprised that government has not fast tracked legalisation of mar!$juana in order to stymie potential revolt and to make the lockdown easier to bear for the suffering plebs. Especially given that it has been legalised in some comparable places around the world. I get that those who want to use will find a way regardless, but some of us are law abiding. Plus, it would be a difficult conversation with the missus, whereas if it were available legally at the local Dan Murphy’s – totally a different thing. I wonder how many people will suffer bad health due to a massive increase in alcohol consumption as a result of these lockdowns. This is what happens when there is a lack of systems thinking in policy decision making.

        • Everyone will get fatter than they already are with lockdown. Then we”ll have diabetes & heart disease epidemic

          • Indeed. The problem is we already have a heart disease and especially diabetes epidemic. This is by far one of the largest health issues today, but I have not noticed any government scrambling to ban 60% of content on our supermarket shelves consisting of processed, refined carb loaded, food-like products that are responsible for that epidemic. But, yeah, corona!

    • Australains revolting? LOL
      And even if some dare to try our great jail-keeping tradition police will crush some heads to end the revolt.

      • Seems she hasn’t learned to DIY. There must be an instructional vid for that Reusa?

  7. New measures in Vic are just ridicilous…
    Curfew just makes more crowd during the rest of the day, 5km limit does nothing when community transmission is going on everywhere but consumes huge resources to implement. One person per household shopping will make hell for people who are alone caring for kids while do nothing to end the spread (one infected at the time per household is same as all at once)….
    Basically just copy of failed measures done in Italy, France, Spain, Belgium… that did nothing to slow down or end epidemic.
    But our great leaders are doing this just to able to say “we did everything we could” at the end

    • johnwilliamsmith

      Exactly all those golf and surfing clusters. Also Andrews conflates disagreement with him as supporting the virus whereas he is the one who stuffed this up

    • Naturally restricting people’s interaction with other people does not work to stop a virus spreading. I mean how could it. We all know virus spreads via the internet. Douche.

      • This is good.

        Your hot anger strikes me as the power of sunlight intensified onto mental ants through the magnifying lens of lucidity.

        Keep up the good work…and the rage…

      • Maybe you are not informed but airborne virus can spread from a house to a house, even across suburbs through the air.
        Also, going to shop once a week is enough for everyone to catch it … btw masks don’t work for airborne viruses

        • a load of virus floating across the suburb, with enough pathogens to actually deliver an infectious load.

          how fkn stupid are you?.

          • It’s not the first time he’s posited this. He’s even got a paper from Nature in 2012 with a hypothesis about a mystery pathogen traveling across continents in the wind. No actual evidence though.

          • drsmithyMEMBER

            a load of virus floating across the suburb, with enough pathogens to actually deliver an infectious load.

            how fkn stupid are you?.

            Well, in other posts he’s saying schools are safe because kids won’t transmit it, so…

        • Is the virus carried across such vast distances by your magical winged wishing ferrets, who then are able to target victims across suburbs.

    • Basically just copy of failed measures done in Italy, France, Spain, Belgium… that did nothing to slow down or end epidemic
      We tried Swedish model in Vic for short and it worked exactly as predicted.
      Now back to Italian model

  8. Based on data from all other places around the world where hard lockdowns failed, epidemics always lasted around 4-6 weeks to the peak (no matter when a lockdown was introduced) so this wave in Vic is probably going to peak in around 2 weeks regardless… but he will claim a great victory just like the other leaders did around the world … even in places where everyone got infected…
    There has been lately so many articles praising Italian government response despite over 60% getting infected in worst places LOL

      • New Zealand never got beyond double figure community transmission before Stage 4. Take the 123 Vic deaths and (rough ballpark) 0.4 IFR and it is…30,750 cases!!!

        Not even close to comparable.

      • NZ never had any epidemic, just few imported cases and some spread to their household members and very close relatives/friends. NZ never had a case where a single person under any circumstances created a cluster or a pocket

        that’s why epidemic peaked early (due to border closure) well before lockdowns were even able to show in data

    • Gigi, that sounds to me like you know this lockdown will work and you’re laying the groundwork now to cover your own butt when it becomes apparent to everybody.

      • If it’s the case that the virus will peak 6 weeks after the start of a wave then both sides (pro and anti lockdown) get to claim victory – and without any hard proof either way, why not?!

        Funnily enough this is very reminiscent of the climate change debate — if it’s happening anyway how can you prove that specific actions are causing it to happen?!

        Lovely stuff – please continue, you lot. It’s very entertaining (at times).

      • simply, all respiratory infections do that
        check out the flu – we do nothing like lockdowns, most years no measures of any kind and flu peaks in around 4-6 weeks every season

    • Yeah hard lockdown failed in WA. I mean I can only go freely about my business to work the shops the beach night clubs bars cinemas cafe. Gosh it’s so restricting now that the lockdown has been lifted after it succeeded. Douche.

      • LOL
        WA never had any epidemic, … few imported cases and almost no community spread -probably only among people who had sex

        • Idiot. No imported spread and limited community spread because of the lockdown. Jeez. what a twat.

          • You can’t even read what others write
            WA or any part of Australia haven’t had any epidemic during March/April … just imported casea and a virus with R0 of 0.5.
            We had ships and airplanes docking/ landing with few hundred infected people catching taxis and trains to go home and go to shop next day and no community spread.
            Now, we had one or couple of people escaping quarantine and 10k cases.
            Stage 3 lockdowns got introduced in NSW and VIC on 31/03-1/04 and on 7/04 we had cases down by 80%

          • What part of the English language is obscure to you.

            All states had community spread in the early stages from both known and unknown

            Luckily the lock downs were introduced early enough to prevent the spread. Luckily the lockdown included quarantine of imported cases as more and more people trapped overseas made their way back home.
            So lockdown prevented the widespread transmission of this virus. Hence no epidemic at a time AFTER the virus arrived in Australia for the first time.

            “Stage 3 lockdowns got introduced in NSW and VIC on 31/03-1/04 and on 7/04 we had cases down by 80%”
            So lets see, lock downs put in place and virus detection go down. What could have caused that. Was it your magical wishing ferrets that carried the virus away ? Maybe it was the lock down. NA that seems too logical. why would restricting contact and proximity between humans prevent passing on an infection. Yeah just not logical.

            Hers another magical episode. A hotel full of imported virus cases and stupid guards and government and corporate incompetence releases a virus into a community AFTER lockdown restrictions are lifted. Well who could have foreseen that causing a spread. In hind sight seeing all the incontrovertible evidence on cause and effect that you have provided im shocked they had those international typhoid marys in quarantine at all. They should have just let them all run free. After all you have proved lock downs dont work. The fact that virus cases went down after lock downs is obviously just sheer coincidence.

          • first social distancing measures have been introduced in late March, by that time community transmission was almost absent. In fact it started a bit after measures. When people were freely roaming around there were no transmissions

      • reusachtigeMEMBER

        Hahahaha! I love how youse sick scared commies have to resort to cancel culture name calling like douche and twat. LOLOLOL

        • MB’ers shouldn’t be allowed to use the word ‘douche’ — I’m surprised the moderator hasn’t picked it up.

          The C-word is far more appropriate among such a cultured crowd.

    • Maturity of the poster who frequently inserts “LOL” into posts regarding many deaths….and collateral damage to health….

    • The fact they aren’t getting sick suggests their innate and aquired immune response is doing something about it. By viral load, measured by what? Active infective viral load or PCR, because PCR is only measuring viral RNA.

        • The curious thing about that is has *anybody* swabbed some kids or captured their secretions and run an infectivity assay? Only had six months now and everybodys still at the speculative stage.

          • I know. So many questions about this thing which no one has been looking at, yet there are blanket statements and assumptions made on limited data..

        • So far we had dozens of confirmed cases among children in schools and daycares and yet not a single cluster or a pocket in schools as a result, not even a single confirmed case of a transmission from a kid to kid in school or daycare.
          On the other side a truckie gets into a pub sits at his table in a small group and 50 people get infected

          • That was a case where a staff member infected kids and other staff memebers who then infected other students and staff members.
            What was really interesting about that case is that large number of students that tested positive failed to infect their own household members.
            Spread from students to student has not been confirmed even among higher years students

  9. johnwilliamsmith

    Andrews is directly responsible for this due to the massive incompetence of which the hotel quarantine was just one example. Doesn’t matter which way his supporters try and twist 97% of cases are In victoria caused by his govt incompetence

  10. migtronixMEMBER

    The Fall was completely wrong like the useless pricks in this states health system.

    How’s that?

  11. Mr SquiggleMEMBER

    Stage 4 looks like a nothing change to me. What’s the major difference over Stage 3?. I’m thinkingandrews is trying to get the optics & credit of stage 4, but with standard stage 3 restrictions

    • Ronin8317MEMBER

      It’ll stop people going to the pub and night clubs. That alone may be enough to stop it from spreading.

      • There was a dog eating off the floor in a pub I visited in July, so yes certain establishments are higher risk than others, especially if precautions aren’t taken. For example, I didn’t notice any particular precautions taken with handling glassware from person to person.
        This is what I mean about nobody thinking about this properly, just mask wearing mantras as if it were a religion. All very well but if the first glass you put in your mouth after taking it off to drink is contaminated, then what was the point?

        • Masks to one side, people must not forget that millions of viruses can fit on the tip of a pin, and they live on surfaces for hours to days, so always be aware of what you touch with hands, and sanitize/wash.

    • They haven’t finished announcing it all yet. Workplace restrictions coming tomorrow. What gets announced tomorrow will determine whether it works or not.
      Not shutting down takeaway food isn’t a good start.

      • migtronixMEMBER

        But forcing literally everyone into literally the same venue literally every single day is? Great thinking…

      • Cos covid won’t survive a 5 km trip on a pizza, in a plastic sack on the back of a scooter previously handled by dog knows who! Then the eater removes its mask to consume the pizza passed through a chain of potential carriers but all good he has a mask within a metre of his body. Covid talk is an epic nationwide [email protected] fest

  12. ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

    Old Danny boy is laying down the law!
    Do the Feds need to implement a UBI for Victorians only?
    Just to keep them plebs at home.

  13. kiwikarynMEMBER

    This is far from being a “NZ style lockdown”. Its not even as restrictive as the NZ Level 3 lockdown was. You can still drive across town to see a Tinder date – what a joke. And meet your mates down at the local cafe for a coffee (standing apart 2m of course). And all those migrants working in kitchens and as delivery drivers still have to front up for work – that’s your definition of “essential worker”?

  14. Just announced feds have withdrawn from the court case to force WA to open borders. I guess he didn’t like poll results in WA.

    • Diogenes the CynicMEMBER

      I think the WA lIberals said to him we’ll be gone at the next election which means he would be gone too. Self interest its the only horse worth backing…

  15. Slightly off topic but FriendlyJordies and Tanya Plibeseek (spelling)…

    In the middle she mentions temporary workers filling lots of Aussie jobs, but also talks about Education in this country going backwards.

    • she mentions temporary workers filling lots of Aussie jobs

      Exactly why we have been against a big Australia for a decade. 30% of AUS is foreign born FFS.

      Education in this country going backwards.

      Because of foreign “students”. Leith has penned many articles about it.

      • LVO’s issue is with tertiary, which is correct.

        The more pressing issue IMO is with schools – straya, in common with most Anglophone countries is seeing literacy and numeracy rates falling. I suspect its down to two main developments, neither of which can be mentioned in polite company.

  16. reusachtigeMEMBER

    It’s now a whopping 12 new cases in NSW so everyone please wear a mask, even during relations, so that we can stop this ever reaching the unlucky 13 news cases because that’s when it could become 14!
    We need stronger legislation where selfish carnts can be jailed for life for attempted murder if they don’t wear a mask!

  17. You can’t visit your family, but surely can go for a house inspection. Ponzi scheme must go on.

  18. just posted what I understand to be the business lockdowns to twitter for anyone interested