Senator Rex Patrick quits Centre Alliance

Centre Alliance Senator Rex Patrick has quit the party claiming it will fail to win a single seat at the next election.

The South Australian senator will run as an independent to ensure the state maintains a “strong and independent” voice in the Senate.

Senator Rex Patrick has often been a lone voice of reason in Australia’s dysfunctional parliament. Among other things, he has led calls to establish a Senate inquiry into Australia’s relationship with China, alongside leading calls for a domestic gas reservation policy.

We need people like Rex Patrick in federal parliament ‘to keep the bastards honest’. Let’s hope this move furthers his political career.

Leith van Onselen
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    • PaperRooDogMEMBER

      Yes, I’m beginning to think he’s an LNP plant, or been nobled by big Energy, why isn’t he calling Morrison out on ADGSM agreement?

      • happy valleyMEMBER

        And he did support the LNP in keeping the John Howard ultimate “gift that keeps on giving” – excess franking credit refunds for zero taxpayers, a $6bn a year tax subsidy by other taxpayers to wealthy people in pension phase in super.

        On the other hand, being an ex-submariner, he has called out for the likely dud that it will be – the new submarine project now on the never-never and to cost $200bn if it ever reaches completion, that we had to have so that the “fixer” Christopher Pyne and some other LNP pollies could have their SA seats saved at the 2016 election. Thanks LNP (Abbottolypse?) for signing us up to another blank of sheet of paper project – ie converting a nuclear sub to a conventional one, to be built supposedly largely in SA (following in John Howard’s fine footsteps with the F-35 joint strike fighter jet that was the blank sheet of paper project that Howard signed us up for with his mate George Dubya B and from which the Canadians exited).

  1. I mean, he did well to negotiate the agreement on gas reservation. Well, it sounded like an agreement, until one party didn’t deliver, so I guess it wasn’t an agreement at all…so yeah.

    • Yes he did well to get an agreement, and maybe i have missed something, but has he said a word about that agreement not being honoured, or the LNG market since ?

  2. I’ll be bitterly disappointed if he sells out – but not surprised. Pollies have a tendency to grow weary of remaining principled for too long.

  3. Not a fan of Patrick. And like so many other middling ego-driven politcians he now strikes out as an Independent. The new Xenophon he probably reckons, he’ll start as an Independent, manipulate power by ransoming policy of major Parties (and their millions of voters) then he’ll rebrand to the Rex Patrick Party and then…

  4. So much for your “patriots from the CA”. Luckily we still have the senator Rex Patrick… oh, wait!

  5. #RexforPM … he’s the only normal and level head in Canberra.

    Just a shame Santos convinced him to drop his domestic gas reservation campaign for the Nation… question is, what do they have over Rex that bought the silence??? #IsmellaRat