Revenge of the CCP-Nazi apologists

We begin, as always, with Labor and the once hawkish Richard Marles, at Domain:

Opposition defence spokesman Richard Marles says a Labor government would not let backbenchers lead the debate on China, accusing the Morrison government of letting “fringe dwellers” damage Australia’s relationship with its biggest trading partner.

Mr Marles hit out at government MPs who had used “muscular language” on China and said under Labor “you will hear one voice – the voice of the leadership”.

The voice of CCP/Nazi kowtowing is what he means. Labor will never get elected if it persists with being so bloody creepy.

But you can see where it’s coming from. After years of campaigning, MB has helped shift the behavioural normatives around business engagement with the CCP/Nazis. So much so that former business apologists are all but silent on the issue. That does not mean they’ve given up. Labor would like to be in cahoots with them. To wit:

ABC chair Ita Buttrose is continuing to put her stamp on the national broadcaster – this time with a decidedly non-ABC choice for the annual Boyer Lectures.

The prestige lecture series, regarded as the intellectual centrepiece of the ABC each year, is broadcast on Radio National.

This year Buttrose has approached billionaire miner Andrew “Twiggy” Forrest to line up in front of the microphone.

The choice has caused consternation in some parts of the ABC. It could be said Forrest exhibits qualities not often championed by the noisier elements of the national broadcaster, being a male white heterosexual Christian mining capitalist. Staff at RN, sometimes affectionately described by other parts of the ABC as a “commune”, might well have cause to choke on their kombucha.

Does anyone at the ABC recognise that the nation is in a war for its freedom with the CCP/Nazis? Ita’s choice is appalling. The snowflakes are CCP/Nazi useful idiots.

Meanwhile, on the university front line:

How can that possibly reconcile with UQ’s persecution of Pavlou? And more:

The Chinese Communist Party is harnessing an online cyber policing portal, accessible in Australia, to increase its international influence, as it encourages Chinese internet users to dob in acts that undermine Beijing’s image.

Australian universities have been engulfed in a fresh row over academic freedom after co-ordinated protests from nationalist Chinese students forced UNSW to take down social media posts critical of the Chinese Communist Party’s actions in Hong Kong. UNSW vice-chancellor Ian Jacobs on Wednesday apologised for the decision, telling staff there was “no excuse for our failure in this instance” and the social media posts should never have been removed.

“I apologise for this mistake and reaffirm unequivocally our previous commitment to freedom of expression and academic freedom,” he said.

A second Australian educational institution was embroiled in controversy on Wednesday after Charles Darwin University apologised following complaints from Chinese students. The students said an introduction to an assignment was racist after it stated that the coronavirus had originated in China.

We need a royal commission into university Chinese links urgently. They jumped the shark on foreign, especially Chinese, students. As a result, the universities entire role in our society is now under intense attack.  The universities have:

  • collaborated on military and surveillance technologies that aid and abet CCP power and persecution;
  • consistently put dollars ahead of lives during pandemic lobbying;
  • crashed pedagogical standards for foreign kids;
  • distorted policy and recruited policymakers in a classic case of regulatory capture, and
  • persecuted whistleblowers.

These institutions have been all but ruined in terms of their values, reason for being, and licence to operate.

That’s what lies on the other side of Labor’s “voice of leadership”.

David Llewellyn-Smith
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  1. Cost IndexMEMBER

    Please stop referring to the CCP as Nazi’s, they’re clearly not. They are Communists.

    Communists are the ”left wing” part of socialism, Nazi’s are the ”right wing” part of socialism.

    Both are evil.

    The left part just isn’t taught in schools because it’s left wing, plus Marx’s language sounds Uber cool.

    Communists and socialists have killed far more than Nazis ever have, just that no one pays any attention to it, cause it’s cool to wear Che Guevara t-shirts (who liked killing homosexuals) whilst speaking of being down-trodden from their (privileged and affluent) lives.

    • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

      The primary “lived experience” for people living under the Nazis AND Communists of the USSR and China, is total domination under an authoritarian/totalitarian military dictatorship.
      The supposed political Left/Right narratives and Ideologies embraced by said regimes are irrelevant and little more than Propaganda used to justify a totalitarian usurping of Power by a minority of individuals.

      Without real Democratic accountability a Government is Not Marxist or Socialist.
      The ignorance of this fact, especially in relation to the totalitarian regime of the USSR, is by design and a product of half a century of the worlds 2 largest Propaganda systems making you believe otherwise.

      As for the nazis being Socialist!,…fk me dead!
      Do you believe North Korean (Democratic People’s Republic of Korea) is a Democracy just because they say they are?

      • Thank god for the voice of reason in Ermo. In short, most people of the world have a lot to gain from reading just a little of Marx. Yes the left wing academy was once soft on criticising left wing regimes, but does anyone really think graduates in the west from the 90s onwards don’t know about Mao’s great famine or Pol Pot? Just stop it, it’s ridiculous, and the graduates are also able to recognise they were dictatorships created by coups. If the story is still relatively suppressed compared to the Nazis, blame the Chinese system, many Chinese still don’t know about or can’t admit the extent of what happened. I remember when I had to tell my mainland Chinese boyfriend that he wasn’t born during the ‘three years of natural disasters’ but in fact one long engineered famine; and realising later on that that was why his baby sister, Little Jade, didn’t live. but I digress.

    • Hitler’s interpretation of socialism wasn’t aligned to Marxist socialism.
      Nazi Germany was more akin to a quasi-fascist Corporatist state rather than a socialist one.

  2. Such silliness.
    All that is happening is that the tide is changing
    Businessmen and Politicians need to learn the new tide schedules and and understand when to expect really high / low tide events.
    This is to be expected and anyone that remembers the Soviet cold war era will understand that we are transitioning from an environment where the tide was controlled by one fairly predictable force into an era where two somewhat unpredictable forces control the tide.
    My point is that it’s still the tide, it ebbs and flows.

  3. The left empowers the right and will deliver a populist in due course it seems.

    So effing dumb these ALP hacks. Sorry Ermo.

    • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

      No need to apologize Brother.
      I believe the leaderships of all the Parties (inc the ALP) and the independents within parliament as well are all, individually, to easily corrupted by powerful well funded interests.
      The only way to circumvent this, in my view, is through greater democracy. Elected representatives should not have control of what agendas and policies their Party implements or pursues. This should be under the democratic control of the Party membership, the Rank and File. Currently that is only 55,000 members for the ALP,…it should be 10 times that IMHO.
      Independants should also be required to have a minimum number of supporters who equally have control over their parliamentary decision making by keeping them on a tight democratic leash to.
      Real democracy is the only solution to the corruption of individual decision makers

      • 25% unemployment will get you those numbers. A depression will reignite the political fire under the non-working classes.

        Unions need to be got out of the ALP and zero donations for a start. But have we ever had democracy or was it a pure coincidence where the planets aligned to give the appearance of social justice by and for the people. ??

  4. I honestly wonder what they have on Marles. He has drunk the Koolaide in a big way.
    Did MSS get some Kompromat on him during a trip to China?

    • Marles is not Tier One performer. No one in Labor is. No one.

      It’s frightening. You have Albo Tweeting platitudes and Shorten holding a bone. I support Labor’s more reasonable approach to China. But it’s interesting – business, bright minds etc are urging the Morrison Government restrain rhetoric and demonstrate some independence from total US control – despite two physiologically at-risk Ministers attending the All The Way With The USA gabfest at great personal Covid risk, a welcome quiet has (temporarily?) descended. Mind you, they are both in isolation.