QLD shuts border to NSW leper colony

Herein lies the problem with virus suppression:

Why would QLD ever open the border again as Gladys spreads the virus? And it comes with the added bonus of locking out Canberrans despite no virus there.

What’s not to love!

David Llewellyn-Smith
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  1. Know IdeaMEMBER

    Whew. I have been running short of excuses to attend family gatherings in Queensland.

    And who asserted that there was no good to come from the pandemic?

  2. Fabian AlderseyMEMBER

    She declared Canberra a hotspot! Canberra is obviously riddled with Coronavirus.

  3. There’s still Virus eradication being exercised in Canberra!
    Ask anyone in Goulburn what’s going on. Mutants are shipped out to Goulburn as soon as they can so ACT stats look good & they can all blithely go about their business without looking over their shoulders. Can’t have the Capital looking diminished……

    There might also be a practical reason for it if Hospitals can function relatively unencumbered from it. Masks & handwashing & contact tracing are mandatory in them still though….

    • Errrrrrrr I have several friends and family in the ACT system (hospitals and pathology / testing) and have never heard this rather bizarre conspiracy theory. No offence but can you back it up?

      • I’ve been continually told this by 2 different sources in Goulburn that are usually reliable – a Teacher & a Truckie so no direct eyes on. Particularly the first time when the whole town was wondering why there was an ongoing convoy of patient transfer vans from Canberra on the highway to Goulburn. 70 contact tracings back to ACT from BBay but not one case, & yet there were a few up & down the coast from that event….. discredit it however you like, I have friends in your very same system who unsurprisingly can’t verify it either (Or deny), but Canberra is a town of secrets & they know that. It’s never my intention to misinform & it may be untrue? How do you expect me to back it up factually if it’s being covered up? Ask your friends, maybe they can clarify.

        • Is this the same stretch of inadequate highway that women have to go screaming down because no one has ever given birth in Goulburn?

          • I haven’t heard that, but it’s the same stretch, just the vans were heading North. Canberra is a regional Hospital hub where they have every machine that goes bing so it gets it’s fair share of people coming in for their services.

          • This ^ is one of the reasons the conspiracy makes no sense. Canberra is the tertiary reference hospital for a large area of NSW including Bega, Cooma, Goulburn, Young etc, it would not be sending cases out, it would be taking them in, this is a standing arrangement and those patients are financed by NSW. There is zero reason for NSW to accept these mysterious ACT Covid patients, why would they play along with this? it is senseless.

      • It does seem more work than necessary, but when it comes to politics anything’s possible – just ask Chris Pyne. The Canberra nurses I asked didn’t know, but they hardly blinked/wouldn’t be surprised, particularly the freeing up of beds angle as at that stage they were expecting an Italy. The separately sourced Goulburn 2 are insistent the whole town is onto it. All I can do is dig more at the Goulburn end.

      • My Goulburn contacts are adamant & insulted. The Teacher got it through her nurse friend who says ACT paid for it to keep up appearances & to keep beds clear for serious cases. The Truckie saw the conga line but changed his story. Says only half the town knows because the other half are from Canberra & too dopey to know what’s up them. He also asked if you were in on it or new to Canberra? Other than a vox pop around the Hospital I can’t prove it either way, but I’ve never heard them tell stories before. So I can only leave it there. Other than cast doubts can you prove anything through your contacts?

        • No need for anyone to feel insulted. My kid goes to school at the local primary school next to the hospital, half the parents are doctors, nurses or pathologists (testing etc), no one agrees with your idea.

          But more importantly, it makes no sense. ACT “Keeping up appearances” doesn’t matter a hair to NSW, we are insignificant to Gladys and Co and fair enough, barely 400K people and a Labor Government to boot, why would Gladis (Lib) agree to take a hit for the ACT and take Covid infected people into inferior local NSW base hospitals just so the ACT looks good? And with an ACT election in 2 months? Makes zero sense. Goulburn possibly has a chip on its shoulder about Canberra but mate… Mate.


          • Thanks Arrow. Your reasoning is sound.
            There’s possibly some chip in places there. You might be able to convince me (being secondhand to the info), but it’s apparent you won’t convince half that town on what they saw – which I really wonder what it was about now.

            No offence here mate.

        • Cheers mate. One way or another the truth is out there, sounds like there was definitely a convoy of some sort, maybe just not the COVID sort…

          who knows?! 👍

      • Shades of MessinaMEMBER

        Especially when any overseas arrival is straight into quarantine.

        Melbourne would be right up there as a global Covid risk currently.

        Letting bloody diplomats back in the country without mandatory quarantine is also insane. No wonder no-one takes it seriously.

        • Doesn’t sound like DFAT has supported that persons story and most APS officials have been quarantining, I know nothing of exceptions.

      • Issue is next state election is 2023 for NSW, whereas WA and QLD go to the polls shortly. Closing borders is popular politically (because it is what the people want ffs) but unpopular with the business lobby that like to pull the strings.

    • And yet here on the border there’s no way you’re getting back if you’ve just been to Mallacoota to do business for the day. Double standards or stupidity?

      • Wow… from where are you driving to Mallacoota to do business for a day? Eden? Sounds like a drive.

        • Pambula to ‘Coota is only ~1:40 with a boat in tow IIRC. Building suppliers, builders, dog groomers, hairdressers go on a regular basis. They come here for groceries & medical, although I’m not sure what they’re doing atm. Bairnsdale is a fair way for them to go.

  4. Went up the shops just now and spoke to a few people I know and the general feeling is that she has done a great job. A lot of comments over the past few weeks about wanting her to close the borders again. Gives greater certainty. It doesn’t mater what the libertarians at The Oz say, people don’t want to catch this and, be it rational or not, support the efforts to keep it out of the state. if that’s what the people want then it is another example of the echo chamber that is Murdoch Press.

    • Yep. Despite the Murdoch press’s blathering headlines (eg. “TEAR DOWN THIS WALL”) keeping QLD COVID-19 free at all costs is a vote winner.

      Us Queenslanders may not be the smartest bunch but we know that COVID-19 free = free movement within the state and this is far better economically than the consequences of letting a heap of infected southerners or internationals through our borders. Yeah it sucks that people from Sydney, Melbourne or Beijing can’t visit Hamilton Island, but my workmate who had to cancel his US trip is taking the family there instead, as long as we don’t go back into lockdown. We’ve had decades of globalisation at all costs but if required people are willing to live in their statewide bubble as long as they feel safe and secure.

  5. The premiers need to come clean and explain how long they intend to lock down their states. Given there is no vaccine out there are they proposing to do this indefinitely

    • Aussies Can't Socially Distance

      Let’s hope so. Only chance to eliminate the plague from our shores.

    • What do you mean “come clean”? Everyone including Blind Freddy knows this is a day by day, week by week situation that the states have to respond to. No Premier can plan too far in advance and keeping states COVID-19 free is a vote winner. Only people in Victoria, NSW and Fatty McF***Head Palmer (in my opinion) disagree.

  6. It’s an absolute win/win for Annastacia – if the virus doesn’t spread in QLD then she can point to the strong action she took to stop it from getting in
    If it does spread – she can point to the fact that she took strong action even before the numbers get higher and would have been far worse if she didn’t take this action.
    Going to romp in the coming election I expect…

    • And any economic fallout is covered by the Feds.

      This is her own ‘A Flood of Tears’ Bligh moment.

  7. And if the virus doesn’t like warmth and sunlight, will she finally adopt daylight saving…?

  8. It a good call, especially politically.
    The virus is running ramped in NSW.
    Just not enough testing to pick it up.

    • Ronin8317MEMBER

      22k test is a lot. 12 positive cases today with one infection from unknown source. It is not out of control.

      It will however become out of control soon as Victorian escape Stage 4 shutdown and lands in Sydney, with only requirement to ‘self isolate ha ha ha’.

      • It.just needs the right conditions-.

        In other words, people spending a lot time in artificially warmed or cooled spaces due to the weather.

        Look at how Covid has ripped through Texas and Florida in summer after initially struggling to take hold.

        The Sydney basin doesn’t have much of a winter but it does have a warm to hot, humid summer.

      • Look your right, its not that bad especially compared to other places but 22k of 7.5m is not a lot.
        Test the entire NSW in one go you will pick up a few thousand people.

  9. Now is the perfect time for SFM to show the country some leadership and make NSW shut down NOW , (not for other states to open) for 6 weeks and eradicate Covid 19.

  10. Vic refugees trying to get into NSW by car are stopped at the boarder and forced to turn around. Meanwhile, there’s three flights a day between Sydney and Melbourne, masks optional followed by a fourteen day “self isolation” – not quarantined. Sounds familiar. No wonder Plucka’s telling Gladwrap to garrn get…

  11. Mining BoganMEMBER

    Should have happened in 1859. Be having none of these troubles now.

    Every Queenslander I have spoken to this last few weeks is behind this. They’re very much enjoying travelling around their own state without the crowds. The Lewis years were good but this may now be peak Queensland.