Out of control Morrison wrecking ball swings towards borders

Fresh from destroying Australia’s vaccine rollout, the Morrison wrecking ball is now hurtling towards state borders, pushed as always, by the interests that swing it any way they like. Via the AFR:

The Morrison government has declared Friday’s national cabinet meeting a flashpoint for the future of the federation, amid an avalanche of business criticism over the economic and personal tolls being caused by arbitrary state border closures.

With pleas pouring in from almost every sector, including travel, tourism, agriculture, retail and manufacturing for a more co-ordinated approach, Prime Minister Scott Morrison will push the states to agree to nationally consistent principles governing interstate travel.

To the frustration of the federal government and business, states have enacted their own closures with next-to-no consultation or consideration of the unintended consequences outside their jurisdictions, especially among border communities.

When the pandemic began, the power vacuum created by the Morrison wrecking ball had to be filled by somebody and state premiers did it, as they should.

When the Morrison wrecking ball repeatedly arced towards reopening borders as the pandemic raged worldwide, states shut theirs making it impossible.

When the Morrison wrecking ball gyrated wildly from lockdowns in some states to suppression in others as if there were no state borders, state premiers did what they had to protect constituents.

When the Morrison wrecking ball swerved behind a mad billionaire’s attempt to crush borders and democracy, state leaders blew it aside.

When the Morrison wrecking ball crashed into stimulus mid-depression, state leaders forced him to keep writing the cheques we can so very obviously afford.

When the Morrison wrecking ball smashed the virus into aged care centers (yes, that is s federal responsibility) across the east coast, driving a much higher death count, states picked up the tab in their health systems.

Now the Morrison wrecking ball wants to knock down borders again, to spread the contagion to the virus-free states that are operating at economic capacity far above the virus states.  This will only end in the Morrison wrecking ball demolishing all national economic activity and driving more deaths in every state to boot. Economist Richard Holden sees it clearly:

Prematurely relaxing restrictions risks undermining the very significant progress we have made in suppressing the virus. Let us not forget that only a few weeks ago, with case numbers rising, there was the very real possibility of NSW going back into lockdown.

The border closures have been a key part of getting the current case numbers down to the mid-single digits. But the fight against COVID-19 is not over yet in NSW.

Allowing more people to travel freely into Queensland from NSW thus risks further damaging lives and livelihoods there. The same is true, on an even greater scale, for movement from Victoria into NSW.

The impact of the current virus count and necessary government response to that, in Victoria, is already costing NSW hundreds of millions of dollars. But that number would rise exponentially if more cases spread from Victoria to NSW and NSW were forced to go back into category 3 or 4 lockdown.

The answer to the current border issue is not to lift current border restrictions but to fine-tune them to work better for residents of border communities.

State leaders should again duck the random Morrison wrecking ball and keep their internal borders shut in the national interest. What they should not do is open their borders internationally to foreign students who will also bring in waves of virus.

That is what the Morrison wrecking ball really wants to demolish. It wants the virus to spread to all states so it can crush the international borders and resume mass immigration to support house prices. That’s the wrecking ball’s only, openly stupid, demolition plan.

Instead, by staying shut, state leaders can move Australians out of the path of the Morrison wrecking ball and swing it instead towards the budget, to keep the eminently affordable fiscal stimulus flowing, as it should, until the pandemic passes or a vaccine arrives (which, sadly, the Morrison wrecking ball has already smashed into yesterday).

The longer states keep the out of control Morrison wrecking ball away from their borders (and everything else for that matter) to drive down the virus count, the better off we all shall be.

David Llewellyn-Smith
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  1. Someone must have pointed out the long term pension savings when 8% of the boomers, and 10-15% of their parents die.

    Can we all organise a spitathon round his church if that happens?

    • Sure, but this is a funeral industry led recovery. The funeral director lobby has probably been camping on his doorstep with the costings.

    • They’ll die even faster and in greater numbers if they are vaccinated properly:)
      Crate a win win … more homes for folk from elsewhere to buy when universities reopen & more money for offspring of dead folk to inherit///sarc
      Currently, although visitors to aged care retirement places must show their vax papers to gain entry to visit THEIR parent or loved one IT iS NOT LAW or required that residents have flu shot….Covidiocy & double speak abounds in New Australia

  2. He must be wondering why God is doing this to him.
    All he wanted to do was go to Hawaii and cruise through his term.

    • lol, true. And have everyone praise him for being lucky enough to win an unlikely election for the rest of time.

    • And exit the other side with a cushy, high-paid job with one of the vested interests. Maybe chair of a top 4 bank? Join the board of the Sharkies?

      Off to Hawaii every school holidays. Jenny’n’the’kidz’d love that.

  3. working class hamMEMBER

    No one wants to go back into lockdown, so border controls have to be in place.
    Hopefully the state premiers hold the line and refuse to allow visitors from highly infected areas to travel freely.
    The current controls do need to be adjusted, but open borders would be catastrophic for economic recovery on all levels.

      • working class hamMEMBER

        Victoria is highly infected. Not pandemic.
        Even regional areas are dealing with outbreaks and lockdowns.

        • I would say ‘relatively highly infected’ compared to other areas, but would still say it’s not highly infected.

        • working class hamMEMBER

          When they are shutting down wings of Frankston hospital to avoid further spread, I would class that as highly infected.
          Frankston basically services the entire Mornington Penisula, interruptions to services there have much wider reaching consequences.
          Not something you want to start doing Nationwide.

  4. Arthur Schopenhauer

    Looks like panic has set in. Dutto’s out blaming the states. They can’t beat the pollities primal fear of death with this shambolic carry on.
    The most second rate, of second raters.

    • happy valleyMEMBER

      “the out of control Morrison wrecking ball” – aka the bully boy, happy clappy benevolent dictator we had to have? – will probably make Whelan the Wrecker look like a wimp.

      Plus, now that you tell us that Scary Pete has been sent out to launch the full-frontal attack, the “sting” must be on for this arvo? You could be somewhat confident that Gladys Gladwrap as a good LP foot soldier will be reasonably supportive, albeit she must be a bit over Pork Barilaro trying to tell her what’s good for the Ruby Princess state?

  5. I can’t help thinking back to Bob Hawke and Medicare. So, so many vested interests wanting a privatised system, but he just held the line and said no, everybody has to be looked after. Never thought I’d need to be nostalgic for things like that.

  6. Federalise health care like aged care?

    With federal government directly picking up the health tab might see a different approach including on who we are letting move here (hobbling foreign elderly with borrowed Medicare cards anyone?).

  7. Diogenes the CynicMEMBER

    Is this a distraction from something else – like the vaccine mixup? I note it is take out the Trash day.
    At this rate WA is going to pound the liberals into dust at the next elections.

    • macrofishMEMBER

      > Is this a distraction from something else – like the vaccine mixup?

      The Vaccine mix-up was distraction for ruby princess so i wouldn’t be surprised.

  8. truthisfashionable

    “The Morrison government has declared Friday’s national cabinet meeting a flashpoint for the future of the federation”

    Is it just my little bubble or are the strong states with closed borders far more popular than the federation *at the moment* as the current federal government continues to ignore their role and palm off their responsibilities onto the states?

    In regards to the border towns, Byron Bay area should be screaming at Gladys that the region needs improved access to medical facilities. You can’t tell me it would be hard to attract doctors to such an amazing region, it just needs the premier to stick her head out of Sydney for 10secs and spend a few dollars that they were planning to waste in Sydney on some frivolous vanity project.

    • Byron Bay doesn’t need medical facilities — it’s positively bursting with naturopaths. What more do you need?

    • they are building a new hospital at Kingscliff there bruv!

      … and they completed the new Byron hospital only a couple of years ago.

      • I was wondering what sort of health infrastructure is in the area, the recent news stories make it seem like every patient has to come to qld for treatment because there just isn’t the capability for treatment in their area.

        • Lismore Base hospital is the only half decent hospital currently servicing the region.
          Kingscliff: early works well underway. Completion several years off.
          Ballina Hospital looking at a $80-100m upgrade soon. Expect it out to tender shortly.
          Like Swampy said, biggest issue at the moment is getting the docs over the border and back from their homes in Queensland. Obviously they can’t afford the vehicle rego in NSW 😉

    • There are about 300 medicos (VMOs amongst others) who services NNSW from QLD who cannot get across the border.

      Sure there are specialties that are underserved, endo comes to mind, but the issue right now is the border.

      There are approx 1100 staffers affected I believe.

  9. I wonder if the Premiers could push the Feds into giving up something ( income tax?) over this issue.

  10. Ivermectin, zinc and doxycycline. This is an Australian mix of safe cheap long used treatments and cure covid.

    Vaccines, Putins daughter allegedly died from the second dose of vaccine(or was poisoned). Accines migh trier antibodies but DO NOT teach T cells to recognise the pathogen and remember how to do it in for decades, vaccines are a scam, worrying, unhealthy costly and short lived. Just ask the 106 Georgians who died from GlaxoSmithKlein hep C

    • Ronin8317MEMBER

      Given that Putin’s daughter is still alive and well, you may want to be a bit more skeptical about the other ‘facts’ you’re reading.

      • That is great that the rumour mill was wrong re Putins daughters second dose being fatal, net today is full of both rumour and discounting it. ..so feel free to discount the rest of my statement as you have. I really don’t give a stuff. . Of course T cells are not relevant. Of course the mix I listed has not been used successfully in Australia.

  11. happy valleyMEMBER

    From the few glimpses I saw this morning of the Senate inquiry in to Aged Care, the minister responsible for Aged Care and Senior Strayans, Sen Colbeck, was having a shocker – being put under the pump by Katy Gallagher (Labor) who seems to be able to call a spade a spade.

    SFM should really make PB Tim Wilson the minister for Aged Care – look at the magnificent job he did for the LNP in defending the indefensible on excess franking credit “refunds” for zero taxpayers. A man who can surely spin, whatever it takes?

  12. Scummo is just obeying his owners. He is nothing more than a front man for bizness interests.