Game of Mates comes-a-cropper at AMP

Lol. Things must be bad for the Game of Mates to come so a-cropper at AMP:

More at AFR:

David Murray, John Fraser and Boe Pahari have all resigned from their positions at AMP following The Australian Financial Review’s investigation into the wealth manager’s culture that revealed sexual harassment complaints against top executives.

I never understood why two of Australia’s most well-regarded executives joined this toxic firm post-Hayne. It was always a hiding to nothing:

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  1. RobotSenseiMEMBER

    Now casanova Pahari can show all the ladies how much of a catch he is without fear of repercussion. What a stud.

  2. AMP is regarded as the leading Australian manager of responsible investment funds – globally.

    ESG – environmental, social and, er, ‘governance’

    “We take our responsibilities as a business and as an employer very seriously and aim to adhere to the highest standard of corporate governance.”

    • happy valleyMEMBER

      Because it suited AMP management and board, off memory without a shareholder vote AMP sold off its insurance business to some unknown quantity, leaving policy owners wondering whether they will get any better “treatment” than from AMP. Wind up AMP – probably, the only way to fix a continually-festering sore?

  3. Fly away on Dan Ziffer
    I feel it more than ever
    And in this perfect weather
    We’ll find a place together

    I like Dan. He’s a good reporter.

  4. I know this has been badly handled (messaged) by AMP, but seriously – what a storm in a teacup. This is pure tokenism to give the AFR editorial team some thin veneer of ethical respectability. Pahari is, relatively speaking, a goldfish in a sea of sharks. And the AFR has no problem generally in making the case on behalf of its key stakeholders to remove shark-nets.

    • Did you read the case against Pahari? Absolute predator – if that was my fiance that he was being so lecherous with he would be picking up his teeth with broken fingers rather than running an infrastructure investment business.

  5. AMP has been mis-managed for decades. I had dealings with it in the past at a corporate level. Pedestrian.

    It’s a shame that when the french bought out AXA Asia Pacific’s Asian businesses and AMP bought the legacy Aus business that AMP didn’t keep the AXA mgmt team – Andy Penn probably doesn’t regret it! (he was CEO of Axa Asia Pacific).

  6. Whoa…that Pahari dude has the craziest Sanpaku eyes I’ve ever seen. Danger, Will Robinson.