COVID-19 survivors face lifetime of disability

The Australian Medical Association’s (AMA) vice-president Chris Moy says there is growing concern that COVID-19 may have long-term effects on internal organs. Heart disease, lung scarring, diabetes and damage to blood vessels are among the potential side-effects of COVID-19 that have been identified.

Australia’s acting chief medical officer, Paul Kelly, also stresses that young people should be mindful that they are at risk from COVID-19 and could potentially suffer a long-term disability if they contract the virus. Doctors warn that 20% to 30% of people who contracted the virus in March and April are still experiencing symptoms:

Scientists looking for a “signature” of COVID-19 in infected cases say it could reveal that even patients who have recovered develop disease risks they didn’t have before contracting the virus.

The research suggests that ­abnormalities detected in blood samples of infected patients are linked to diabetes, liver dysfunction, abnormal levels of cholesterol and higher risk of coronary heart disease.

The research, to be published shortly by the Australian National Phenome Centre, Addenbrookes Hospital in Cambridge in the UK and other agencies, may flag that COVID-19 infections could trigger a massive increase in the healthcare burden across the planet…

“We don’t know yet whether these long-term effects are permanent, but certainly there is evidence of long-term issues with lung damage and damage of the blood vessels around the body ­including the heart,” Professor Kelly said.

“This can be a very severe illness. Don’t take it lightly”…

In Australia, young people aged 20 to 29 are the most likely age group to contract the virus…

“We are very worried about the long-term effects of this coronavirus,” [Chris Moy] said. “The great fear in this is the unknown nature of this condition, which we haven’t really seen before. This is something that we could pay for later.”

I hope the herd immunity followers and the ‘let it rip’ brigade take note.

While the death rate from COVID-19 is relatively low, and mostly impacts the elderly, it’s the longer-term health impacts and costs on the community that are arguably of bigger concern.

The below BBC documentary, Surviving the Virus, examines the lasting effects and damage that COVID-19 can do, and makes for sober viewing.

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  1. Fabian AlderseyMEMBER

    Yeah yeah but this is just another flu and those two thirty year olds only had a week to live anyway and if everyone gets the virus then the world will be exactly like it was before…

  2. I too hope the let it rip fraternity decide to change their minds as per above facts but I did not discern facts in their argument in the first place, so I am not hopeful.

    • I don’t think it is being blind to a set of facts at all. If that were the case and we are married to something that was once known Team Herd are advocating based on a CFR/IFR of 3%+ from Hubei which we know now to be bogus.

      I don’t think anyone is denying it can be a serious illness knocking you round, it can kill ffs, but there is nothing wrong with seeking further truths of how many, how damaged, for how long etc in our assessment of the risk calculus. Especially when these things are to be expected in respiratory diseases ( ) and we aren’t all walking round with prema crocked organs from all the others, even though some had a higher IFR than covid. Nor is there a compete cessation of the millions of years of human evolution that have allowed the body to adapt and repair from pathogens such as this.

      Some just are skeptical of a few anecdotal stories, a quote of “We don’t know yet whether these long-term effects are permanent” translating into a headline of “Covid 19 survivors face lifetime of disability.”

  3. Heard that a guy over here that works at Murdoch caught it and he apparently got diabetes after it. So yeah, i’ll be voting to keep the state borders shut thanks.

  4. That is why I keep telling my friends and my enemies alike: do not try to survive the COVID-19.
    There isn’t a shortage of humans…

  5. erutangisMEMBER

    Personally I’d love to see the let it rip proponents volunteering to work in hospitals.. or perhaps on the backhoe’s digging the graves.

  6. reusachtigeMEMBER

    Looks like they’re taking the scare campaign up a notch! I’d love to know what is really going on.

      • Swung by the local public hospitals Covid testing station yesterday …. tumbleweed… 2 tests all weekend. Today there are 200 hundred lined up. There’s your answer. If they can get on the sick and the taxpayers teat then it’ll be milked. If it’s normal people not so much. And don’t get me started on the AMA. You guys should hate them. They protected the medical cartel for many years until the gates swung open a few years ago

        • You mentioned an important word there – any time some product or service is so damn expensive, it’s almost always because there’s a cartel involved. And cartels generally only exist with Govt sponsorship.

          • Just for you if you get this Dom
            Medicine is a tough one as surgical training is really an apprenticeship with not enough to go around with no one really wanting to be practised on. Simulators and mannequins help but the issue is our new surgeons are very light coming out.
            Many burn out quick and sadly only the real pyschos seem to cope.
            This means Aussie trained spec are thinner on the ground , think they are special and can charge like wounded bulls.
            There was a cartel but been broken to some degree however the new cartel is if you want Aussie trained you pay and if you want the foreigner they can be cheaper.

        • Thanks BigD. Love to have insights from people on the inside. Too many people out there who ‘know’ stuff they don’t know.

    • PaperRooDogMEMBER

      I knew some people could get all those longer term issues, but i wasn’t worried, the “won’t happen to me” attitude, but after that & seeing the impacts, and your 50% stat I’ll be taking more precautions!

    • It also had a 10% fatality rate. Does that mean the long term complications rate for covid will be less than 5%?

      • Even if so, that 5 percent will be across a much larger number of people, with the corresponding increase in health costs.

      • Is there a point to that statement other than “hey, look over here, Chase is a fcuktard?”

  7. Hard to really confirm pre/post impacts without a true clinical study on people with no prior illnesses using the same screening techniques. One ideal sample population would be professional athletes as they are studies ad nauseum. Novak Djokovic and a bunch of other Euro tennis players caught it, would be interesting to see how they have fared and if its had irreparable damage.

    Would be good to see more research highlighting
    – Death rates and associated co-morbidity issues apart from age (BMI, Blood sugar, Asthma, Vitamin Levels, Blood counts)
    – Death or injury rates in the hyper fit (Athletes, elite military etc).
    – Death or injury rates in those with no proven existing symptoms (i.e. we knew they had no lung or brain lesions prior, now they do).

    The amount of research on COVID has blown the doors off anything prior, there is money in its study associated with grants so fera in the rush to publish quality may be missing.

    • Athletes aren’t a good baseline of health. Hence, triathletes and cyclists getting knocked down or dying from the flu, despite being young and ‘fit’. Often they have pushed their bodies too far to actually be classified as ‘healthy’.

  8. and this is why I think let it rip option is naive or outright irresponsible. We just don’t know enough how this virus impacts human bodies on longer run.

  9. I think the MSM does enough fear mongering as it is, one of the things I like about this site is the writers normally fact check before posting their opinion no offence Leith but I’m not sure you’ve done that this time.

    Following are some site links that show the flu does these things…. So please feel free to remind me how these Covid issues are different to the flu.,lungs%2C%20according%20to%20new%20research.
    * A protein in influenza virus that helps it multiply also damages lung epithelial cells, causing fluid buildup in the lungs, according to new research.,experiencing%20their%20first%20heart%20attack.
    * Studies have shown that flu is associated with an increase of heart attacks and stroke. A 2018 study found that the risk of heart attack was 6 times higher within a week of confirmed flu infection. These findings were most pronounced for older adults and those experiencing their first heart attack.,up%20sugar%20from%20the%20blood.
    * The flu virus has another trick up its sleeve – it may trigger diabetes. The good news is that this discovery may give us a way to prevent some forms of the disease. In diabetes, cells do not take up sugar from the blood

    Also the way our government is handling this is very concerning, I’ll stick to the handling of this flu aka Covid19 and ignore economy/Job keeper.

    At the start of the year our govt was saying lockdown is required to manage number of people going to hospital (ICU/Ventilators) so when, why, and how did this become let’s “eradicate” the virus.

    Re let’s “eradicate” Covid-19, is this possible?
    It’s a virus, correct?
    and in the future we will open the borders to international travel, correct?
    in the future is it likely it Covid-19 could come into Australia via international travel (given other international countries have not “eradicated” it)?
    if it did and we weren’t prepared with ICU/beds etc at hospitals could this mean we experience a greater % of deaths as a result (think of the impact of the virus the Spanish conquistadors spread in conquering/plundering south America)?
    if in the future it could be brought into Australia, why then are we trying to “eradicate” it now shouldn’t we aim for controlled herd immunity like our govt proposed at the start of the year..

    Given its reasonable to say “eradicate” is not possible, then what purpose are the current lockdowns serving (ignoring economy/job keeper here) other than to help the sale of a future vaccine which wont have been through the proper testing requirements.
    Personally I’m in favour of a plasma antibody treatment as I understand this has less side effects than a vaccine. And now that CSL is researching one maybe it’ll get to the market but let’s see (I want to be an optimist on this, but past history hasn’t produced this outcome so it’s not a good indicator of future outcome).

    • Yes flu can also cause major damage, but in a far smaller proportion of patients, and to a much lower level.

      As to your links:

      A protein in influenza virus that helps it multiply also damages lung epithelial cells, causing fluid buildup in the lungs, according to new research.

      1) a frog’s eggs and human cell in vitro experiment, not using actual people.
      2) No mention of long-term damage

      Second link:

      Defective lung function following influenza virus is due to prolonged, reversible hyaluronan synthesis

      1) Murine experiment (mice), limited or unknown applicability to humans

      Third link:

      Flu and Heart Disease & Stroke

      Yes, we know that your risk of a coronary event is higher during and immediately (1 week) after flu. This is not comparable to covid-19, where risk is elevated for months (so far).

      4th link:

      Diabetes linked to flu

      Should be “diabetes linked to flu in turkeys, not humans”
      Completely inappropriate link. Did you even read it?

      I stopped reading your tosh after that …..🙄

  10. I think one of the issues with these types of scary announcements is they don’t back up story with the data and details. By not providing this added information it leaves open the possibility that it is just fear mongering. It does fit the current narrative very well and for anyone that already has doubts or biases, this lack of further detail has the potential to harden their stance. If they would just provide the data/details of the cases studied along with the announcement this could prevent the speculation that surrounds every one of these in the public domain.

    I’m reserving my opinion, it’s easy to see why suspicious types have doubts and the omission only reinforces that suspicion, especially when it could so easily be avoided.

      • Thanks for the links, I had a quick look but didnt immediately see a reference to the study that this MB article refers to. I will look back in further detail though as this is the kind of information I was talking about. It’s exactly the kind of thing they should be referring to in links with the original media release to avert what I was talking about in my original post.

        As to conspiracies, I think we can all agree that a lot has been published about this virus that is questionable and knowing where to draw the line between truth, speculation, politicisation, click bait and outright fraud and lies is difficult, for me at least. I’m sure many agree that the statistics from China were dubious, that every change in trial phase for a vaccine contender does not warrant the hype it is published with and that nearly every news website has trouble resisting publishing click bait worthy articles when $$$ are involved. I’m only trying to seek a deeper understanding and pointing out why there are many others that may not be 100% convinced by everything we read.

        I’m not convinced by any one of the many conspiracy theories relating to this virus that I have come across but I am also doubtful that the mainstream narrative isn’t being massaged for reasons such as Political, market influence or possibly as a “noble lie”.

    • darklydrawlMEMBER

      The trouble is many folks don’t / won’t understand the ‘hard evidence’ if it’s presented in the scientific way / technical language. The evidence is there and usually rigourously reviewed. Much more so than most of the material you read on social media.

      You see this denial of facts everyday on many subjects.

      To be honest, I feel the people presenting the data cannot win. If they present the hard facts and underlying data folks go “Don’t understand / what are they hiding”. If it is more simple for an average audience, folks claim it is too simple and therefore – suspicious?

      What is the solution here? People have lost their ability to assess information in a cricital manner. to many ‘feelings’ and not enough ‘facts’. I am getting ranty so going to be quiet….

      • I agree that many don’t understand the details and that it is a tough job to communicate the science. A press release from a reputable source is fine for these types of folks. Surely it could be presented With a synopsis as well as links to the data for anyone interested though. Even if it was only for the purpose of providing ammo to those that wish to refute the naysayers that inhabit the online discussions!

        • Dear person, you have me, coming, drx and reusa telling people to stop loving the police knee …with a combined average of 3 postgraduate degrees each… how many degrees do you have?? I’ll toss you for them

          • I am not university educated. I liked reading the posts of the people you mentioned. I assume they were banned for continuing to question the accepted narrative. It’s a shame as I feel this site gained a lot from presenting the arguments from multiple angles. I’m sure they could continue to present the line of debate I’ve attempted to put forward in their absence in a far better informed way than me. If you can get them back, I’ll be content with going back to lurking and not posting.

            I’m not sure if I misunderstood the intent of your reply or if you misunderstood my comment but it would seem that we are mostly onside with each other in maintaining a critical view. I was referring to myself as the naysayer that the ammo could be used against if the information was provided. I was only hoping to add to the debate and possibly enlighten others as to some of the reasons some people may not be fully convinced by the accepted narrative.

            I have so many questions as a layman and I believe some here may have answers, I don’t see how anyone stifling debate actually helps although as a non member I accept that I am only allowed to post at the discretion of MB.

        • Thank for your reply – I apologise if my tone was arrogant. I have a problem. Its THE STRESS!

    • 1 in 3 children known to have covid, is different to 1 in 3 children that could have had covid. Remember there will be plenty of children with covid that will be asymptomatic.

      • yep, and increasingly seems that many have the same long term issues as other asymptomatic. Why no research is being priorities on kids … we all treating no evidence as evidence same as we did when supposedly they didnt get it. Allen Cheng (new DHO VIc) is at least on top of etc.

        I have grave concerns this is going to be the BIG sleeper in Covid – lots of kids with long term issues. Wait until insurers carve out Covid as a pre-condition.

    • How many children present to hospital at all with Covid19?
      Very, very few. This is the problem perspective has been completely lost. The admission rate for children is about 8 per 100,000 (based off 14 US states).
      Annual diagnosis of cancer in children is 16 per 100,000, Australian figures.

  11. Trouble is, we’ve been fed so many experts predictions about this that have turned out to be garbage, then the hysteria dies down so another scary story is wheeled out and round and round we go.

  12. More panic porn to feed the readership.
    You didn’t provide any coverage to the fact it is now known a decent % of the population have cross reactive T-cells that will pick up the virus, based off of co-inhabitants of infected patients, and blood samples from 2015 to 2018 (i.e. pre Sars-Cov-2). Guess that doesn’t generate as many clicks.

  13. I’m just happy house prices will crash and boomers will take it up the a$$ as a result.