Ardern pricks Australia/NZ travel bubble

More sense from Jacinda Ardern:

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has put off the possibility of a trans-Tasman travel bubble between New Zealand and Australia due to the developing situation in Victoria.

Ms Ardern said Australia would need to have 28 consecutive days with zero community transmission, something she believes will not be possible in the upcoming months.

Speaking to RNZ, Ms Ardern said the Victoria’s outbreak was a “major step back for trans-Tasman travel.”

“Obviously this is going to be some time away now,” she said.

“Anywhere where we have COVID-free travel they have to be free of community transmission for a period of time – that will be some time for Australia.

“It will be on the backburner for several months.”

Obviously the travel bubble does not fit with an Australian suppression strategy.

To be honest, I have no idea why Scummo was so keen on it in the first place.  It will clearly deliver many more Australians to NZ than it will Kiwis to out shores thus delivering a net negative to local tourism.

But he does love cheap foreign labour of any kind.

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  1. Personally I’d like a trans tasman travel bubble before the winter school holidays next year – those ski fields need some support!

  2. alwaysanonMEMBER

    It was always meant to be the first step to build momentum to a more general reopening to other ‘low’ community transmission countries and/or international students.

    Given it’s Scomo it likely had a “reopening for trans-tasman footy/sport” component to it as well.

  3. Ukraine fnMEMBER

    Scomo wanted Trans Tasman Bubble for back door immigration ..I say their would still be some potential “New Australians” trapped in NZ because of Covid and Scomo wanted them here quick smart.

    • People unfortunately are going to work when they are sick. It’s the main reason the virus is being spread so badly in Victoria.

      people have to keep going to work to earn a crust because they’re in financial hardship

      • Aussies Not Doing The Right Thing

        “people have to keep going to work to earn a crust because they’re in financial hardship”

        That’s what JobSeeker is for. If they can’t survive on $550 per week they need to scale back their lives drastically.

        Just because someone has a car repayment to make, it’s no excuse for going to work infected with the plague.

        Why should my health be put at risk because someone refuses to downsize their lifestyle.

          • Yeah, that’s a huge issue. How many people are there in Melb with no support at all? And probably too afraid to even get tested out of fear of deportation. I have a house cleaner/keeper from Colombia who came once a week. I don’t really know her circumstances – probably here on a student visa. I’ve told her not to come for most of the last few months, but I’ve kept paying her because I suspect she wouldn’t qualify for any help. What I’m paying her would feed her for a week, but not much more. I’m worried about her and people in her situation.

        • I am GrootMEMBER

          Isn’t it odd that it that it was deemed perfectly acceptable and adequate for the unemployed to get by on Newstart before these current circumstances. While I have some sympathy for the argument that the current shutdowns are Govt directed and therefore extra support should be provided, it isn’t difficult to envisage alternative scenarios which would have caused a major downturn in employment anyway without any Govt intervention.