Why wouldn’t the young spread the virus?

The Australian is on the line to the whaaambulance today:

Nearly 2000 young Victorians are the dominant group suffering soaring infection rates that are fuelling the pandemic and killing scores of people.

Those aged between 20 and 29 have dominated infection rates, sparking impassioned calls from government leaders for the young to follow the rules amid the boredom and stress of the second wave.

Analysis of state and federal government data shows that 1947 men and women in the 20 to 29 age group in Victoria have been infected during the pandemic, significantly outstripping other cohorts.

The high numbers of young people in insecure work is posing a great risk to the community when they opt to continue their employment while carrying the virus, Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews has warned.

The Australian hates Dan Andrews. But it hates youth more.

Yet the answer to the question posed is right there. The young are not to blame for the Victorian outbreak. Dan Andrews and Scott Morrison are, for failing to put in place effective quarantine.

Both pollies are also directly to blame for “high numbers of young people in insecure work”.

This points to the disintegrating psychology of Australia’s pandemic response. Why wouldn’t youth spread the virus? What’s in it for them to stop it? Absolutely nothing. In fact, less than nothing.

The fact is Australian youth has been systematically abused economically for twenty years. Their wages and job security have been destroyed. Their prospects for homeownership destroyed. Their proportion of national income and wealth destroyed. Their role in the national budget destroyed. Their role in political decision-making destroyed. Their future in a sustainable environment destroyed. Their hope of getting out from under the greediest generation in history destroyed. Their very freedom jeopardised and their nation morphed into a kleptocratic zone owned exclusively by the old hand-in-hand with the Nazi Party of China.

Youth is today so powerless in the face of this methodical Boomer molestation that it has withdrawn into a bizarre post-Marxist world of cultural self-gratification where savagely restricted freedoms and needs can still be met.

Now the same old farts that imposed an unprecedented inter-generational humiliation want to shame youth into the greatest sacrifice of any demographic to extinguish a virus that has zero impact upon them so that the old farts can go straight back to the structural economic child abuse of yesteryear.

If I were young, in response I might bottle my spit and spray it on every old fart that I could find.

In short, if you want youth to play its part in the sacrifice, then make the sacrifice collective, and promise them a renewed and dramatically expanded part in the political economy that comes afterward.

Otherwise, %#&@ off and die.

Houses and Holes


    • Yep great post:)
      TBH I find the Covid Narrative to be a $ hit sandwich of ever changing numbers and distorted lies presented in sanctimonious fashion by The Project and other fast talking serious faced forgettable MSM TV NEWS presenters.
      Youth is a mercurial term to describe a cohort teenagers, tweens, 16-18, under 18 under 21, 21-29 years etc.
      Those with savvy boomer & X parents will be ok cos they’ll buy them a house & a job. It’s the cohort whose ‘once upon a time’ jobs have been outsourced to foreign lands & imported ‘skilled’ folk that should by right be gobbing up all over the place. Reminds me of the old tiled under passes at Flinders & Spencer St sign to remind folk DO NOT SPIT & artisan gob catchers for those who could not help themselves. Aaah the good old 80’s ….Come Back most mocked decade I miss you xx

      • I agree. When was the last time you heard people ask serious questions like-
        Why does the government pay so much money interest when it can print its own currency?
        Why doesn’t the public take back the power to lend money into existence?

        Instead you get BS SJW crap and netflix distractions.

      • Jevons ghostMEMBER

        Missin’ the 50’s meself. Bread and milk by horse and cart. No stranger danger. No “keep safe” bs. No cops with guns & bullet-proof vests etc (in Victoria that is). No crappy MacMansions (only crappy triple-fronted bv). Shops shut on Sunday (a day of rest for most workers). And the 6 O’Clock swill. Them sure wus the days.

        • No BS uni degrees, bankers didn’t run the place, almost everyone had a job, manufacturing was protected, houses were affordable, unions looked after workers, the country didn’t support foreigners, we had development banks, national projects with vision, one wage would support a family, hospitals, unis and schools were for the people who built and paid for them. Lots to like

          • Back in the 60’s and 70’s; new immigrants with poor English literary and hardly any education could still get jobs in the manufacturing sector and make enough money to buy a house (or open a business) and raise a family which also meant they also gradually integrated into society. It also helped that most of them were from Europe and had similar cultural values and of a Christian faith of some sort.

  1. Yes indeed, I would not like to be young today.

    Don’t buy now! Don’t breed now!

    • Lol, I laugh when I hear this. All past human history had it much harder than us but they kept going.

      Anyone who is financially literate would be able to cope with wants happening. This whole mess comes down to one failure : Education. A free market can’t operate if people are not educated to know what is best for their position.

      • All past human history had it much harder than us but they kept going.

        I think if you connect up a few neurons, you’ll find that the young face unprecedented problems today. Just read the list DLS supplies above. Picture Greta, almost in tears.
        The terror of climate change is transforming young people’s identity

        And now they cannot even look forward to having their own children grow up in a world with a future, which has never happened before.

        So DLS needs to add that to the list. Most thinking youngsters are not planning families.

        • Then they aren’t thinking very well because plenty of “non-thinking” youngsters will outbreed them. The future belongs to those who breed. Maybe education makes people stupid.

          • You haven’t really thought that through, Rob. I think what you mean is “an increasingly dystopian future belongs to those who breed”.

          • +1 Demography is destiny. The future belongs to religious fanatics.

            One way to get the Marxist Leftists to lose their minds is to tell them that:

            Islam is right about women.

        • “you’ll find that the young face unprecedented problems today”

          unprecedented, but not worse than what has come before. worse problems than my great uncles – who in the primes of their lives (early 20s) fought and died in the Great War??
          worse than my grandfather and his cohort who fought in the 2nd world war (and were fortunate to grow up in the depression! no iphones for them).

          A little bit of perspective is needed. That the children of my grandparents (boomers themselves) had it so good (although my old man was lucky to miss Vietnam – thank you university deferral) is one thing but these guys will still be alright. Sure, things could be better but they could also be much much worse.

          • Yes, way waaaaaaaaaay worse than those who fought in the wars. You cannot compare people who go off to fight for few years then return to cheap houses and growing economies and healthy environments and low population density and economic opportunities aplenty to what is happening today. ANZAC mania notwithstanding.

    • But but but Recessionberg says we should. Just to make the young even more indebted, poor and desperate

  2. Truth hurts,
    Great article Dave, MSM needs pieces like this so that people will wake up out of their slumber and see things from another perspective.

  3. This whole BLM thing is just a vehicle for the expression of discontent among our young — while seeming like a bunch of entitled ingrates at times, the world is a brutal place for them right now. The Boomers have banked all the loot, ‘acquired’ from the future and pulled down the shutters.

    This is what a debt-based money system gets you — it allows those in the early phases to plunder the future with impunity. Eventually it’ll all crash, there’ll be a reset and then it’ll start up all over again. You just have to be lucky enough to be born in the right era.

    • there’ll be a reset and then it’ll start up all over again

      This time, probably not. 😯

      • Not immediately, no, but give it a generation and then the temptation to repeat the bad habits of old will become too great.

      • Very perceptive. We simply won’t have the resources to start it all up again, specially in water/soil/oil stressed Straya which down the path will struggle to feed its current population.

        The Arabic saying ” my father rode a donkey, I drive a car, my son flies a plane, his children will ride a donkey”…..

        Pity today’s kids with the right empathy but no clue of what’s coming and zero skills to cope with it

    • “This whole BLM thing is just a vehicle for the expression of discontent among our young

      if thats true it proves how retarded young PPL are, why not protest things that are relevant to them directly instead of taking to the streets over the life of some thug criminal from minneapolis?

      i think you’re wrong, young ppl are just really really dumb, they dont care about economic issues, housing or the broken education/training to employment pipeline. they only wanna virch for social media purposes. lets not overcomplicate things, theyre just super retards.

      • education system is more and more watered down. the marxists in the teachers unions are playing the long game.

        who had harmony day when they were at school? are you rashist because you didn’t? of course not. but the indoctrination is getting more and more left wing – it is one of the reasons you send your kids private – those schools miss the worst of the overtly marxist (& bitter) teachers that poison the well in the public system.

        • Marxists in teachers unions? Perhaps in the US. Here very few teachers are in unions. At the school I work at there would approximately 10% in a teacher union. Their fees are astronomically high for the service they provide. They have very little power to do anything, let alone bring down society.

    • “This whole BLM thing is just a vehicle for the expression of discontent among our young” – That’s your privilege showing there. Are you saying that there is not racial injustice to be overcome in this country (if so I’ve got a bridge to sell you) or are you saying that if it doesn’t impact you directly then there could be absolutely no reason to push back on it? I agree that it could be that BLM ends up being a rallying point for a wider array of discontentment with the establishment, but you can’t call it “just a vehicle”.

      • I’m not saying that it Isn’t a legitimate cause, as such, just observing that every unassociated group with a gripe has a tendency to jump on any bandwagon. It is very difficult for the economically disadvantaged to air grievances as a coherent group, so when one forms, join in.

    • Earlier generations did not grow up being told that they were special/exceptional and that they could be and do anything they wanted to be/do.
      Earlier generations were more likely to face the consequences of their stupid/reckless behavior via corporal punishment at school and/or a swift clip over the ears at home.
      Earlier generations were not lied to, bamboozled and seduced by the mainstream media into desiring material possessions and attaining glamorous “lifestyles” that will make them “happy”.
      I could go on.

      • As an old school type I sympathise will all that. Today’s parenting is often poor, bordering on negligent.

    • C.M.BurnsMEMBER

      sometimes it seems like there are multiple different personas all fighting to get out and be heard. You’re like a MB parody version of that movie Split.

  4. DLS would love to hear you on Radio National with the Kuddly Krusading Kelly about has prices and the need for reservation = instant boost to economy plus breaking the back of the cartel.

    I’d mention a handy all in one Landing Page primer for new visitors to MB but I would hate to sound whingey.

  5. Labor will remain silent on the issue of insecure work for the next couple of years, because talking about it would draw unwanted attention to the fact that a Labor Premier really stuffed things up, in comparison to the Liberal Premier next door. The Greens will be free to talk about the issue, but as usual the MSM will ignore and silence them. So, regardless of public concern, the issue will never be addressed.

  6. Arthur Mosley

    Months ago I was thinking that the only way out of this mess is for an inheritance-driven economic boom.

    But in reality the potential deaths from COVID are so minor that there will barely be a blip. COVID deaths seem more driven by mismanagement of nursing home facilities (NYC, Italy, Spain) and overuse of ventilators (same places) than by the actual fundamentals of the virus.

    Here are the stats from Florida, last 5 months:
    Over 85: 1 in 300 chance of COVID death
    Under 55: 1 in 33,000 chance.

    But people over 85 have a 1 in 7 chance of dying of *anything* each year. COVID really just draws deaths from a few months ahead into the current month. From an annual basis there is maybe a 2% increase in deaths, statistical noise.


    • kiwikarynMEMBER

      People go into aged care homes because they are so frail, so infirm, so ill, that they are unable to care for themselves. They are already on their way out. This is why most of them don’t go to hospital ICU as they are already on DNRs or receiving palliative care for other illnesses. The average length of stay before death in an aged care home is 11 months. Becoming hysterical over the deaths of people already dying is quite ridiculous. In NZ, a 96 year old with dementia (and god knows what else) was counted as a Covid death. We should only be looking at deaths of people who would have had years of healthy life ahead of them if not for the virus. But because of age and the presence of co-morbidities this number would be very low.

    • Yes This:)
      Plenty vids on poo tube capturing Twitter & FB narratives of folk saying their elderly, ‘aged care’ living relatives death have been put down as COVID not heart attack, cancer etc etc etc etc etc. can’t be credible though cos only sources of tru news is MSM not con $ piracy island that is the poo tube:)

      • COVID numbes have been juiced to justify the early lockdowns that were a reaction to hysteria.

        Time for politicians to do what is right, not what they think the stupid people want them to do (stupid people being driven by hysteria, fueled by medium wanting eyeballs).

        • And Covid Deaths are now being minimised to allow reopening.
          Texas had a 400% increase in pneumonia deaths but only 25% were Covid!

        • “”Time for politicians to do what is right, not what they think the stupid people want them to do (stupid people being driven by hysteria, fueled by medium wanting eyeballs).””

          Politicians do what is expedient, allows them plausible deniability and caters to the lowest common denominator.

          Much of the public agitation and lack of compliance also comes down to a public lack of trust in the powers that be.
          Any semblance of trust was eroded away long ago.
          Much of the public would rather make its own mind up and act accordingly; even if it’s wrong, than put their faith in the likes of Dan Andrews and his cohort.

  7. The best post on MB ever. Love it when this place gets fired up about such deep issues.

  8. Jim's Central Banking

    The youth should band together and sue for victims comp. At the very least it would be a good laugh and bring some attention to the cause. Any recent law graduates looking to make a name for themselves around here?

  9. kiwikarynMEMBER

    “Maybe the way to counter it now is to say, actually, not only is it a good thing for young people to go out there and become immune, but that is almost their duty. It’s a way of living with this virus. It’s how we live with other viruses. Flu is clearly a very dangerous virus, but the reason we don’t see more deaths from flu every year is because, through herd immunity, the levels of infection are kept to as low a level as we can get….”

  10. Ye gods it’s not the boomers fault. Its the corruption that has always existed but for the first time in history has become global post WW2. The corrupt have also sought power but in the past the highest they could reach was the head of a country and the were still subject to laws/backlash. The UN changed all that. Corporates/Elites are now above the law/people. They control greatest array of propaganda tools in the history of earth. They sold freedom/consumerism/greed to destroy traditional morality. And they are the ones pushing every BS SJW cause to distract us from their crimes.
    Follow the money and the concentration of power.
    Boomers got lucky because the Cold War meant the globalist had to compete for the bodies with the communist. But the globalist wont leave them with a cent by the time they die.

    As they say there is no war but the class war! Just remember that you need to protect the rights of an individual too (the problem with socialism)

    • Look at the difference between Menzies and Scomo. One rules for the whole country the other rules for the sponsors.

      • Scomo is just a small time real estate hack in a backwater country. He literally didn’t take advantage of the fire disasters like every other power lusting poly in the world normally does. He’s only their because our corrupt media excludes minor political parties from discussion only allowing the globalist greens and crazy Pauline types to get air time.
        Corporates run this county. Just look at the scams the banks/supermarkets/real estate/construction/gas companies/ect get away with.

        • Mining BoganMEMBER

          Look at the new covid19 cabinet. Chock full of big business representatives and decisions are not for public perusal.

    • @Robert
      Yes and they tell all the time..One night in BangCock.
      Every keyboard warrior with fraction of brain power has info a few clicks away. Epstains peddo Island is a thing apparently or just another $ hit $how to tit till late the ma$$es.
      Either way it’s a problem like the endless $ex abuse scandal to rock charities, churches, givers and schools alike worldwide.
      Game of chess for sure where every bit part played to protect the crown Corona. Every (drag) queen will fall on its sword to protect the king crown Corona Beer drunk nations.
      All the worlds a stage. Thank Bill for calling it:)

    • @ Robert
      Well said. We’re at the tail end of a 90 year period and collapse is writ large. Sadly, not the resources to rinse and repeat this time and we’ll be back to country and local exploitation and corruption next time around.

    • Best post of the thread. Most baby boomers have never had the slightest say on anything important and own little more than a crummy little house, bought when they were going cheap, if that much. You can blame most of them for voting for neoliberal politicians, but seeing through the brainwashing from the mass media and the education system is asking a lot of people who mostly don’t have much (real) education and are not too bright. For that matter younger voters outnumber the baby boomers by more than 2 to 1.


      These younger voters have the numbers to send the neoliberal politicians all packing, even if the baby boomers voted for them as a bloc. So why haven’t they done it, if it is the baby boomers who are keeping them down? I don’t dispute that some of the real neoliberal villains are baby boomers, of course, but all generations are represented, other than children. This is a class issue, not an intergenerational issue.

      • You’re right Tania to blame voters for voting power to this rubbish.
        First the boomer voted for rubbish. Now young people are voting for rubbish too. They need to stop.
        Vote Pauline, vote independent, vote nutter, but whatever you do don’t vote Liberal or Labor.

  11. Australians have turned the economy into a giant ponzi scheme and then tried to shame young people into buying in. Reality is, there is nothing in it for the people who get into a ponzi scheme late.

    • When you price the bottom tier out of the Ponzi scheme its popping time!
      Other than tradies and public servants, who the hell earns close to enough to even get a 500K loan for a postage stamp of suburban slum land and house.
      Everyone else has to buy an investor property to make capital gains to earn enough from selling to afford to buy a house using an interest only loan.

      • Speaking of tradies. What about all the tax deductions that tradies are allowed to claim?
        Surely this is costing the country billions and verges on a scam.
        Yet noone talks about this.

        • Neither side of politics is game to confront the hallowed tradies on an issue which is bleedin’ obvious to most of us. I have encountered a few who are honest, and they are the ones I give my business to even if it costs a few quid more. It must be frustrating for them too at times.

  12. i dont really care if ppl above the age of life expectancy or 95 year olds or whatever die

  13. Ronin8317MEMBER

    To quote from Auguste Comte : “Demographic is destiny”. Australia have squandered and is still squandering its natural resources , so the impoverishment of the youth is the only way to pay for the retirement of the Baby Boomers generation.

  14. i dont care if fat ppl die either to be honest with you

    they are disgusting and visual pollution

    • reusachtigeMEMBER

      What about the ones that have huge proportioned t1ts that kind of make up for it with an all round aesthetic aok-ness?

  15. Agree with the economic disparity sentiment with the scales tipped against youth by negative gearing etc., but:
    “extinguish a virus that has zero impact upon them” is not true.
    The virus can do lasting damage to lungs, heart, brain, in young people too.
    See e.g. https://www.healthline.com/health-news/lifelong-lung-damage-the-serious-covid-19-complication-that-can-hit-people-in-their-20s
    It’s somewhat irresponsible to give young people the idea it won’t affect them. That is also doing them a disservice.

    • i love how the narrative has switched from “its gonna kill U!!!!” to “its gonna f-k ur lungs up permanently!!!!!”, whats next its gonna make ur johnson not work no more???

    • @ Angus
      Very true, and as Palimpsest pointed out yesterday, there is a risk that the strong immune systems of the young let them ride the 1st wave (which is what Melbourne is actually experiencing), but that as with the Spanish flu, the young will succumb in a second mutated wave.

  16. Why wouldn’t youth spread the virus? What’s in it for them to stop it? Absolutely nothing. In fact, less than nothing.

    I read it differently. The long-term lockdown/virus control scenario is the youth’s one single best chance at a significant generational reset.

    The youth’s one bargaining chip is that the youth IS THE AVAILABLE LABOUR POWER. If Australia is locked down and isolated for any meaningful length of time, this becomes worth more and more.

    If the virus gets out & runs to the point where “management” is impossible, then we’re looking at open borders again in short order. While borders are open, labour power isn’t worth a pinch of sh!t, with supernumerary labour supply. The consequences for the youth are obvious and you can count on the existing social order being preserved, with youth at the festering bottom of the pile. (Asset holders on top.)

    • young ppl are too cucked and dumb to ever attempt to play any sort of “bargaining chip”, a lot of them would volunteer for free to lick clean the bumholes of covid nursing home residents if they could put photos of it on instagram to show how good ppl they R

      • Yes, you’re right Stagsy. The youth certainly have no class consciousness. So I’m not posting this for them.

        I’m posting it for Dave to contemplate.

        ….Reminds me of that podcast they did not so long ago about the road paved with good intentions….

        Reusa’s got the right idea. Lock. Us. Down.

        • The class consciousness is an interesting point. Maybe they really are running their own social credit system because they don’t have the same access to the one DLS is talking about.

    • Yep COVID is a godsend for the young, let it rip and the boomers die off in numbers that the deceased estate sales collapse the market, or sit at home on the doll while property plunges due to economic shutdown. It’s not like they have businesses tied to home equity like Gen X/BB. And even if they have debted up they are going to be better off going bankrupt and starting again than trying to pay of half a mill of negative equity.

      • kiwikarynMEMBER

        The virus isnt killing boomers, who are aged 55-75. Its killing the Silent Generation, those 75+. This means that its the Boomers who are inheriting and benefiting from Covid deaths.

    • The narrative in public is too “anti-rip” for immigration to come back. It’s not happening.

  17. Wow!
    Loved it! I’ve been telling everybody for 20 years that young people here have been totally screwed, especially those who don’t have rich mummy and daddies. Now the tables are turning and the boomers can’t handle it. History will be kind to all those who tried to support young people in this
    world and the so called free love Woodstock generation will be forever associated with greed and selfishness and a lack of any sense of compassion or empathy.

    • In those 20 years, the young people have grown up and become middle aged and have started to extract their own pounds of flesh from those 15-20 years younger than them, where they can….

      …ah, fck, I’m beginning to sound like Tania…

    • Before they were called “baby boomers” they were known as the “me” generation. A term that is well worthy of a comeback.

  18. erutangisMEMBER

    As Gen X.. I just don’t understand why boomers don’t want the same opportunities for their kids that they have? Do they delude themselves that it’s the same now as when they were young? “When I wer’t t lad…”

    • I’ve long thought the same, and it’s contrary to all previous generations that seek to protect and further their kids’ futures. I think boomers are so complacent they’ve adopted the STKI with no idea of how bad it’s going to get.

    • Robert Johnson

      Boomers think of their children more like pets than humans. That’s why they send them to Private Schools.

    • Same. I’d have to have a long hard look at myself if I did this to my own children… If I could afford them.

    • Most BB parents wanted ‘babies’ and or ‘kids’ – once the baby or kid has grown up, it’s no longer of real interest (except for getting grandkids, but only if they’re nice grandchildren).

    • Boomers are pricks:

      Poll: Younger voters want universal basic income while older ones reject it overwhelmingly

      “People who already get a basic income are overwhelmingly against anyone else getting it.” Boomers are the greediest, most hypocritical generation

      When you look at the statistics, boomers are more ignorant, and more likely to want to strip away basic human services which they themselves benefited from.

  19. Great stuff DLS. I was saying something similar to a friend the other day.

    Insecure work
    20k HECS debt
    Housing out of reach for most unless they have wealthy parents.

    Then they’re listening to Scummo say ‘We’re all in this together BS’… Were we all in this together for the last decade while both parties pumped immigration and housing while driving down wages?. Shaft economics.

    On the pulse as always mate.

    • C.M.BurnsMEMBER

      20k HECS debt. You’re showing your age there mate ! 15k per semester. The average hecs debt would be north of $60k for a 3 year degree and for many, closer to $100k for 4 year degrees or those in higher cost courses/degrees.

  20. How could ‘the youth’ affect political change anyway? It’s just not possible.

    The current establishment parties (Lib NAT, ALP, Greens) are run by well off, middle aged, younger boomers and only approved useful idiots on the nationalist right (Pauline Hanson) get enough media attention to build support. There’s no way the Australian media would give serious airtime to a new party expressing the views of DLS and LO. You can see why many young Australians ‘zoom out’ or turn to the useful idiot activist left.

    • You are assuming that the young people need a good alternative. My late husband used to number the boxes on ballot papers from the last to the first. “The important thing is who you hate. If you want to give one of them some mild approval, you can always do it later.” Just put the major parties and our fake environmental party last, with the sitting member last of all, regardless of whoever is running against them. If you want to be responsible, look up the policies of the minor parties on the internet and number them accordingly. It doesn’t matter if the mass media won’t give them air time.

      • Tania, that is an excellent way of voting.

        What is crucial is that each person numbers the big evil parties last (Labor, Liberal and Greens) and numbers all the other parties before the big evil ones. Any voter who does not do this, is part of the problem and is my enemy.

        Once you have agreed with me to put the big evil parties last (Labor, Liberal and Greens) you are my friend and it becomes an interesting discussion between friends on exactly which non-big-evil party should get the very first vote, and exactly which non-big-evil party should get the very last vote.

        My technique is to give my very first vote to the party with the best policies. Note that saying one thing and doing another does not count. For me that is currently One Nation, but that will change when another party has better policies than One Nation.

        My technique is to give my very last vote to the party that has done the MOST “RECENT DAMAGE”. So generally whichever party was previously in power has done the most “recent damage” so I vote ruling party last, opposition party second last. The only exception in my lifetime so far was the Keating government. That pack of scoundrels did so much damage that I put Labor last twice and Liberal second last twice in a row (even though they were in power and had done considerable recent damage).
        If there was a federal election tomorrow I am thinking of making another exception and putting Labor absolute last and Scomo’s pack of cronies second last. The reason for this is the recent damage that Labor has done by sucking-up to China, and the recent damage that Labor’s Dan Andrews has done by entrusting a matter of national security to the cheapest untrained immigrants that could be found.

        As you say, some people will put the sitting member last in all cases. To me this is equally valid. It could be argued, that on a local basis, that clown has in fact done the most recent damage to his constituents, and therefore should be voted last.

        p.s. I’m sorry to hear about your husband.

    • As always the ultimate blame lies with a long line of politicians and the party machinery behind them, who acted more out of self interest than for the common good, whatever so-called generation they came from.

      You can’t vote for policies that aren’t put in front of you.

  21. If acting in selfinterest young would get infected at mass parties with less chance of dying than driving after two drinks.
    Would be free to travel again soon

  22. blacktwin997MEMBER

    Big ups for the turn of phrase ‘the structural economic child abuse of yesteryear’, spot on.

  23. Wowee. I haven’t been to Macrobusiness for a couple of years and I check in and see… this!

    When does the killing begin? I have a list!