Why is Scummo so upset with virus-free QLD and WA?

Crikey warps the latest virus politics:

Nine investigation has found that Victorian Chief Health Officer Brett Sutton’s team had just 14 contact tracers by the time COVID-19 took hold in Australia in March, despite the state government being given warnings by top bureaucrats dating back as far as May 2019 that the “public health unit was the worst resourced in the country”.

Meanwhile, 7.30 reports that a contract between the Victorian government and a security company hired for hotel quarantine has been slammed for making it the company’s responsibility to ensure guards undertook specialised infection control training and wore personal protective equipment.

Elsewhere, the Herald Sun ($) reports that Heritage Care, the operator of Epping Gardens — where two residents have died and 86 are infected — refused days of requests from health officials seeking to take control in order to keep healthy residents apart from the sick, with Austin health staff eventually forced to request federal ­intervention.

Finally, The Australian ($) reports that testing levels at Australia’s new ground zero — Brimbank, near Melbourne Airport, where active cases for the first time have surged through 600 — have fallen well behind rates at other local government areas i.e. 20,000 fewer tests than Casey, which has less than a third the total cases.

According to the ABC, several government and Catholic schools, as well as a preschool, will be closed in Sydney due to confirmed or suspected COVID-19 cases; these include Fort Street High School in Sydney’s inner west, Mary Immaculate Primary School in Bossley Park, Freeman Catholic College in Bonnyrig Heights, and EverLearn preschool at Prestons in Sydney’s south-west.

The news comes as Queensland prepares to shut its border to all of Greater Sydney from 1am on Saturday — an announcement that hasn’t gone down great with NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian — after which arrivals into Queensland will be forced into hotel quarantine at their own expense.

That decision came after Queensland recorded a third case after two 19-year-old women who had travelled from Victoria (via NSW) tested positive yesterday. Queensland Health have also called on anyone who interacted with the pair’s itinerary across Logan and Brisbane on July 21-28 to immediately self-quarantine and contact 13 HEALTH.

It is still entirely unclear if NSW has succeeded in virus suppression, even if it is entirely clear that VIC failed. Who can, therefore, blame QLD for closing the border.

WA is also pissed:

Prime Minister Scott Morrison says it’s likely the West Australian government will lose Clive Palmer’s court challenge to the state’s tough border stance.

The case is being heard for the third day in the Federal Court in Brisbane before being ultimately decided by the High Court.

The Queensland billionaire argues WA’s border closure is unconstitutional and damaging is trade, while Premier Mark McGowan says it is necessary to protect citizens and is based on expert health advice.

The Labor leader is angry federal government experts are giving evidence, accusing the Commonwealth of helping Mr Palmer, which the prime minister rejects.

Of course WA should stay shut. It’s booming on virus elimination as the east busts on failed suppression.

But Scummo won’t stand for these localised successes:

The federal government is considering an expansion of paid pandemic leave to prevent the further spread of coronavirus, as Scott Morrison expressed growing concern at the national economic impact of the crisis from Victoria.

These concerns about what the Prime Minister called the “Victorian wave” were compounded on Wednesday when Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk closed her borders to everyone from greater Sydney from Saturday onwards.

The decision, prompted by a chain reaction of events that began in Victoria, both blindsided and dismayed the NSW and federal governments, as well as the business community.

Why? How can Scummo open the international borders to pump in infected students for the population Ponzi if states keep closing state borders?

Don’t Australians realise that they must die to resuscitate house prices.

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  1. “We’ll open the border when you open Parliament”

    I expect the Supreme Court to use the precedent set 101 years ago, and in about 57 paragraphs state that public health takes priority.

    • now one just have to prove that border closures do help public health – burden of proof is on those who want to close borders and

        • Agreed. Everyone who has an interest in their own health should be self isolating…

          If it’s good enough should be good enough for us all .

          40 day lockdown

          • 1 It’s completely ludicrous to keep pubs and restaurants open when so few are social distancing, and reports for OS show it’s precisely these places where the most transmission takes place.

            The local general store in Birregurra (VIC Otway shire) this morning doing a roaring trade with only one person with a mask and far too many in the store at once. Customers outside the store chatting with no masks and two feet from each other, if that.

            If you value your health, do a big shop and as Epidemiologist NSW Proffessor Raina McIntyre does, and advises, lock the door and STAY HOME.

            I’ve supported Dan Andrews until now but this latest move is breathtakingly incompetent and irresponsible. He’s lost it.

  2. reusachtigeMEMBER

    Yes, borders need to be forced open if necessary because the closures are destroying the economy!

  3. DingwallMEMBER

    Meanwhile via ZH on twitter

    Now that’s an open invitation…………….

  4. Claude Brading

    Quarantine is a border control issue. They knew over 120 years ago. Which is why, pursuant to s 51(ix) of the Constitution, quarantine is expressly a Commonwealth responsibility.

    It might have been good politics for Scomo to abdicate responsibility for quarantine and put it on the states (their problem when things go wrong), but the consequence is that state borders are now real borders.

    If the Commonwealth had done its constitutional job of border control and quarantine, this would not have arisen. Conversely, you can’t have open borders between the states if the Commonwealth border is not properly controlled.

  5. Perhaps Queenslanders and the Sandgropers are more intelligent than those cucks in Victoria … ?
    Perhaps those living in the ‘virus free’ states are avoiding testing ! (I know I am …)

  6. “Don’t Australians realise that they must die to resuscitate house prices.” – your finest work to date.

    • But the ‘elite’ need to tread very carefully atm, coz kill too many of us ‘worker bees’ off and who will do their ‘dirty work’ and who wil buy the houses????

      • plenty of even dirtier than us foot solders that can be brought from around the world.

  7. Scomo wants WA to open it’s borders because it doesn’t suit his “elimination is not possible suppression is the way” dialog. And yes, you can’t open the borders into a state that has eliminated the virus… this is not going as he’d planned.

    • How ironic and sweet that the smaller populated states are holding the bigger states to ransom. I think this situation may also give rise to another irritant and destabilising force in Vic and NSW – being the envy and frustration of having your neighbour doing a lot better than you.

  8. Clive Palmer is once again the stalking horse for the LNP. I wonder what he’s negotiated as payment this time around.


      He is greedy liar, his father is the Devil and the lusts of his father he does.

    • innocent bystander

      probably a preference deal for the next WA Senate elections – which is why he is trying to raise his WA profile.

    • It’s called money and sh*tloads of it. Old saying, power courupts and abosoute power corupts absolutely….They are totally under the control of their egos (money and power and the associated ass licking), and there is no ‘enough’ line to cross.
      They don’t live in the same world you and I do and their view is totally different….

  9. We need to install some Anti-aircraft guns at the Perth Airport to give Clive’s plane some warning shots, to turn around and Far cough.

  10. If Scummy and fatty win, what would happen if the states flip the bird with a bug fat ‘fvck you’ at the decision claiming public health takes precedence over some archaic document? Corona virus and a constitutional crisis at the same time!! Happy days!!

    • Sounds like the ideal time to announce the new sovereign nation of Western Van Deiman’s Land…

  11. Palmer’s challenge is hugely unpopular in Perth, especially with all the schadenfreude going on in Victoria. I’d expect the final HC deliberation to be pushed out as far as practicable to avert disobedience.

  12. Palmer nearly got taken out by a pie, if covid catches up with him it will go through him like he’s standing still and this will self-resolve.

    • LMAO ! he’d need 5 ventilators and a few miracles to stand a chance one would think

  13. Three teenagers who travelled from Victoria to Queensland and lied to police on their border forms have been branded “deceitful and deceptive” by Queensland Police.

    This is why the WA borders should stay closed.

    • They are why we don’t have a hope in hell of managing this without lockdown, they are the norm!

    • blacktwin997MEMBER

      Well at least they didn’t brand them ‘Africans’ which would have given ABC and SBS a collective conniption. Small mercies!

      • And they shouldn’t be. They’re sh1t humans, doesn’t matter what race they are.

        • its more nuanced than that, Wing. Heuristics have always guided, and mostly, stand the test of time

        • What posses people to inject sht into their faces like these monsters stumps me. I mean I’ve got no gripes with woman dressing like hookers and I like s1uts in general, power to them , but eff me this facial mutation is like yuk

        • They very well should be.
          More information allows more intelligent decisions.
          Hiding truth does not tread a path to a positive future.

          The quick, dirty and harmful way to solving “racism” is preventing mention of race and racial statistics.
          The better road, delivering full information, and freedom to make up our own minds based on that information, but alongside the insistence that every race and individual is deserving of respect.

          Yes, there are some differences but all deserve respect is based in truth.
          No there are no differences, let’s hide them, based on a lie, and so disrespectful to every human alive.

  14. Wa should ignore the court ruling if it loses. If scomo wants the border open make him send in the military.