Victoria’s COVID-19 outbreak accelerates

Three weeks into lockdown, Victoria today has reportedly recorded its second highest COVID-19 infection rate of 627 cases, which follows yesterday’s record 748 cases:

Victoria has recorded its second-highest ever daily increase in coronavirus numbers, with 627 new cases on Friday, following Thursday’s record of 723.

There are also expected to be at least half a dozen deaths in today’s figures – down from 14 on Thursday.

The 627 new cases will see Victoria’s rolling seven day average for daily increases rise to 482, up from 436 on Thursday, and the previous high of 417 on Tuesday.

I’ll be back with the official report later.

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  1. i saw an editorial on the melbourne age that at first glance seemed like satire, something to the effect of “we need to start locking australians inside their homes”

    like i thought i was on the onion or something

    then i saw the comment section was open and i had a look at it, and all of the 76 or so comments were supportive of the article and cheering on the idea

    its official: australians are some of the most cucked morons on the face of the urth, if the govt told them to shoot themselves in the head theyd all do it

    • Display NameMEMBER

      hot? I am not so sure. Their lips look like they have been wrapped around the exhaust pipe of an SUV. Aesthetically challenged.

    • It is interesting how school cleaners can afford to go on a weekend holiday to Melbourne during lockdown.

      But multiculturalism implies different cultural standards! This is what the left signed up for.

      • my sharonaMEMBER

        Let’s never miss a chance to blame the left for Australia’s neoliberal immigration program.

        • Plenty of blame to share. The neofeudalists of the Liberal Party ably abetted by the useful idiots of Labor and The Greens (you’re a racialist) have enabled us to grow the population, juice house prices, casualise the workforce, suppress wages, accrue wealth to the few and crowd the cities.

    • I think that’s what Modi wants you to hear. Or more particularly what he wants the voting Indian middle class to hear.

  2. ignoratio elenchiMEMBER

    I just heard that they’ve now announced outbreaks on building sites. Surely shutting down building sites is next.

    • Don’t be ridiculous. Building and property development are essential. Like Woolworths, Coles and petrol. Australia cannot draw breath without this … stuff

  3. St Vincents Hospital only decides now to make PPE mandatory for staff after outbreak on general ward.

    Staff at a Melbourne hospital will be ordered to wear personal protective equipment (PPE) at all times, with all patients to be treated as if they are COVID-19 positive from Friday, according to a report. The Today show claimed six nurses from one ward at St Vincent‘s Hospital in Melbourne tested positive to COVID-19 in the past week. They had been raising concerns around infection control measures to management, with those nurses and all other staff instructed to wear PPE and all patients admitted to the hospital to be treated as COVID-19 positive.

    This is a place where unpaid overtime is the norm and those who don’t follow management’s doctrine that this act of “service” goes unpaid are quickly shown the door.

    • cases slipping through the quarantine is quite easy and hard to do much about – would have and will happen everywhere no matter what they do

      but 6 months into a global pandemic not even trying to protect those most vulnerable is unforgivable

  4. so lockdowns are working but speed of spread accelerates?
    prior to lockdown introduction it took 13 days to double number of cases, now it takes 10 days

    • darklydrawlMEMBER

      You’re assuming that the situation would be better (or the same) if there were no lockdowns. This doesn’t seem likely.

      • situation would be marginally different if just policies toward lockdowns are different
        but, if for some reason government didn’t waste energy introducing and policing lockdowns and masks but instead started policing access and PPE usage in aged care facilities and hospitals … we would definitely have much less deaths at the end of this

        Imagine, police standing at the entrance of aged care facilities and checking people getting in instead of writing fines to young people without a mask

    • Ronin8317MEMBER

      Wuhan was like that for a month, then the CCP weld infected people inside their own home and the number went down.

      Victoria should have went straight to stage 4.

      • based on official number of deaths and estimated fatality rate for such a young city, there were at least 4m infected people in wuhan
        if CPC faked numbers just a bit so there were 6-7k dead instead of 4k (as urn usage data suggest) wuhan had 6 million cases which means epidemic ended because of herd immunity
        chinese gov blockade maybe helped the spread elsewhere but didn’t stop the spread within the city

        • TightwadMEMBER

          Just attempted to post a link to a UN article (but it was spambotted) that estimates 10,000 children per month will die because of these lockdowns and already in the UK there have been 10,000 deaths because of them.
          Way to go lockdown cheerleaders, all to save a few old sods like me. Talk about selfish and entitled.

          • yeah, we had almost 2000 excess deaths in first 6 months 2020 while only 100 died from covid and flu was not there