Victoria’s COVID-19 infections turn exponential

Manchurian Dan’s Victoria is starting to resemble Wuhan, with a record 127 new COVID-19 infections recorded across the state today:

There are now 642 active cases in Victoria, 97% of the nation’s total:

As shown below, Victoria’s COVID-19 infections have turned exponential while the rest of Australia has flatlined:

This represents an epic failure by Premier Daniel Andrews, whose government’s failed management of hotel quarantine is behind the spike.

Leith van Onselen
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  1. SnappedUpSavvyMEMBER

    this is something only immigration can fix, where’s that parasite Shane Geha to tell us this

  2. It seems fairly likely that the weather plays a role.
    NSW by rights should have had a full on disaster with the boat.
    But they’re just a tad warmer than VIC.

    It might not be a huge influence, but… .it looks like just enough.

  3. UrbanWastelandMEMBER

    The NSW curve looks like it’s gone through an inflection point and is starting to turn up, too…

    • Ronin8317MEMBER

      It’s due to the increase in returned travellers. That would stop now with the 450 passenger limit per day at Sydney Airport. We will need to wait another 2 weeks to see if the infection has spread.

    • C.M.BurnsMEMBER

      it will be after 4 full days of school holiday immigration from Victoria and associated school holiday (no social distancing here mate) activities

  4. GunnamattaMEMBER

    Victoria has spectacularly shot its own nuts off.

    They have the handling of this back the front.

    There should be – immediately – a statewide lockdown. All municipalities.

    As each municipality establishes that it is virus free by posting 3 weeks (3 not 2) without any cases then that municipality should be released from lockdown.

    And as for those complaining about not getting warnings of lockdowns or explanations of them, they should be politely told that regrettably this is necessary, and given a news clip of the people trying to change address with VicRoads last week

    • The Penske FileMEMBER

      To be honest I don’t think people are listening anymore. Lockdown what you want but people will just plow on.

    • Arthur Schopenhauer

      ‘Shot it’s own nuts 🥜 off’! 😆

      What are the chances of school going back?

    • Agree Gunna. It’s everywhere again. Like I said. Second wave was always gonna happen. You just had to look at people’s behaviour once rules were relaxed. It was all business as usual.

    • Victoria’s had a troubled history with nuts. Whether shot off, surgically removed or ignored having a pair of balls is no longer a political asset – it gets in the way of seeming sensitive. They will soon be renamed men-ovaries. I’m sure that deep in the Andrew’s government his key ideologically fixated advisors are sure that the same people behind the patriarchy, racism, transphobic, sinophobic and islamophobic axis of evil must be behind the failure to contain Covid-19. How dare a virus not be sensitive to ideology.

      Should a proper analysis on the recent case histories be made my guess is that they would reveal interesting factors responsible for the breakdown of the community response that Dan would not be keen to confront. Being blind to them and pretending is Dan’s speciality. That needs an ‘ism’ and ‘phobia’ to blame.

    • Ummm there are a lot of rural shires 150+ kms from Melb that already fit your criteria. A couple with new cases e.g Wodonga East Gippsland.

  5. The reason the ADF weren’t guarding the hotel which went to sh!t for quarantine was because the Victoria Police union cracked it as they thought it would make them look bad. So Andrews turned the ADF away and look what happened.

  6. Everyone overlooked the bit where the chief health officer said it was a new and more stronger strain.

  7. Andrews directed all the quarantine contracts to his unionist socialist communist mates, and as always they ripped everyone off, usually he and they get away with it, as they all have ever since he has been in office. It is good to see the fraud exposed, for once.

    • There’s nothing remotely socialist about lazily outsourcing an essential public service to the private sector.

      It’s right wing neoliberalism.

      • Don’t you guys get tired of that excuse? I mean after a while, is every leftist secretly a rightist?

        Don’t get me wrong, its always amusing to watch the left devour itself, but still…

      • Does that mean everyone always and everywhere is a neoliberal?
        No matter how ardent a Bolshevik you were you still voted yourself extra rations and the best of the aristocrats’ newly empty residences if given half a chance.

        • Danny boy is like most ‘leftist’ politicians in the developed world. A charlatan.

          He’s a fake left, social and economic metro liberal whose true ideology includes the society destroying evils of mass net immigration and identarianism. He’s about as ‘socialist’ as Margaret Thatcher.

        • Too true. That’s why communism always fails. Too much self interest. We’re all for equality while we’re at the bottom of the pile, just not when we get to the top. The view from the top miraculously changes perspective – always. Rinse and repeat throughout history

  8. This started more than month ago but none was paying attention … maybe they wanted it to explode

  9. SchillersMEMBER

    I recent weeks Victoria has done far more testing for Covid-19, than all the other states combined.

    If you don’t test…you don’t find.

  10. Isn’t it funny how we interpret statistical outcomes that have an equal probability of occurring.
    Success = is attributable something we did to manage the problem
    Failure = is also due to something we did to manage the problem
    So what happens when we have one success and one failure when the same thing was done in both cases…well obviously someone is to blame for that outcome, obviously there’s something different, obviously we’re not properly managing the problem
    All that this proves to me is that humans have very little understanding of statistics and a somewhat god like belief in their ability to influence equally probable outcomes….
    Come-in spinner!
    But fortunately this can all be fixed with another Royal Commission, or government inquiry or or or after all we’re human and we’re in control, nature must be bought to understand this and must accept our will.
    As for statistics, well F#ck statistics

  11. ScientistMEMBER

    I’m in one of the lockdown suburbs in Melbourne, so experiencing first hand the consequences of this monumental fck up. Our postcode only has 2 active cases, so it doesn’t even fit the government’s criteria for the lockdown. But for me, one of the worst parts was when the Vic government initially tried to blame the trigger of this second ‘wave’ on family gatherings when they knew (and it was later revealed) that the true underlying cause was the security guard quarantine failure.

    • Not sure what the point is your making. Are you saying the government was blaming the problem was caused by certain groups that traditionally have large family gatherings that perhaps are still ignoring all social distancing restrictions ? Fair enough the security guard debacle was unforgivable but if social distancing guidelines were followed maybe the spread could have been contained earlier.

      • ScientistMEMBER

        Hi AngryMan, I agree that there are definitely issues with people/families not adhering to the social distancing and hygiene guidelines and this would have helped spread the virus. I am just expressing frustration at the Vic government for initially making a huge song and dance about a couple of family cases to divert attention away from their own mishandling of the quarantine which was the true trigger. They should have been upfront about it.

      • If everyone was wearing masks it wouldn’t have happened. WHO finally came out weeks ago with theis advice – all the scientists have been shouting it from the rooftops forever.

        Pure arrogance and complacency that we still don’t have it in Victoria. One of the top health advisors told the government back in March that Vic only had a 10% chance of avoiding the virus without compulsory mask wearing.

        Moreover, clearly visible – slap an on the spot fine for anyone not complying. Visually significant, and a constant reminder to everyone that the virus is ever-present.

        We’ll never learn and the virus will rage on.

    • except the ‘security guards’ all have families who happened to celebrate the end of ramadan a bit over a month ago…..bad luck

  12. PaperRooDogMEMBER

    Manchurian Dan locking down towerblocks just like the CCP.

    • If MD was going to mimic the CCP he’d remove the infectious instead of leaving them in place to send all the droplets throughout the building, and would have decreed universal mask wearing – problemo solved.

      Half measures as usual cos we’re so superior to them Asians

  13. Segregate Victoria

    Victoria is a lost cause.

    People didn’t have the will to persevere with the first lockdowns for more than a month. It was just dumb luck most areas suppressed the virus. This time around people will start getting antsy a couple weeks in. Especially when they see life going back to normal everywhere else in the country.

  14. The whole thing is ridiculous, 700 cases in a population of 25 million. Like the Tainwanese Minister said, you need to quarantine the sick not the healthy. There is no way the country can go on having to reimpose lockdowns every few weeks.

    • Yup, cos like everything else, we only go in for half measures. If we’d had universal mask wearing from the outset none of this would have happened. But we’re so much better than the Asians, we don’t have to do that…..