Victoria records another 270 COVID-19 infections

Melbourne’s COVID-19 outbreak remains out of control, with another 270 cases recorded today:

NSW recorded 13 new cases, down slightly from 14 yesterday.

There are now 1,803 active COVID-19 cases in Victoria, 97% of the nation’s total:

4224 cases have now been recorded in Victoria, with the curve looking rather scary:

The nightmare continues.

Leith van Onselen


  1. The FallMEMBER

    I am hearing that one major Melbourne hospital has filled its first Covid ward entirely and is opening another, and already has a lot of patients in ICU (more ICU patients in this one hospital than we’re reported statewide yesterday). The ICU patients include several under 40 years old.

    • darklydrawlMEMBER

      Not to mention many more people had the flu vax this year as well. But I suspect it is the reduced social contact and increased hygiene that has really driven those numbers down – along with less people being out in the weather.

  2. I just cannot believe the dumbarse response from the Premiers of VIC & NSW. Telling people to social distance etc is a waste of time when a large enough % of people ignore it because they just can’t see what the problem is, so therefore ignore it.

    Can’t help but think both, especially NSW, are more concerned about the economic consequences rather than getting that the economic and health outcomes are intertwined

    • They were never elected for their interlectual prowess and the beurocrats promoted for their ability(kick em up lick em down kind of guys) So to see that the economy and health issues are joined at the hip is impossible.To think that this country in essence has put house prices ahead of health says everything you need to know
      As the for the conspiracy theorists who are a product of a lack of trust and are far more prevelant than I had anticipated they have been able to do serious damage to our handling of this
      It is still to early to say what damage could be done by this virus and until the medical profession(one of the few groups I do trust currently)give me the all clear I will be treating this with the seriousness it currently deserves

    • This country is run not for you and I but a bunch of business/union interests.
      A few peasant deaths are a reasonable price to pay to protect their profits and power.

      • matthew & Gramus,

        The point is, by taking the path they have they are ensuring the interests they’re trying to protect will be smashed. This will end up prolonging this more than would have been necessary and we will possibly face a very uncertain up and down path.

  3. Diogenes the CynicMEMBER

    Terrible news. The Liberal opposition leader in WA has now retreated from her insane calls to get rid of the hard border restrictions. Public support for a hard state border is 90+% over here.

    • I am not surprised. A kiwi friend who left China nearly 2 years ago moved to Perth (her initial decision which I thought was much better than Melb or Bris) and is so glad she is there and not elsewhere in Oz. I can’t imagine anyone with a brain wants the border re-opened. You guys should keep it closed as long as necessary

      • We would have open borders, and no economy, here in WA if LVO was in charge. Our opposition leader is a dill but she’s not the only one.
        Go the mighty Vic’s…keep up the good work and live off your Union hush money and other ‘criminal’ proceeds.

  4. Scab Quarantine Security

    I kind of have a morbid curiosity to see what happens in Victoria now. See how overwhelmed the health system becomes, the percentage that go to ICU, percentage that suffer health complications, etc. It’s very useful information for the rest of us.

  5. Ajaydee73MEMBER

    Why do you report the total number of cases since day 1? What’s relevant is the number of active cases. We don’t report the number of polio cases since day 1, we report the number of active cases.