VIC records 384 new COVID-19 infections versus NSW’s 14

Victoria has recorded 384 new COVID-19 infections, down from yesterday’s record 532 cases:

Another six deaths were recorded (all elderly) with 260 patients in hospital including 42 in ICU.

NSW recorded 14 new cases, down from yesterday’s 17.

Victoria now has 4,775 active COVID-19 cases, 96% of the nation’s total. NSW has 172 active cases, around 3.5% of the nation’s total.

Since the pandemic began, Victoria has recorded a total of 9,049 COVID-19 infections, with infection rates approaching 140 per 100,000 residents. This is more than triple the rate of infection in NSW:

Finally, to free up hospital beds and staff, Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews announced that all but emergency elective surgery has been cancelled. This will enable high-risk aged car patients to be shifted into hospitals.

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  1. Oscillating between 300 and 500 a day for 2 weeks – that is an unequivocal proof that the dreaded exponential growth scenario has been successfully averted. Another job well done, Dan Andrews.

    • Except that the Andrews’ administration put us in this situation in the first place by completely stuffing up hotel quarantine. If that was done properly, we’d most likely be all but virus free now (like QLD, WA, SA, TAS, etc).

      • Well, I call it a glass half full.
        He didn’t come up with the idea of outsourcing the state security to companies dependent on untrained casualised workforce, that was about two decades before his time.

        • With the virus eliminated, our governments only needed to get one thing right to stop COVID-19: run robust hotel quarantine systems.

          Instead, Andrews went cheap and outsourced this vital function to Uber drivers with disastrous results. If that’s your idea of a ‘good job’…

    • Dan Andrews’ negligence and mismanagement is responsible for tens of deaths of Victorians and billions of dollars in losses.

      At all levels Australia needs real leaders, but instead we have corrupt politicians.

    • Agree that it continues to look linear not exponential for now. Lockdowns do appear to be keeping something of a lid on things although it’s still increasing and way too early to say “job well done” and out of the woods yet.

      The question is whether people will keep it up.

      • Lockdowns do appear to be keeping something of a lid on things

        same as no lockdowns were keeping the lid on epidemic in Sweden for months? LOL

        • Why are you even here. The lid in Sweden blew sky high and five thousand plus people are dead, for no appreciable economic advantage.

          • yeah their real unemployment increase 20% from 8.2% in Feb to 9.8% while we have 50% of workforce on welfare

            no economic benefit LOL

            BTW. at the end we’ll have more deaths

          • Made up numbers mate.

            Our official UE is about 9 % and our real unemployment rate is around 20% – not 50%. And we can afford the welfare so who cares. It’s keeping us afloat nicely.

            Your last statement is even more pure BS, no reason our deaths should outstrip theirs, they have welcomed death with open arms and we are fighting against it.

          • due to covid19 response Australia went from 5% to 20% unemployed plus we got 30% more on welfare not counted as unemployed despite many not working single hour
            due to covid19 response Sweden went from 8.2% to 9.8% unemployed and no additional rise of people on welfare

            and you are saying their policies had “no appreciable economic advantage”?

            BTW. whether you invite the death or not, he/she/it comes regardless

          • no it doesn’t
            currently there are 3.5 million people on jobkeeper in addition to 1.6 million on jobseeker
            whether you count only people on jobseeker as unemployed or not doesn’t really mater ABS did a great job in making unemployment rate useless measure
            The point is that 5.1 million people are on unemployment welfare (out of 12.3m in labour force) and up from 700k in February plus 700k people disappeared from labour force – gave up on looking for job/getting a welfare
            not even Soviet union in late 80s had as many on welfare

            now please tell us how Sweden is doing as badly as we do? LOL

    • numbers were oscillating like this (between 300 and 800) in Sweden for months – no measures, no lockdowns in place bars full parties going on …
      the exponential spread is not necessarily the only kind regardless of measures taken – the spread of this virus is very sensitive to its environmental conditions so it goes quick boom-bust in some places, like Milan or NYC, does oscillate for long periods like in Sweden, Netherlands or some south American countries or never even takes off like in Rome, California or Australia in March/April or Sydney now

        • so our aim is to suppress it with expensive and health damaging lockdowns and wait for another wave in couple of months than repeat again?

          • Suppress it. It minimises the damage and lets us buy time. Learn more about the virus. Wait for a cure / vaccine – or more information on whether one is impossible.

            The Sweden example demonstrates there is zero economic benefit to letting it rip anyway. So unless you love killing people, you’d be mad to want that.

          • suppression minimizes what damage exactly?
            economic damage? mental health damage? other health?
            we had almost 2000 excess deaths so far this year

            maybe you think old and sick person dying from covid is worse than younger person dying from late diagnosed cancer?

            we had 6 months to prepare in Melbourne and we failed as miserably in protecting vulnerable people as Sweden that didn’t have time to prepare
            How many waves killing hundreds we are going to get before vaccine? how many we times we can quadruple out unemployment via lockdowns?

          • FFS we have an economic downturn because people are scared of the virus. Sweden fucked up and fact deniers like you cant take it. We have already seen studies comparing Denmark to Sweden showing that govt lockdown mostly mirrors what population are doing anyway. Sweden had most of the eco cost of lockdown but missed lives saved. Australia 2nd wave due to Andrews incompetence not virus elimination. If we had virus elimination with competent quarantine we could be watching footy with real live crowd noise.

        • he didn’t say they should have introduced lockdowns but rather better protected elderly in aged care facilities

          we did all the lockdowns and yet as miserably failed in protecting aged care facilities and performed much worse when it comes to hospitals (Sweden did better when it comes to hospitals).

          • Only Victoria through corrupt bungling dr twat. Or are you in your delusional state suggesting WA SA QLD NSW all in the crippled state after successful lockdown. You need to get tested for covid. Obviously blood clots in your brain have taken you from moron to idiot.

          • “We have to admit that when it comes to elderly care and the spread of infection, that has not worked,” Prime Minister Stefan Löfven told Swedish newspaper The Aftonbladet Daily, according to Reuters. “Too many old people have died here

            Dr twat the prime minister said that.

            The epidemiologist who led Sweden’s controversial COVID-19 response, which did not involve a strict lockdown, now says that the country should have done more to stop the spread of the virus, according to news reports.

            “If we were to run into the same disease, knowing exactly what we know about it today, I think we would end up doing something in between what Sweden did and what the rest of the world has done,” Anders Tegnell, the state epidemiologist of the Public Health Agency of Sweden, told Swedish Radio on June 3, according to Reuters.

            In late May, Sweden’s overall COVID-19 mortality rate was estimated at 39.57 deaths per 100,000 residents; at the same time, the U.S. mortality rate was estimated at 30.02 deaths per 100,000 residents, according to NPR. Norway and Finland, both bordering Sweden, instituted stricter lockdown measures than their neighboring country, and at the time, each had fewer than six COVID-19 deaths per 100,000 residents.

            Paging dr twat. stupidity is calling.

          • LOL
            you are delusional
            Melbourne had “successful lockdown” until it failed … and you think that will not repeat in other states at some point of time?
            BTW our first lockdown was not successful it was unnecessary because number of new cases fell by 80% before results of the lockdown were even theoretically detectable

            And that Swedish doctor and PM just repeated what I said that sweden failed to protect aged care facilities but at least they had excuse of not having time to prepare, our suppression strategy via lockdowns that destroyed our economy gave us 3 months to prepare and yet we failed as miserably in protecting aged care facilities and did much worse when it comes to hospitals

  2. If it spikes back up to 1,000 cases a day… that’s the end of Andrews.

    I ran a poll on my Facebook page yesterday that suggested nearly 1/3 of people just want to open up and “let the virus rip” meaning that any further lockdown doesn’t have enough support for enough people to follow it to be effective anyway.

      • From ADV (which I manage)

        Should Melbourne move to “Stage 4 Lockdown” or admit defeat and open back up to “Let It Rip” ?

        Stage 4 Lockdown – 71%
        Open & Let It Rip – 29%

        1.3K Votes – so decent sample size.

  3. I thought CV-19 took a number of weeks before it could be diagnosed … ? Apart from the false accounting for deaths and the false positive farce I should think we’ve all had it by now … Treason.

  4. Most of the increase appears to be due to a rise cases within the Aged Care sector – doubt any of this would be quarantine related and is clearly a Federal government responsibility.

    • yeah, while government was busy “saving” lives by keeping young people locked up, they failed to protect vulnerable so infection entered so many aged care facilities and hospitals
      and those were the easiest to protect because they were already separated from the rest of the community – total debacle

    • The problem with aged care is the same as the hotel quarantine problem – namely outsouring staff to lowest cost 3rd party providers.

      The major outbreaks are in private aged care facilities. Rather than hiring full time nurses (which are expensive), these places frequently outsource the care staff to labour hire companies (at the cheapest rate) who provide care staff on a casual basis and provide limited (or no) leave benefits or sick leave for those staff.

      This results in most of the casual staff working multiple shifts over several sites (and/or several labour hire companies) to make ends meet.

      Not only can they not afford to stop working, they also travel to multiple sites each day that are full of the most vulerable people.

      • but we introduced lockdowns that destroyed our economy and suppressed the virus to get time to sort out these things

      • It’s been the case for a while. With Aged Care being completely unregulated, they only require a single RN to dispense medications while the care is provided by less qualified care assistants who have minimal training. Often management is simply a case of sending anything that looks unwell to hospital (the weekend dump) or relying on family members to assist when residents are behaviorally unsettled.

  5. I understand Andrews stuffed up Quarantine, but can someone explain to me why the state was even handling it? I always thought border security, customs, quarantine, etc., were federal responsibilities. I know states took responsibility in this case, but can someone explain to me why that happens?

  6. I see that there were 1,105 fatalities on the roads in the last 12 months. I strongly suggest we lockdown all vehicles until this fatality rate drops to zero at which time we can gradually remove these restrictions (If you all behave yourselves) however, if this rate begins to increase again this would be cause for restrictions on vehicles being reimposed.

    • BornwildMEMBER

      1,105 road fatalities out 25 million people..
      How many fatalities do we have if COVID is allowed to infect 25 million people?? So far we have had 167 deaths out of 15300 cases.

      • do you think we discovered all the cases, despite testing only symptomatic people and during March/April only those who traveled or had a contact with a known case?
        Some estimates say 80% of all cases are symptomatic
        also, we had very few kids infected and quite lot elderly infected as percentage of their populations

        currently best guess estimates say that case fatality rate is somewhere around 0.1 and 0.2% depending on age and health structure of the population (Singapore has fatality rate of 0.053% because mostly younger workers are affected). Median age of people dying from covid19 in developed countries if over 80

        So if we do nothing about it and get 60% of population infected we could see less than 20k deaths, if we protect those most vulnerable of which many are in Aged care facilities and hospitals we could have less than 10k, if we do a good job in protecting vulnerable while letting younger quickly gain immunity we could get as little as 5k deaths and herd immunity

        if we continue doing what we are doing now, suppressing virus making sure we don;t get herd immunity ever and at a the same time letting virus get into hospitals and aged care facilities we can see as many as 30k deaths

      • I thought the argument on here is that any number of fatalities are unacceptable wether they be kids in car accidents or 80 year olds with co morbidities.

        • BornwildMEMBER

          There is a lot we don’t know about this virus. We have only known about it for a few months. Sure the absolute number of deaths is quite low compared to other causes of death. But we don’t know if immunity is certain or how long it will last, we don’t the long term effects of getting the disease (even if one recovers in the short-term without issues). Given this, you act with an abundance of caution. Your health is your most important asset, you never want to gamble with it.

          • so far we have a sample of over 15 million cases … i doubt in three months when we get 30 million or 50 million we’ll know any better
            After initial significant improvements in knowledge about the virus, it got saturated so in last two three months we learned very little or nothing

            we had months to prepare to better protect aged care facilities and hospitals yet did as badly or worse than countries that didn’t have time to prepare

          • BornwildMEMBER

            There is a lot of important information that we cant glean from the current number of cases i.e. we need time. For example, if there will be herd immunity, if there are long-term health issues?
            I’m definitely no expert in this area, but I think Pascal’s Wager is very good in situations like this. Maybe in 2 years (or more), we will look back and realise that COVID-19 is just a bad flu, no long-term issues, some will die (but not many), life must go on and we overreacted and actually didn’t have to destroy economies to stop the spread. But also maybe in 2 years (or more), we will learn that we underestimated the destructiveness of the disease: there are long-term health issues, many people will die, the vaccines don’t work, the herd immunity cavalry isn’t coming and lockdowns are a very small price to pay.
            Remembering that we can always rebuild economies (and jobs) but can’t bring back the dead, or maybe reverse the long-term health issues – what is the better bet to make when facing extreme uncertainty?

          • everything you said comes down to a single point: will vaccine work and how soon
            if we don’t find a vaccine relatively soon (12 months) nothing else what we do trying to prevent deaths matters

            the only way suppression may turn as a good policy is if very effective and very safe vaccine gets found soon before several reoccurring waves and side effects of the measures kill as many as one big initial wave of epidemic. Otherwise all of that suffering caused by suppression measures is going to be useless because at the end health results are going to be the same.

            I think the risk is so great for the benefits it promises even in the most optimistic case

            just think of it … if we had Swedish scenario we would have had 10k or 15k deaths and be soon over without much damage to non-covid related health, mental health and economy
            to get the same outcome when it comes to deaths we need just few more outbreaks in next year or two until vaccine gets ready.

          • BornwildMEMBER

            I’m not pinning my hope on a vaccine. As I said, there is a lot we don’t know about this virus. Personally, I intend on avoiding catching this thing. We have to make decisions under extreme uncertainty. Sweden took a gamble – it has one of the highest death rates in world from COVID and its economy suffered just has much as its Nordic neighbours (who managed to avoid the high deaths). And even then, the COVID fight is not over.

          • I assure you that the outcome of traffic accidents are equally uncertain. Anything from death, disablement, disfigurement to a scratch or two. As an informed adult I still continue to choose to drive in the full knowledge of these risks. However, I have absolutely no argument with anyone who chooses not to drive.

  7. Mr SquiggleMEMBER

    Can someone do a chart that compares the number of comments on each MB daily Covid update Vs the number of new cases? I suspect there is a strong correlation….

  8. reusachtigeMEMBER

    Hey, where’s those chicken sh1ts on here that were screaming weeks ago that Sydney was gonna be full-retard by now like Melbourne huh? Gawd youse carnce are such negative nipples! Lock. Us. Down!