UQ treason prompts parliamentary inquiry calls

Via Nine:

Federal MP Bob Katter has called for a parliamentary inquiry into foreign interference at Australian universities, after joining forces with 21-year-old activist and suspended student Drew Pavlou.

Katter has thrown his support behind Mr Pavlou, who was kicked out of the University of Queensland until next year, after protesting China’s human rights violations.

The Independent MP not only wants Mr Pavlou’s suspension lifted but says “heads will roll” when the tertiary institution’s links to China are put under the microscope.

The Independent MP not only wants Mr Pavlou’s suspension lifted but says “heads will roll” when the tertiary institution’s links to China are put under the microscope. (Nine)

“We will get to the bottom of why the Queensland University punished a person for expressing his opinion in the public arena and an opinion which every decent person on earth would agree with,” Katter told 60 Minutes.

…The accusations against university management have this week sparked outrage across the political spectrum in Canberra.

Government MP and former Ambassador, Dave Sharma, and Liberal Senator James Patterson took aim at the University of Queensland for appearing to side with China.

Katter hopes that other MPs will back his motion to establish an inquiry into foreign interference at Australian universities next time parliament sits.

“It will be a very stupid member of parliament that does not vote with us to find out why an Australian could be bashed for expressing an opinion in public,” he said.

The Attorney-General’s Department is currently investigating the operation of Confucius Institutes at Australian universities, to ensure the arrangements comply with the Foreign Influence Transparency Scheme.

This topic deserves a royal commission. The corruption is worse than the banks involving:

  • CCP influence;
  • aiding CCP research for technological tyranny;
  • gamekeeper turned poacher public officials;
  • destruction of pedagogical standards;
  • crushed freedom of speech.

So on and so forth such that the universities’ entire reason for being is now in question. See 60Minutes:

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  1. Would you guys be able to interview drew? Or even have him write a piece on his perspective?

  2. Is this the same UNI that is our hope for COVID-19 Trials? No doubt the CCP will have the research already 😉

  3. darklydrawlMEMBER

    I am agreeing with Katter?!! Strange days indeed. Feels like the twilight zone!

  4. FYI: UQ is home to defense technology such as DSTO / US Air Force funded hypersonic scramjet research and development.

    • And the Chinese CCP have been allowed to set up an operational office, on this, and every other major university campus, to facilitate whatever espionage they want.

    • Luca BiasonMEMBER

      ah look, we have collaborations across the spectrum of the whole sector (particularly in AI) that – to an impartial observer – would come across as insane, in context. But apparently it’s fine to use taxpayer’s money to further aims and military interests of a highly adversarial state, just ask ACRI. Besides “we have systems and regulations in place to control…” blah di blah
      Where they are and how they are implemented, and how is the flow and transfer of info controlled within campuses…that’s to this day one of life’s greatest mysteries, but since we (apparently) have those instruments and people as ever are happy to take things at face value, then she’ll clearly be alright. Or will she?

  5. if you needed another reason to hate the china check out the latest john oliver episode on the treatment of the Uighurs.

  6. If UQ management blows up over this it will put the fear into every “Australian” “leader” in this economic zone. We can only hope.