UQ puts dollars ahead of community again

And the Australian tin-ear of the year award goes to UQ. Via Domain:

A trial set to welcome some foreign students back to Queensland has stalled as the second wave of coronavirus lashes Victoria, casting more doubt over the financial future of the state’s universities.

Earlier this month, UQ was in the final stages of a plan to bring international students back to the state and was ready to spend $2000 per student to help cover the cost of flights and hotel quarantine.

Kate Jones, Queensland’s minister in charge of international education, said while the state government would continue to work with UQ, “at the moment [its] focus is absolutely on keeping Queenslanders safe”.

“We are still awaiting advice federally, as I understand it, in regards to how we can do that trial,” she said.

“Clearly what has happened in the last two months in Victoria, the second wave in Victoria, has really ensured we are taking a much more measured approach going forward.”

Similar pilot programs in South Australia and Canberra have also been put on hold.

Outgoing UQ vice-chancellor Peter Høj said Australia was “entirely dependent” on international students to run good universities.

“There comes a time where, in say 20 years time, if we haven’t had any opportunity to invest in capital, future students will be educated in almost Dickensian conditions,” he said.

Surely UQ would be better served by silence right now. See 60Minutes:

As for bringing in students, that would clearly jeopardise the QLD community when it is current virus free (200 quarantine subjects are already  missing in QLD).

If universities lose the dough then there’ll be a consolidation period and, eventually, more public money.

The only Dickensian problem here is the eighteenth-century avarice in the Fagin-like conduct of UQ.

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  1. It’s time to consider paying the residents of Kangaroo Island to bugger off for a couple years.

    It’s a short flight from Adelaide, well serviced by plane/ferry, low population, island big enough to house thousands of quarantined people and land 737/a320s without overly oppressive restrictions on movement.

    It wouldn’t be too hard to bring in portable housing from all over the country by train, and then ferry it across.

    Bushwalking, general exercise and anything else can be done within your Q batch with few risks.

  2. Wondering if the china confrontation in the south sea is making the feds drag their feet in the ok to import more the china spies into the country.

  3. ‘entirely dependent on international students to run good universities.’
    not if my experience is anything to go by, i consider myself a poor student but at least i can read the assignment document and understand what is required. You cannot properly teach students that cannot understand or read the language, corner will be cut somewhere.

  4. Something was rotten in the state of Denmark, so they shipped it where it would fit best.

  5. I studied at UQ 30 years ago when there was barely 100 overseas students on the campus, and importantly, universities were properly funded by government.

    I’ve yet to meet a single of my peers from that time that isn’t now at the top of their profession, despite those relatively “Dickensian” conditions.

  6. How much does it cost to host 100 students in a lecture theatre, do some presentations each week, mark their assignments and invigilate a few exams? Not $50k per student that’s for sure! More like 50k per lecturer. Something has gone seriously wrong with education costs.

  7. – Those BASTARDS running UQ tries to kill my son and myself back in February/early March.
    – In the week before UQ switched to online – my student son came home with a raging sore throat.
    – He was then in bed with most severe case of flu for well over a week. He never catches flu normally.
    – I followed one week later – again with a very severe case of flu.
    – It was the usual hot Brisbane weather with cloudless skies and very consistent high temperatures – not the normal time for flu.
    – UQ in that last week before going online was still smuggling in Chinese students – clearly as a result CV19 was there at UQ.
    – We couldn’t get tested – as tests were limited to those who had been overseas.
    – Fortunately we didn’t have any comorbidity issues – otherwise we would be dead thanks to UQ’s greed.
    – Fortunately also my wife was in Melbourne at the time.
    – Clearly those bastards at UQ don’t care about Australians – only their bonuses earned for maximising the China revenue stream and the growth of the UQ Confucious (CCP) Institute – ie CCP graft.

    • Jevons ghostMEMBER

      Did either of you take the time to be examined by an experienced medical practitioner, or did you self-diagnose? A self diagnosis, with the symptoms you describe, could put you in harms way with a misdiagnosis of a condition that could be life-threatening. And I’m not talking about COVID 19 disease.