UQ mocked mercilessly in federal senate

The UQ brand continues to slide into ignominy under current management:

The senate should absolutely call the vice-chancellor to explain himself on all fronts:

Also, consider making a donation to the Drew Pavlou fighting fund.

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  1. – UQ by going online in late February has successfully demonstrated that much of their ‘bricks & mortar’ approach to running a university is now COMPLETELY OBSOLETE.
    – Online lectures and tutorials worked very well.
    – At the end of Semester 1 they conducted exams for the whole university online with very impressive online invigilation camera observation plus keyboard recording control coming out of their excellent IT department.
    – Clearly there is a need for lab experiments, tutorial meetups and research – but 50-80% of their real estate is now obsolete plus a significant chunk of their staffing costs.
    – DOES PETER HOG UNDERSTAND THIS? Or is this VC incompetent as well as corrupt?

    • Mark HeydonMEMBER

      “keyboard recording control coming out of their excellent IT department”
      Sure it wasn’t provided by the Chinese? They would know a thing or two about keyboard logging I am sure.

    • “At the end of Semester 1 they conducted exams for the whole university online with very impressive online invigilation camera observation plus keyboard recording control coming out of their excellent IT department.”

      Sorry i just cant see how online invigilation would work there s just too many ways around it, the invigilator to student ratio would have to be much lower than UQ would pay for to even catch your most basic cheat.
      I get the feeling by hugely succesful, UQ mean everyone passed with high marks.

      • The Traveling Wilbur

        That’s an Honours level thesis you’ve put together there son. Spot on.

  2. Please sir, I want some more (funding).

    Putting aside the shining fact that the likes of Riche Rich Patterson have themselves steadfastly propelled the mantras of neoliberal corporatism and cost-cutting that has allowed UQ to sell its soul, one must marvel at how model of incentivising bad behaviour via a CEO and board running public institutions can create true evil. Neoliberal mission accomplished – as value was found by disposing of those tired concepts such as integrity, academic freedom and free speech and chumming up with a malignant authoritarian state for $s. How this is done is by using the glib, smiling, ‘nice guy’ that Teflon Höj is the quintessential template for. Our universities are being run by ‘non stick’ believers in corporatism – these are not academics, but dangerous pretenders who believe in nothing but the end justifying the means and their own hip pocket.

    Look at every disaster we face in Australia and the same failing is evident. We have deregulated public values and interests and put everything up on the table to be auctioned by the smiling Cheshire cats the likes of Teflon Höj. Let’s not forget that both the LNP and ALP are up to pussy’s bow in the ignorant fiddles that have cut the guts from our tertiary institutions and allowed the barbarians inside to enrich themselves at our cost.

    The only university building that will be named after Teflon Höj will be in China – probably a cell block in a re-education camp.

  3. Ironically, universities were actually probably much better places during Dickens’ times than they are now

    Certainly fewer international students, and no women’s studies and basket weaving

    • Jumping jack flash

      Amen to that. I stumbled across a “department for social justice” when traipsing around the university I study at.

      The door was locked, but I can picture it now…

      • On the ABC this morning they interviewed a guy who was an Urban Ecologist — he’s fretting that birds that live in our cities aren’t getting enough sleep! Somebody MUST do something! Urgently.

        I asked myself, how many jobs like his exist — and who pays their salaries?? Well, I figure the answer to the first question is: lots and the answer to the second question is: taxpayers (who else?)

        The question is: in this day and age can we afford these people? Are they necessary to the survival of the human race?

        I read that Leo di Caprio recently flew a Sydney-based eyebrow-plucker (renowned in celeb circles) to LA to have his brows done ahead of some function (the Oscars maybe?). Sounds random (putting it politely) but if he wants to spend his money doing dumb things then more power to him, but spending taxpayer money on inanities like the defecating patterns of the lesser-spotted wombat is barking mad. Or even, worse, gender studies. If someone so desperately wants to have this stuff attended to they can damn well put their hands into their pockets and fund it themselves.

  4. SnappedUpSavvyMEMBER

    I like the look on the lady’s face as she thinks about how its almost worth doing

  5. Margaret is Alice Cooper.

    Finkle is Einhorn.

    edit: possible reincarnation of Jon English…

    edit: possible 20th member of Kiss.

    • Maybe she can rein in Varghese’s trademark smug superiority (cultivated during years in the Canberra and DFAT bubbles) and pull this whole sh1t show back from the brink, who knows.

    • RobotSenseiMEMBER

      Does she have any teenage kids? Should probably just book their places in med school now.

    • FMD – there’s a typo in the first paragraph of that statement. She starts on 1 August 2021, not 2020. Just screams excellence and competence when they let a typo get through about the appointment of their next boss (who was intending to frame the announcement but now, maybe not).

  6. Australia is pulling back from the US – probably want to mention that the entire anti-China spruik thats been going on has all been pushed by Donald J Trump since his election ? Yes ? No ?


    As it dawns on everyone that the US is perilously close to the dollar collapsing, while the Chinese end their use of USD in trade and have just had the single biggest share listing in history – with the Hong Kong index going ballistic – and all the major Asian tigers now joining an alternative crypto currency alliance.

    No – lets just focus on University of Queensland – because thats’ all that’s happening with China.

    I would post the links – but spam bot. This post will of course get censored for daring to question the MB party line.

    For those interested in the US dollar see its value compared to gold.
    For Chinese disengagement with dollar and transition to Yuan based trade – thats chart is easy to find.
    Check out Jack Ma’s listing on the Shanghai and Hong Kong index.
    Etc, Etc.

    Some variation in the narrative even occasionally would be slightly more interesting.

  7. Rasputin what do you do for a living? Just curious as you have a vast knowledge of many topics. Some background would be good for readers.

  8. Torchwood1979

    Gotta love this whole situation. A lefty kid who campaigns for human rights now has Pauline Hanson, Bob Katter and James Patterson backing him to the hilt.