“Unsustainably high” COVID-19 infections shut Melbourne

Manchurian Dan Andrews has just given a press conference where he has re-introduced a stage 3 “stay at home” order to lock down Melbourne for six weeks from midnight Wednesday.

School holidays have been extended for a week. Then senior school students will be permitted to go back to school, as will special school students.

In announcing these shutdowns, Andrews despicably blamed Melbournians’ “bad behaviour” rather than his own government’s massive quarantine failures, which caused this mess in the first place.

Manchurian Dan Andrews has turned Melbourne into his own little Wuhan.

Off with his head.

Leith van Onselen


  1. Blaming the punters for your own problems is always a dumb political move and shows Dan is cracking under pressure.

    Keep it up!

    • The flu vaccines that were sent to Victoria probably had the virus. Besides, we’re in the middle of winter, of course you will expect a rise in the common cold virus.
      And the more tests you do, the more ‘cases’ there will be. Where’s the demographic data on the infected? How many had the flu shot this year? How many false positives have there been? Is any of this being reported or is anyone interested in finding out?

        • Ok, mea culpa. I did get carried away when I was typing that out.
          What about the other points I raised? Are you not interested in seeing more data about the number of cases?

      • matthewMEMBER

        Initially thought you talked a bit of sense during this period.Something has gone wrong

          • matthewMEMBER

            Steve I get it that there is a lack of trust but you have a moral responsibility to remain rational.Well at least I do
            In addition all this is doing to you is making you angry and stuffing your life.There is a long road ahead for all of us and I suggest you do your best to get on top of things now

    • looks like there are only two kinds of people left:
      those who blame punters and
      those who blame immigrants

      • I blame failings of Vic Health Minister and Premier. Who leaves the health dept out of oversighting security guards on quarantine for a pandemic?
        Who rejects better qualified staff (ADF) because they reckon they can manage it better themselves and then washes hands when direct consequence of their decisions is new outbreak and lockdown?
        The rest of the country did a fabulous job and Andrews has snached defeat from the jaws of victory. Economic consequences bad especially if Fed Govt supports not extended. Child care supports end this month.

        • The rest of the country got lucky.

          Andrews stuffed up, or his staff did, same dif, but the general population is no better than the yanks, brits – all out swanning around close to each other, throwing parties of 1,000 people etc, QLD border checks a joke with police standing around drinking coffee and not stopping a soul….

          Andrews tried bloody hard. It’s a thankless task.

  2. Allowing BLM protests, using $20 per hour scab labour for our bio-security, and let’s not forget that news story from Broadmeadows where the young bloke with the accent said he didn’t care about spreading the virus. They’re all to blame.

    • If attending protests was the issue then Sydney would also be facing something similar as they had 20,000 attend.

      • call me ArtieMEMBER

        Well, it’s obviously the cold weather then. Please offer alternative explanations, I am all ears

        • Poor initial quarantine and a lax attitude among groups of the populace seem to suffice. That’s what let’s it into the community and then gives it the chance to get around most successfully. And that is what seems to have been the case in Melbourne.

        • Might have. Might not have. So far it seems negligible in Melbourne and non existent in other states. Poor quarantining and lax standards in the community appear to be the big causes in ye olde Melbourne town.

      • two plus twoMEMBER

        The early versions of the apollo lunar module had a 100% O2 atmosphere. NASA had several successful tests using that configuration, until apollo 1 when there was a spark from some dodgy wiring…

        Sydney and Brisbane might have had the crowd density for an outbreak, but without a few people spreading the virus, those cities might’ve gotten away with it.

    • reusachtigeMEMBER

      How’s those tap beers going? I’m in Kingscliff. Very well thank you! Full of coughing Mexicans though. Hope they’re not at the party tonight.

      • uh oh did they not let you across the border? The Nöösa party might have to be cancelled without its special guest star.

  3. Serious Person

    That’s laughable – Andrews forced hotels to use the government procured security services, even where hotels already had their own well trained security staff who were already familiar with and vested in the environment they were securing.

  4. Ukraine fnMEMBER

    Watching the press conference now and he keeps going on that it’s the punters complacency and not to do with his govt’s handling of the situation.
    Number one [email protected]#bag.

  5. migtronixMEMBER

    Badgering people didn’t work last time so let’s double down! Fvcking #hellbourne deserves it at this point – most liveable index up next..

    • SnappedUpSavvyMEMBER

      and salt the earth and ship the self righteous wankers off to where they really want to live, a slum in Bangladesh

  6. Ronin8317MEMBER

    From numbers alone, the increase in the number of cases in Melbourne is worse than Wuhan in January!!


    Covid cases soaring!
    9 ICU cases in VIC- up from 4.
    How compliant will ‘we’ be when savings gone and our livelihoods are destroyed?
    And how we supposed to pay those loans?
    Isolate the vulnerable of course but unless you get the ADF enforcing the locks, it’s likely going to fail as it did before.


  8. migtronixMEMBER

    Who is this fvcking guy?

    “Thankfully, it’s a fate that most Victorian families have not been asked to endure. And I think, for some, that’s led to a creeping complacency.”..

    Fvck what you think dipshit

  9. migtronixMEMBER

    Who is this fvcking guy?

    “Thankfully, it’s a fate that most Victorian families have not been asked to endure. And I think, for some, that’s led to a creeping complacency.”..

      • +1 Bucket loads. One of the 100 top health advisers to the govt said Vic had only a 10% chance of avoiding a breakout. No masks.

    • Ukraine fnMEMBER

      No more International students for Danny Boy and the VC’s .. The Uni’s are Farked

      • I’m pretty sure one of the locked-down public housing towers is very close to the University of Melbourne.

    • GunnamattaMEMBER

      Look, I dont want to sound alike too much of an apologist for Dan, but he does have a point.

      Anyone going to large shopping centres of late, or places like Torquay or Ocean Grove on the Bellarine could not avoid coming to the conclusion that large numbers of punters simply werent concerned any more.

      Its sort of like a mindset of ‘wow, we survived the great coronavirus pandemic of 2020 so now lets get out and celebrate – particularly the babyboomer end of thing. I went into a fish and chip shop in Queenscliff (where you would think every last punter in town – average age circa 80 as far as I can make out – would be concerned about the possible impact of a COV19 outbreak) and it was like 1/2 time of an Essendon Collingwood final !

      • lol people from the housing commision flats and Sunshine don’t go to Torquay or Ocean Grove

        • GunnamattaMEMBER

          No, but people from Point Cook and Truganina do, and people from both places have been scientifically shown to interact with people who have been to housing commission flats.

      • migtronixMEMBER

        Dude I’m in Carlton and I walk past the commission flats that range from Brunswick St, down past Smith, over the hump on Lygon and the mess that is the CDB vertical cruise ships.

        Queenscliff doesn’t even feature on the plot. This was always coming.

      • That’s what I noticed in Darwin. As soon as any loosening of restrictions was allowed it was as if everything was back to 2019. We are all very all or nothing so striking that middle ground is very difficult.

      • you should see how people behave at the moment in some of the countries in Europe that have the least issues with coronavirus

      • Yup I’m gonna say it: a larger number of those punters realize that they are not at risk of getting sick or of getting symptoms, and of very little risk of getting seriously ill or dying.

        yes I recognize that they may pose risks for elderly or less healthy individuals.

        *ducking for cover*

  10. One thing I’ve learnt during this crisis is lockdowns are the best thing for risk assets. Good call by Chris Becker for aud to 80c.

  11. TBH, you cant think its ok to allow protests to happen for what ever reason and then shut down a state…what are they thinking….always the majority pay….lefties get away with whatever THEY think is right.


      Yeh well the right wing nutjobs were hoping to “let it rip” and go for “herd immunity”. Now they’re getting what they asked for. Let’s kickback and see how their genius thesis unfolds.

      • Took the genius of the Voctorian ALP to put the thesis into practice by engaging in shabby worker contracting.
        The party of the workers never disappoints.
        At least the Libs are quite open in shafting workers.

  12. run to the hillsMEMBER

    I visited Melbourne last week from Sydney and had a few beers at the Town Hall pub in North Melbourne on Friday night, only for 3051 to be declared a “hot zone” the following day due to the balls up at the commission flats, which is miles from where I was in Errol Street. I did the right thing upon return to Sydney airport on Sunday and fessed up to being in 3051 and am now stuck at home under a stay at home order until Friday week. It was foolish of me to go down there really. I feel really sorry for the Vics who have done the right thing only for the government to have screwed it up by doing quarantine hotel security on the cheap. This will be the final nail in the coffin for a lot of businesses.

    • SnappedUpSavvyMEMBER

      when you visit Melbourne you either pick up a speeding fine, parking fine, hotel surcharge, being called a rashist, or a fckn virus

      • blacktwin997MEMBER

        You reckon that’s bad, try living here full time. You get all of the above plus carjackings, home invasions and the occasional spell following a Lamborghini being driven on the wrong side of the road at 30km/h.

        • It’s a sad fate, I lived there many years ago and loved it. I’ve been back for work multiple times since then and it has gone soooo far downhill….breathtaking.

          I got the last train out of Footscray one night couple of years ago…the few hundred metres around the station were like the set of “Blackhawk Down”. Obvious threat and intimidation from our new friends, didn’t matter what you did or how non confrontational people were, they were ratcheting up the menace.

          ..saw some crazy interaction between a Vietnamese baker and some dudes that just felt like forcing the front door open while he was getting the next day’s production under way….fk.

    • A lot of Melb businesses will throw the towel
      Melb is now in the worst depression in recorded history
      Melb is going to experience greatest property crash possibly anywhere in the world ever = it’ll be on the podium 1st 2nd 3rd of all time

  13. Mining BoganMEMBER

    Six weeks. That takes us into the second half of August Jobkeeper ends late September.

    How much of a recovery can Victoria make in those 4-5 weeks before the rug is pulled out?

    • There will be more. Scummo has to keep the party going until he is able to call an early election in 2021.

  14. on a more serious note
    there are few things to notice
    Over the last few weeks Melbourne recorded some meteorological conditions suspected to help the spread in north Italy, Parts of Spain, NYC, UK … (10-15C, certain levels of humidity etc) but in my opinion more importantly Melbourne recorded higher levels of small particle pollution PM2.5
    there is a great many scientists who now believe that virus becomes airborne under certain air conditions
    Look how all the places where spread is rapid at the moment have elevated small particle pollution https://aqicn.org/map/

    if that’s the case quarantine would be ineffective even if all measures are followed

    • Brahmin Australian

      Our nation’s bio-security was in the hands of scab labour security guards working cash in hand, taking bribes, and having sex with returnees in quarantine. Not to mention the thousands of people that were protesting a death in a country the other side of the planet.

    • bolstroodMEMBER

      and if you live in a hightower you are gonna get it.
      High rise must now be on the endangered list as a residence of choice.

  15. erutangisMEMBER

    The next question is how long till Dan and the Wuhan Clan infect the rest of the country?

  16. dan andrews looks like shrek

    im loving this lockdown sh1t for all the wrong reasons tho

  17. MountainGuinMEMBER

    Quite a few Vic cars appeared in my Canberra street last week. I wonder if a few more east coast breakouts will pop up in the next fortnight.
    Solidarity with Melbourne?!!

  18. Seems like just yesterday when the politicans were dreaming of cranking the 3rd world migrant student intake back to 11.

  19. How happy must be the china to have him signed up to the one road money tree for influence. Retards have P**sed their money away now.

  20. tripsterMEMBER

    Given that there have been more cases in one day this time than at the first peak in Victoria in March, surely this lockdown will end up continuing for even longer. In other words, I don’t see people returning to things like office jobs in the Melbourne CBD before October at best. The border closures will surely also remain in place for at least a few months. The Victorian economy is going to be totally smashed.

    • MountainGuinMEMBER

      Even if this new lockdown works, it may need to run a long time – a third wave would result in pretty bad upheaval.

  21. 👉🏾Migrant guestworker virus outbreak.

    We have 2.565 million TR / Non Nz born SCV who have been trafficked into Australia and remain onshore.

    92% or 2.308 million are in Sydney and Melbourne. Living in vast fetid crowded migrant slums.
    Melbourne has 1.01 million
    Sydney has 1.3 million
    And 0.2 million elsewhere.

    What’s interesting in the Melbourne Tower blocks was just how many were living in those taxpayer funded housing commission tower blocks and who / were from.

    Migrant TR Indian Bangladeshi, Pakistani, Nepalese, and the Asian Chinese & South East Asian vice workers & druggies.

    Seems even our housing commission slums are being ‘sublet’ cash in hand by the foreign criminal gangs and syndicates that have taken over our low end private and our public housing.

    The genuine Australian families and needy pushed out onto the street.
    (We have 116,000 Australian permanent homeless and another 340,000 seeking affordable housing).

    Let’s see the police & the media sweep thru these tower blocks and expose on social media live stream and in the mainstream media / television this massive overcrowded migrant occupation of our housing.

    11 Nepalese in a 1 bed unit
    2 families / 15 Africans living in filth
    Squalid clusters of Chinese, north Asian and south East Asian vice workers & their pimps in bunk share.

    All on TR visas as ‘students’, ‘partners’, skilled visas, ‘protection visas’.

    All living and working illegally.

    Let’s see the police and government authorities do a tower block by tower block, suburb by suburb housing inspections.

    These migrants have entered Australia with falsified documents, falsified health checks, pretext visas.

    They all need to be identified, bio metric checked, health checked, their visa pretext and COe verified.
    And their accommodation checked.

    Almost all will be found to be in visa breach.
    They are criminal migrant illegals.
    It will be in the order of hundreds of thousands in Melbourne alone.

    The same is required in Sydney (and Brisbane, Adelaide and the other migrant ghettos)

    It is only a matter of time before these other cities migrant slums – now simmering away as the virus incubation hub also ‘outbreak’ to spread and infect the wider Australian community.

    👉🏾Police and housing inspection.
    👉🏾Identity and visa compliance verification.
    👉🏾Visa cancellation.
    👉🏾Round up the hundreds of thousands of criminal migrant illegals and immediate deportation.

    • bolstroodMEMBER

      Hi mike mb,
      Can you please varify your assertions ?
      It would add gravitas to your arguement.