Scummo demands virus spread nationwide

Via the AFR:

Scott Morrison has called on West Australian Premier Mark McGowan to relax his border restrictions, saying there is no reason why the state should be closed to jurisdictions that pose no health threat.

Amid fears that unnecessary economic damage is being inflicted by some closures, the Prime Minister also cast doubt on the decision by Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk to shut the state’s borders to everybody from greater Sydney when there is no medical advice to do so.

“Whatever decisions premiers are taking, they have to explain them and they have to outline to the public about what the medical evidence is to support those decisions,” Mr Morrison said.

“I think that’s the standard that all political leaders should be held to, I am happy to be.”

Let’s hope that he is. The premiers are immensely popular for closing the borders.

Scummo wants the virus to spread nationwide with open state borders so he can reopen the international borders to bring in infected students and low wage workers to ensure wages are crushed and house prices lift.

It’s that simple and that disgusting.

David Llewellyn-Smith
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  1. Goldstandard1MEMBER

    Not sure that will go down well.
    He’s in a no win situation because that’s what the virus is. I’m a fan of opening the domestic borders but keeping international shut whilst protecting the vulnerable.

    • He wants to open international borders by next year. They are looking for a return to the “old normal” without thinking about how to optimise for the “new normal”. What makes sense vs what no longer makes sense.

      WA and NZ will do fine without the rest of the country to be honest.

        • Not suggesting anything – I’m just saying in relative terms they will do better if they keep their borders shut by whatever means. The longer WA lock down the more they show how silly “the suppression is good for the economy” argument actually is by providing a localised proof to the contrary especially if they do better than the other states (since they were doing worse before). This isn’t good for Scotty from Marketing (a.k.a Scomo) who wants to sell/PR a very different message.

          A post-COVID economy looks very different than a pre-COVID economy. The most ideal state IMO is an isolated economy which is self sufficient – any government projects/MMT funds should be directed towards projects that make us more self sufficient. Its why I was banging my head yesterday when they wanted to pour another $10 billion into Western Sydney Airport as “top priority” project on the SMH; the exact opposite of what you should invest in post-COVID.

          I can only surmise that Scomo is thinking about appeasing the current status quo of political interests and power bases commonly located in NSW and VIC – and often the big end of town with the means to isolate in a “suppression environment”. Suppression affects the local front line community who are taking on the risk, and the day tasks of the average person (e.g. schools shut, nurses infected, etc) not people in wealthy big industries.

          The virus and economic activity in general don’t care about legal structures/statues; as long as movement is restricted in and out of WA land area that land area will enjoy better quality of life more sustained than infected states with a competitive advantage to match.

  2. It’s that simple and that disgusting.

    You have described his aims to a T. A similar appalling profile could be made about his attitude to the climate issue.

    • ZevombatMEMBER

      I’m sure there was a meeting early on where they worked out how many pensions they wouldn’t have to pay after the virus went through… but if you look at who they stacked onto the shady covid commission, it looks like LNP saw the main benefit of the virus as an opportunity to hand public money over to minerals council members under the guise of nation-building stimulus

  3. Forrest GumpMEMBER

    Scummo wants the virus to spread nationwide with open state borders so he can reopen the international borders to bring in infected students and low wage workers to ensure wages are crushed and house prices lift.

    Remember back in May he was threatening the states to open their borders or he would refuse the international flights carrying overseas students back into those rogue states.

    Scomo’s gotta go. He’s gonna kill us all either from viruses or bushfires

  4. Diogenes the CynicMEMBER

    I live in Perth I doubt Scorona has any idea how unpopular his stance is. The West Australian ran a big piece saying that 96% of WA residents support the hard border. There is a state election here next year, the state Liberals were running hard at McGowan saying he should open the border. They have since backtracked as Victoria’s troubles became self evident. There could be huge swings to the ALP at the next state election like 10-15% and they already have a majority. If Scorona keeps this up then his Federal counterparts like Christian Porter (who is running hard on the case) will be smashed at the next Fed election.

    • Agree – it’s a popular measure. I would be happy to see the NSW border slammed shut on all sides (and especially to overseas)

      Although I am sure 96% of sandgropers would support independence as well!!!

    • I’m a Sandgroper too, would be funny to consider voting Labor at the next State election and Libs at the Federal Election. MacGowan’s stance that Pilbara FIFO should live in WA are populist, but hardly realistic, many of these jobs aren’t that reliable and sometimes just fillins for the next role in the persons home state. But as long as we can Get that Cane Toad Palmer out of WA, (or his he already here?)

    • Porter showing a total lack of judgement/self-protection for the next election. What a drip.

    • So I take it that the LNP in WA have gone from 1 policy(opening the border) to none.
      Since the flare up of the clapp over here in Vic, our LNP have gone from 1 policy (open up the economy) to none as well. Gotta give the intellectual heavy weights credit for being consistent

    • mikef179MEMBER

      In Perth too, and all I’ve heard is people say bad things about Clive Palmer. Which I agree with. And I don’t know how Scomo is so certain about these things. The only reason why Oz has got away with things to the extent that we have, imo, is because of the relative isolation, fact that we are an island, and good decisions by some premiers. He doesn’t have a f***ing clue what he is doing.

      Crises show who the true leaders are and Scomo has been found wanting.

    • He’s on a hiding to nothing, WA overwhelmingly wants the border shut and even in tourism central QLD keeping the border shut was very popular. If state Libs are forced to abandon support of their Federal colleagues stance on this it will be a whopping great case of “disunity is death”. ALP will still find a way to stuff it up in the election campaign though, I almost guarantee it.

      • my sharonaMEMBER

        As a hackneyed Green said to me the other day, never underestimate the power of the Labor party to fuq it up.

    • Sandgroper here too, 96% with a margin for error at 4%.
      Sustain for Clive came in at 101%

    • I’m in WA as well. The premier has moved the right way the whole time since this all started. Looks like a genius and is rightly getting the credit he should. Will be the first time I’ve voted ALP but he has my vote (though our local member is Libby Mettam and they don’t get any more light weight than her.)

  5. So Mark & Anna are running the export breadbaskets of the country & Scomo want’s to lay them out like Vic? Has he forgotten who the kingmakers are…..? XO get on the phone & remind him what happened to Kev.

  6. “Scummo wants the virus to spread nationwide with open state borders so he can reopen the international borders to bring in infected students and low wage workers to ensure wages are crushed and house prices lift.”
    I mean, this could be true, but why go through border lockdowns, no international travel, JobKeeper, JobSeeker etc if this was the plan all along? Also, why would he risk electoral oblivion?

    • Scomo wasn’t ever in for this. He was quite happy to manage rather than lead. But he eventually went along with the states kicking & screaming, or we’d likely be flattened like the UK. Follow the fistful of dollars – it has a strange effect on most humans & perhaps even moreso on Politicians.

      • Again, where’s the logic?
        Clearly, the best economic outcomes are not to let it rip.
        International students will be less likely to come here if the virus is raging. Universities and schools will have to close ad nauseum as soon as a student falls ill.
        I like DLS, but this piece is illogical.

        • I’m not sure there’s a lot of logic in a no trick pony that pulled a Bradbury to win. Just hubris & harking back to indoctrinated Can’t stop the Music Neostuff – Unusual circumstances sure, but our National “leaders” are still in the Denial stage & don’t know what to do – except to be seen to be doing something…… Mike says it simpler.

  7. frag outMEMBER

    It’s funny that one of the commonly observed reasons for the widespread damage (health and economically) is from unparalleled connectivity in various realms, and rational considerations of what, in future, circuit breakers may look like across the various landscapes digitally & physically.

    And here is Scummo, demanding the opposite. Can we please have a new avatar of Scummo flying through the clouds.

  8. Let’s hope that he is. The premiers are immensely popular for closing the borders.

    MB is now fully on the populist side of the political spectrum

    premiers should do is because people like it and in the absence of foreign enemies even countrymen from another states are good enough enemy?

    • innocent bystanderMEMBER

      they like cause the economy is a lot healthier without lockdowns or restrictions.
      recent school holidays all the tourist spots were booked out – by WA locals.
      on any economic measure I have seen WA is doing quite well. (you have to ignore the corelogic drivel)

      • sure what people perceive as economy is doing well when 50% of workforce is on welfare …
        reality is that we are turning into a late stage Soviet economy … mines working and everyone else is on welfare

        • Exactly DrX. Once every business shuts down for good what next? People here are overtaken by fear and have lost their mind.

  9. Wow.. just a year ago, getting more immigration was the popular thing. Now, a premier is measured on how shut their border is. Imagine that. It’s a twisted turn of events.
    Usually it was the feds that gained tax dollars from immigration and states that had to spend dollars keeping up the services.. now, it’s the fed that looses $$ from centrelink and states that gain from the popularity of shut borders. That must hurt.