Queensland threatens to ‘slam border shut’ on NSW

New South Wales reported 17 new COVID-19 cases yesterday, four of which are linked to a funeral in Bankstown. Nine cases have now been linked to that funeral, and NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian has urged people not to hug at funerals or weddings unless it is someone from their immediate family.

By comparison, Queensland reported no new cases yesterday, with Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk warning she will not hesitate to close the border with NSW if community transmission in that state becomes more widespread. It comes after the Sydney local government area of Fairfield was declared a COVID-19 hot spot, taking the total number of banned Sydney suburbs to well over 100:

“If there are outbreaks of community transmission or it cannot be sourced or there are clusters, we will not hesitate to declare hotspots — or we will not hesitate, if it gets out of control, to slam the border shut”…

NSW’s community transmissions are accumulating, but at least new infection rates are stable:

That said, with Victoria’s cases having gone parabolic, thanks to failed hotel quarantine:

It is inevitable that some of these Victorian cases will have leaked into NSW.

Given Queensland has already banned residents from more than 100 suburbs across NSW. It might as well move early, shut the border now, and seal itself off from infection. Having eliminated the virus, the costs of moving too late are a price not worth paying.

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  1. run to the hillsMEMBER

    Keep the border open please Anna, I’m flying up from Sydney to watch the Swans at the Gabba on Saturday night. Feel free to shut it down on Sunday arvo.

    • DodgydamoMEMBER

      Yes footy is terribly important, perhaps tens of thousands of victorians should be granted extra special permission to attend matches also.🙄

      • There plenty of us just south of the border who’d love to come up. Of course, there are literally maybe 4 tickets available for Melb v Port at the very tiny Gabba.

    • If you want to see football being played consistently, it might be worth moving north for a few years.

    • Slam border shut? What? Like a door? Like a cell door? What non sense? Who writes their scripts? Enid Blyton? JK Rowling? Oz is fantasy island all you ever dreamed of:)

    • Her and Peter Martin are big Australia advocates. They are literally dimmer than pieces of fallen timber in a forest.

      If you’re a self-flagellating type, you can listen to their show and spend 30 mins punching yourself in the temple.

      I’d rather watch every Collingwood football game ever played.

      And that’s saying something, fken.

      • “I’d rather watch every Collingwood football game ever played.”

        Ah, c’mon, Swampster – be sensible.

    • word death became new N-word so anyone who dares to mention it is a terrible person who wishes other to die

      At the end of this, we’ll have nearly as many (or maybe even more) per million people killed by covid19 as Sweden but also destroyed economy, mental health and destroyed health care system

      and please stop with Swedish GDP fell as much and unemployment is 9% etc …
      First of all those GDP numbers are just central banks’ projections, second of all Sweden had 8% unemployment in February and now has 10% real unemployment (the count all people who don’t work as unemployed)
      We had 5% unemployment in February and now have 50% of workforce on welfare

      • The best current estimates if the virus was allowed to run rampant would be about 25k in the first wave. Anyone who is ok with that body count is morally bankrupt when it could be prevented. And drdickhead is ignoring the emerging evidence of infants lives at risk from covid combined with otherwise healthy covid victims suffering ongoing debilitating symptoms 3 months after contracting covid. That’s not including long term consequences from the confirmed medical evidence of long term lung heart and kidney damage due to blood clots caused by covid.

        • and yet no country that let disease run freely recorded such high death rate so far – so your best estimates must be really poor

          who said those deaths are preventable? and at what costs can be barely delayed?
          you are confusing the argument, there are no people saying we should let thousands people die instead of saving them, the argument is that probably as many people will eventually die from covid19 regardless but by trying to prevent the spread of the disease we’ll also destroy lives and health of those who survive

          way more small children (500 per year in USA and dozens in Australia) die from RSV (Respiratory Syncytial Virus) every year but that’s fine I guess because none even talks about it, yet introducing measures like economic suicide measures like lockdowns
          you probably never even heard of it before – that’s how much

        • Sure staying away 1.5 metres from another beating heart & wearing a mask-skam can’t protect folk from something that does not exist except in their imagination if they are a gullible consumer of MSM TV products including, news bulletins, current affairs, documentaries, newspaper & programmes & movies etc Many folk bingeing now just like addicts just can’t ..get enough and then they spew their BS to anyone within earshot. Covid spread by fear & word of mouth. Yet to know anyone who knows anyone as nauseum who has it, had it or died from IT:))))) Ho Ho Ho 25,000 7 7 7 triple 7 jackpot Jokers.

      • If dr twat here was really concerned about unemployment and the economy he would support lockdown. Look at WA. 100 days without community transmission and the state is back to work. Trains were packed this morning and not a mask in sight. then compare to Victoria. Dr twat is living in an alternate reality with Karen from Bunnings.

        • with 99.99% of WA being virgins for covid19 how long you think that fairy tale is going to last?

          No matter how much afraid you are and no matter how much you wish that your leaders are going to protect you, you’ll catch covid19 sooner or later … sooner is better because later you are only going to be older, poorer and less healthy

          BTW. your everyone is back to work story is fake
          almost 80 thousands WA businesses are reliant on jobkeeper

  2. Most of NSW’s infections are now not Victorian related. The first hot spot was – but the Thai Restaurant and subsequent outbreaks were not Victorian.

    Of course blaming an LNP government for their failures is out of the question – even though they also used private security guards.

    But yeah – its all Victoria’s fault – because we forgot about the Diamond Princess because NSW is a Liberal state.

    Is this the Daily Mail or Macrobussiness – hard to tell sometimes.

    • If one undertook an RCA tracing our current state back to where this kicked off from a point of relative stability, I wonder what the outcome might be.

      And I’m not looking for a condescending shouty response even though that’s your bread and butter. So save your fingers.

    • reusachtigeMEMBER

      Oh come on. The virus is always going to be worse under a Labor government!

    • does it look strange how one or just a few people escaping quarantine in Melbourne created a large second wave despite lockdowns but dozens of infected Victorians running around Sydney just created few more dozens of cases with no measures in place

  3. They crucify Andrews for not being strict enough while hammering Palaszczuk for being too strict. You cant win.
    On a side note can we lock down the ACT? Not covid related.

  4. call me ArtieMEMBER

    This could potentially go on indefinitely. Pandemic time-scales are measured in decades. Is this a threat to the Federation? I think possibly, although not right now. But if borders are still closed in 24 months, boom, there goes Australia. You would want to live in the Republic of Western Australia, where all the resources are…

    EDIT: or possibly wherever all the defense forces are located

    • Secession sounds like a good idea to me — can you imagine only having to pay taxes to one govt? Schweet!

    • blacktwin997MEMBER

      With enough resources you can persuade the defence forces to relocate to wherever you are!

    • but what is the purpose of federation when the only function it serves is taxing people?

      more normal independent countries with more normal leaders are acting more like a countrymen toward others than our states do
      I’m all for breakup of any dysfunctional state like our federation is, either make it if functional with a constitution that benefits and protects its people or get rid of it

      If you think that all resource rich countries are rich think twice …
      Equatorial Guinea, Mongolia, Brazil, Venezuela, Iran, … come to my mind. In fact it’s quite rare to have that combination

  5. @doctorX

    “normal independent countries with more normal leaders”.

    Can you please explain what “normal” means in this context, Gigi?