NZ Deputy PM: VIC quarantine “looseness” caused COVID-19 surge

With New Zealand going 75 days without community transmission of COVID-19, and having eradicated the virus, straight-talking Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters has blamed Victoria’s “looseness” in hotel quarantine for causing Australia’s virus surge:

“It’s awfully frustrating… and I feel a great deal of regret that looseness allowed this thing to get out of control in my view in Australia”…

“It’s really terrible. I see the cases are still on the rise… All in all, it’s a disaster. And the fear will be that it creeps outside of Victoria”.

Our own Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, also raised similar points this morning:

“The quarantine breach obviously has been very significant… Where this has occurred, it’s got out through that method. For those of you proposing eradication, if you get a breach in quarantine, it doesn’t matter, it will just seep out into the community”.

Too right. After doing the hard yards ‘flattening the curve’ and getting active COVID-19 numbers down to negligible levels, the Andrews’ Government’s half-arsed outsourcing of quarantine biosecurity to unskilled private security guards has undone the good work and placed the entire nation at risk:

Putting the COVID genie back in the bottle is going to be a long and painful process.

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  1. Ronin8317MEMBER

    When the judicial inquiry is over, all the blame will be put on the poor underpaid and untrained security guards.

    • Kudos to that security guard who was training to be a better lover though. Management material right there!

  2. just lockdown the nursing homes and let us all go about our lives as normal

    sick of this sh1t

    if they close gyms in nsw again (going to the gym is one of the only things i have to do with my day) im going to kill myself in public

  3. call me ArtieMEMBER

    Can anyone illuminate me as to how the large al taqwa college cluster is associated with the hotel quarantine failure? Not being sarcy, just want to know it there is a commonality?

    • I fear it may be a red herring – ya know, so as not to ignite any anti-foreigner feeling. They are our future, after all.

    • BLM protests? The demographic is correct, same as the tower blocks full of S0malis

    • Security guards have children……some of which may have been conceived on a quarantine hotel bed!

  4. The Covid genie?

    Just wait till they try and put the inflation genie back in the bottle when it gets out 😉

    Paging Steph Kelton …

    • Ah listened to Steph K twice being interviewed by quite good interviewers. But I was amazed that on neither occassion was there any mention of external trade or anything else re Trading with other countries or current account deficits etc.Maybe it doesn’t matter?

      • The problem with interviewers is that they tend to be ‘generalists’ and not ‘specialists’.

        Which is not an impediment, normally, but when economists themselves don’t even understand their own subject (properly) it can be a problem.

  5. Scab Quarantine Security

    Are they seriously still blaming the quarantine breach as the main reason for setting this off and not the 10,000 people who gathered shoulder to shoulder for the BLM rally. You only need a few infected people within a 10,000 person gathering for it to spread like wildfire which it has done.

  6. This is just ridicilous… they think we are dumb?

    In early March there were hundreds of infected people on streets of Melbourne going to parties, sports events, … no social distancing of any kind and total number of local transmissions in March and April was few hundreds
    Now they are telling us that few quarantine escapes led to thousands of local transmissions in few weeks

  7. SnappedUpSavvyMEMBER

    Only in Victoria do you employ foreign people who have been in the country 2 minutes to tell you how to behave at YOUR OWN FOOTBALL MATCHES

    So I am not surprised by this

    • blacktwin997MEMBER

      “Spectator in position 4 on row 2 – kindly prepone the needful and revert throwing that bottle!”

  8. I am GrootMEMBER

    “…straight-talking Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters has blamed Victoria’s “looseness” in hotel quarantine for causing Australia’s virus surge.”

    Was her name really Victoria? Quite a coincidence.


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  10. Talk about irony, old Winston is one of the biggest rooters going. Getting on a bit now so maybe just don’t let him near aged care facilities.