MSM: Victoria braces for 700-plus new COVID-19 infections

The mainstream media is reporting that Victoria is expected to record over 700 new COVID-19 cases – the highest daily tally – alongside a record 13 new deaths:

Victoria is reportedly set to announce a new record of over 700 cases today, marking a shocking new record for the nation.

It’s understood that 13 new deaths will also be announced at a press conference later today.

The state’s virus record last peaked on Monday, when 532 cases were announced…

More than 950 cases of COVID-19 have been linked to aged-care facilities, with active outbreaks across 87 separate centres, as 295 new cases were recorded across the state on Wednesday.

We’ll provide the official numbers later this morning.

Leith van Onselen


  1. Goldstandard1MEMBER

    Using the Let it rip strategy without meaning it.
    East coast lock down looming and that will send ppl bonkers. Especially the bloke above me as his property portfolio and serfs diminish.

  2. DominicMEMBER

    Mmmm … a quick trip to Coles may be in order to stockpile TP.

    The head of Sport at my son’s school says they are planning for schools to shut down again in QLD within the next few weeks — or at least for all school and club sport to be cancelled.

    Fingers crossed it doesn’t kick off again, however …

  3. Ronin8317MEMBER

    Waiting for the number to go over 1000 before you do a stage 4 lockdown is really fcuking stupid. It means Victoria will have more number of infected than China before this is over.

    On the plus side, Clive Palmer’s High Court challenge cannot win now.

    • I reckon he will win and then WA will tweak their border closures just enough to be constitutionally valid and it will be almost unchanged in effect.

    • Does level 4 mean that I have to stay where I am in this hellhole, not moving out to Brunswick east or north fitzroy? Holly hell Sleeping on midcentury narrow settee with boomerang arms next to the computer. Everything dumped in living room after sewage volcano. Have food after seeing China vids in January like all might have considered.

  4. Robert Johnson

    Singapore 50,000 cases, 27 deaths.

    Case counts are irrelevant.

    All that matters is ICU patients, of which we are only at 45/450 beds in Victoria.

    Anyway, its clear that lockdown isn’t working, apart from causing huge economic and social damage. Cancel the lockdowns and let us just get on with it.

  5. Meanwhile the media is baying for Dan Andrew’s blood:

    Daniel Andrews: The blame game
    20 June: Blamed families
    ‘We have had many stories of families that have given it to each other’

    7 July: Blamed people not following rules
    ‘So many people want to pretend this is over’

    22 July: Blamed workers
    ‘They continued to go shopping, continued to go to work’

    26 July: Blamed young people
    ‘You probably know someone who isn’t following the rules’

    28 July: Blamed private care homes
    ‘These private facilities are not run by the Victorian government’

    • darklydrawlMEMBER

      Yeah, nah. It’s the “Daily Wail” – I wouldn’t expect anything less from them on Dan… Not saying Ol’ Dan has been flawless, but I supsect he’s done a better job than the state LNP would have. Although the hotel quanrantine issue he should take responsibility for.

  6. pursuing elimination is pointless now

    should have used our respite period to properly fortifying our nursing homes, then opening up the country nationwide

    instead we tried to be like poo zealand (a country that will eventually and inevitably suffer the same fate) and pursue a NO CASES streak just so we could brag about it pointlessly to the rest of the world

    • yep no one cares anymore

      its gonna be reveat2mean alone screaming at people from his ppv draped porch in a haz mat suit and a gas mask for walking too close to his house left in a couple of months

    • Coming it’s definitely exaggerated, I have a view but no one on here could give me a genuine argument that the economic, mental health, suicide,….. social consequences won’t be much worse if in the future we look back
      Sorry but the social implications will be much worse

      Coming you saying this is bull dust is the same as me saying house prices would crash this year
      It’s very hard to go against consensus
      You know now I felt trying to give me view on house prices that none wants to hear

      You’ve learned people believe what they want to believe and if you challenge them you just cop abuse

    • Majority are calling bulldust on this thing now

      No, just the very vocal minority. Sociopathy is a thing.
      “For every complex problem there is an answer that is clear, simple, and wrong”

  7. frag outMEMBER

    Does anybody know what the testing protocol is? Are the numbers made up of positive cases from people who have elected to be tested, or from others too?

    Why don’t they pull their finger out and conduct and independent random sample of 50,000-100,000 people across Victoria to determine the actual prevalence amongst the community in order to extrapolate useful conclusions vs. the garbage being recorded at the moment. Sampling 101, no?

    • C.M.BurnsMEMBER

      there simply isn’t the capacity to sample random people and then run those tests, over and above the tests required to contact trace confirmed cases.

      sampling and contact tracing requires a LOT of resources: people and systems / equipment. VIC Health were already overwhelmed by the effort of contact tracing the confirmed cases; so overwhelmed they were sending cases and data to NSW Health contact tracing teams to assist (back before NSW started to ramp up again).

      • frag outMEMBER

        Possibly the case, but from a sampling perspective the numbers being recorded now are just a subset of the actual total number (recorded + unrecorded).

        I would be interested in what experts think the ratio is, my gut feel/looking at cases elsewhere overseas is that the official numbers are between 10-20% of the actual number.

  8. The only reason the virus is spreading is because people are doing the wrong things. Like those 2 stupid girls who went to Melbourne and then went back to QLD.

    It’s clear that although we are at Stage 3 people are not following what that means. Like Karen who did all of Brighton.

    • Locus of ControlMEMBER

      I spoke to a colleague in Melb yesterday who was very upset about the returned restrictions affecting their quality of life (i.e. ability to enjoy activities outside their home – dining out with friends, etc.) and leaving them unable to visit relatives interstate.

      People just don’t have what it takes, mentally, to deal with these lockdowns.

      I do have what it takes to survive and thrive in lockdowns, but clearly most of us aren’t misanthropic introverts like me!

      • Having ME/CFS means I am super prepared from a resilience perspective, and lockdown suits the h3ll out of me. I acknowledge however that I am rather unusual in this way

      • kiwikarynMEMBER

        No. And a lot of people probably don’t even realise it yet. We are behind a few weeks in Big Brother, and last night the coronavirus lockdown episode aired. I actually got upset, felt “triggered”. I don’t know if I’d cope with another 2 months of lockdown, the first has clearly left me with an element of PTSD.

    • if a regulation relies on voluntary compliance it’s not a regulation
      reminds me of banks

      lockdowns don’t work – a reason could be human nature or whatever but it doesn’t matter they cannot be made working so what’s the point

  9. Cases not casualties. Corona-fatigue has kicked in. People have had enough and want life to return to normal. Theyve had enough of politicians, bureaucrats, media and whiney work-from-homers telling them what to do. They don’t care if oldies drop like flies, not really, ar least not someone elses oldie, or even their own for that matter – it’s life – and they want their life back – social, footy, restaurants, bars, eventually hedonism wins and for good reason.

    No putting this genie back in the bottle, sentiment has shifted. Except in the mining States, where elimination is a national necessity.

    • I think there would be much less corona-fatigue if they could see that lockdowns were actually working, but Melbourne has been in stage 3 restrictions about 3 weeks and there has hasn’t been any discernible positive effect in the number of cases being reported each day. I think if people saw that numbers were trending lower their corona-fatigue would subside and efforts would redouble. The comments section today is instructive, as time goes by there will be more and more who think “stuff this, we have all these restrictions and it is still ripping through the population. I can’t do much to not get this so I may as well go about my normal life”. There are still a majority of people who are believe the lockdown will work, but if it continues for another month or so and doesn’t work, I think public opinion will change and nothing Daniel Andrews can say will be able to stop it.

      • I suspect corona-fatigue arrived early in Melbourne. Thirty percent returning travelllers refusing testing, enthusiastic large group participation in family and reglious events, the iconic protests. All largely ignored as police focussed attention on wayward solo surfers, golfing pairs and learner drivers.

    • It’s just an excel spreadsheet that spits out an assumption of R0 below 1. Then they high fived themselves. Spent the rest of the time on the graphical output to make it look nifty. People use numbers to make people feel like they know what they are doing, but if you know your stuff, you know it’s all in the assumptions. Clearly they are missing the asymptomatic spread and still thinking they are picking up all the cases.

      They might have even goalseeked the R0 from the economic modelling the RBA handed them…

  10. TightwadMEMBER

    Other than screaming for ‘Daddy’ to lock us all up in our homes and provide the illusion of safety there is no long term plan here. Like the flu this is now part of life. If you are scared lock yourself away while the rest of us get on with it. It is naive to think this can be eliminated, as soon as you test more people you find more cases as the vast majority are asymptomatic. More people have died in car accidents (mainly young people) in the last 6 months than of this virus which primarily is dangerous to very old people with existing health conditions. To destroy the future of our children with these draconian knee jerk responses is unconscionable.

  11. I should be serious now because I see a lot of fear in peoples’ posts. It’s natural to be fearful of things that are new and potentially dangerous but it’s also natural for people to use reason to overcome fear (that’s what makes us different from other animals)
    if you are an average younger person, under 60, getting covid19 will barely change your chances of dying this year.
    for example a 55 year old male has 0.4% chance of dying this year, probability of dying from covid19 if you get infected for 50-60 age group of is less than 0.2% (based on age adjusted data from Princess Diamond the only complete sample where everyone got tested and assuming no false negatives – this assumption can overestimate fatality rate by up to 80%)
    so if you are 55 with average health your chance of dying this year are going to increase by 0.2% if you get covid19. For younger people this increase in mortality is even lower.
    For example, you are that 55 year old male your chances of dying this year would increase by more than 0.2% if you:
    – commute by car more than 15000 km per year,
    – smoke
    – drink more than 4 std drinks per week
    – have BMI >30 or <18

    How many of these things we do to keep or improve our perceived quality of life and don't care about increased risk of dying? But we are willing to scarify our quality of life to avoid a tiny increase that 's much smaller?

  12. BornwildMEMBER

    I think its premature to declare that the lockdowns are not working. 700 sounds like a big number, but there US states with similar or smaller populations than Melbourne reporting much larger case numbers. Singapore with a similar population has reported significantly higher numbers.

    • those who support lockdowns claim that lockdowns help reduce spread not that lockdowns limit maximum number of transmissions and it Melbourne lockdowns failed to slow down the spread because numbers look same.
      On 8/07 when lockdown was introduced it took 13 days to double number of cases, as of today it took 11 days – so spread didn’t slow

      • bolstroodMEMBER

        You Know something Doc ?
        I think this Virus is here to stay.
        I think it was delibereatly loosed upon the world ( by whom is anyones guess).
        The human race spread like a virus in the last 100 years, and this is the treatment to save the rest of the biosphere.

      • Doctor X, again you are doing sleight of hand. Comparing now time Covid cases with current mask wearing against previous time cases without mask wearing is not accurate. It’s a trick. There is a stated increase in community based infection,we have NO way of measuring WHAT the CURRENT numbers would be without masks. The infection pool has increased, statistically there are more crazies out there visiting multiple churches, travelling on planes and fingering handbags.

  13. lets hope NSW learnt from Newmarsh (suspect not) and that QLD preparing their aged cared (sure not) – much easier to point fingers than prepare.

  14. The other factor at play when it comes to the general public is TRUST.
    Very few people actually trust the government nowadays.
    Trust has been eroded, year after year, incident after incident, controversy after controversy and so on.

  15. This has assumptions of the past months, that perfect medical care is available., for christs sake. Your statement needs qualification, variables have changed. As soon as my daughter in law, out of maternity leave as lung specialist at top melbourne covid hospital working 12 out of 14 days gets Covid, with her colleagues, you and your mates will have Buckleys of getting care in ICU or even hospital beds. In Singapore and Vic prior to June 10 th the death rate was very low. The hospitals managed. The Alfred heart lung Covid area staff don’t have proper PPE right now according to media, they won’t last long.

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