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Leith van Onselen


  1. plans for greater transparency in political lobbying – The SMH

    Fark transparency. Just ban it.

  2. Daniel Andrews didn’t use the ADF for hotel security because he made a deal with the unions to use contractors. Skilled (unskilled) variety.

    Thank the unions in for the outbreak in Victoria.

    • Brahmin Australian

      It’s the fault of the government for outsourcing security to unskilled scab labour on $20 per hour cash in hand.

    • Got a link or it didn’t happen. More likely to be as Brahmin suggests: outsourced to scab labour.

    • yeah evil unions destroyed our country … time for BRW Rich 200 to regain the control

      • That’s the way here on MB, nobody even pretends be anything other than willing dupes and useful idiots for the top end town…… the latter is never faulted while immigrants, unions, youth etc. are to blame for Australia’s issues……

    • What’s your issue with me triage? Every comment I make there you are getting irritated. What was it that I said exactly that made you sad?

  3. ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

    “Does Japan have special immunity?

    Tokyo University professor Tatsuhiko Kodama – who studies how Japanese patients react to the virus – believes Japan may have had Covid before. Not Covid-19, but something similar that could have left behind “historical immunity”.

    OK,…tin foil hat theory of the day.
    Maybe The Wuhan bar sniffles (COVID-19) Is a Genetically engineered bio weapon designed to only take out round eyed boomers in large numbers and leave East Asians less damaged.
    In other words,…Bio War!
    Let’s hope this only expands into Cyber war and not that destructive asset damaging kind.
    Nobody wants to see house prices completely wiped out!

    What do you blokes reckon?

      • Oh, FFS…your spin is consistently pathetic.

        Yes..the article suggests a “likely possibility” that previous viral infections may provide some level of immunity against Covid-19. It also states that:
        However, a contrarian viewpoint is also legitimate. While most acute infections result in the development of protective immunity, available data for human coronaviruses suggest the possibility that substantive adaptive immune responses can fail to occur (Choe et al., 2017, Okba et al., 2019, Zhao et al., 2017) and robust protective immunity can fail to develop (Callow et al., 1990). A failure to develop protective immunity could occur due to a T cell and/or antibody response of insufficient magnitude or durability, with the neutralizing antibody response being dependent on the CD4+ T cell response (Crotty, 2019, Zhao et al., 2016).
        i.e. the proposition is unproven.

        I note you did not reply to my previous query regarding your assertions on humoral immunity. Here is a suggestion for you “Doc”. If you want to make a point, refrain from linking to articles which actually militate against or dilute your argument.

      • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

        I don’t know why Mig but I find your hatred of all things “boomer”,…very endearing.

    • PalimpsestMEMBER

      Sounds fairly Japan-specific, because the death toll in Wuhan originally was fairly significant. Japan has had a relatively high proportion of smokers, and there’s another (unproven) hypothesis that nicotine competes with the virus for ACE2 receptors reducing the fatality rate. All a bit soon to tell.

      • The Traveling Wilbur

        There’s a fairly easy (and ethics approvable) way of doing double blind human trials right now for that one! I foresee lots of takers.

        Getting clearance for the injecting with the chemical cleaners and UV ports might take longer.

      • death toll in Wuhan was high only if you assume that only 50k people were infected as confirmed by tests
        keep in mind that PCR test (virus genome sequence) was not available for a long time while Wuhan epidemic was raging …

        so half of the epidemic duration they didn’t test anyone and even after that they tested only with significant symptoms … add 80% of asymptomatic cases and one can easily see over two million being infected in Wuhan and death toll being relatively low

    • I reckon that you could run a creative writing course for tradies course. The answers will come out with time as research is done and those who are experts figure it out.

      They could also look into how hardy them Russians are.
      The real number of deaths is probably 0. Russia just doesn’t want to intimidate the rest if the world too much with how tough they are.

  4. Anyone had experience with getting a toddler COVID swabbed? Little bloke has got a nasty cough but not sure how he would take someone shoving a swab at him.

    Also the local testing centre says they won’t do kids under 5 and GP says no as well. Does he have to go to emergency???? WTF?