Inquiry into Victoria’s hotel quarantine disaster begins

The public inquiry into Victoria’s bungled hotel quarantine has begun today in Melbourne.

Tony Neal, the senior counsel assisting the hotel quarantine inquiry, said in his opening address on Monday that information already available to the probe suggests “the possibility of a link between many of the cases of coronavirus identified in the Victorian community in the past few weeks and persons who were quarantined under the hotel quarantine program”.

Neal added that “comments made by the chief health officer to the media have suggested that it may even be that every case of COVID-19 in Victoria, in recent weeks, could be sourced to the hotel quarantine program”.

The COVID-19 Hotel Quarantine Inquiry will examine, report and make recommendations on the decisions and communications of the Victorian government and personnel involved in the program.

No witnesses will make an appearance today, but further public hearings will be held in August.

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  1. It will be interesting if they name the bonking security guard and the horny !ndian housewife.

    CNN thinks they will

    Meanwhile, The Guardian is reporting:“Every coronavirus case currently in Melbourne could be linked back to the hotel quarantine program, inquiry hears”

    I expect it to be a cover-up, or delayed until next year everyone has forgotten about Dan Andrew’s incompetence.

    • Forrest GumpMEMBER

      Oh..geeee…do we blame Dan Andrews for the security guard that bonked the woman in isolation?

      Okay, I can take that…as long as I can blame him when when my wife catches me bonking the neighbor!

        • Reusachtige,

          I saw ‘Handjobs R Us’ has been linked to an infection outbreak. Did you get tested? – or were you trialing the competition over at ‘Happy Endings’ that weekend?

    • What did you expect?

      From February until June over 270,000 non Australian citizens were allowed into Australia.

      NON Australian foreign nationals being allowed in as PR.

      Indians, Middle East, Asian lowlife.

      Foreign citizens who had secured an Australian PR and were living overseas on Australian welfare, or had gone back overseas after sponsoring in their elderly sick and useless to suck up our welfare and Medicare.

      And then when the virus broke out – these Chinese, Indians, Bangladeshi, Nepalese, Pakistani, Thai, Malays, Middle Eastern etc – all lied or falsified their way back into Australia.
      Even when they knew they had the virus – dosing up themselves or their spawn with paracetamol to pass the temperature checks.
      Or transit stops in countries that didn’t have restrictions.

      Then lying about their purpose in Australia and their contact details and addresses as later attempts in contact tracing showed.

      Boasting on their Facebook or Chinese equivalent about how easy it was to sneak into Australia.

      To then live in a taxpayer funded hotel and to line up at Centrelink for ‘double welfare’
      Laughing, boasting, how stupid is Australia:
      Every other country kicking out non citizens as it prepared from the virus pandemic to be unleashed.
      Australia allowing them in, paying them double welfare.

      A PR is a non Australian. A foreign national.

      Why we allow them to get welfare & Medicare or allow them into Australia during a pandemic… beats me.

      And what do you expect when you mix Asian and Indian PR in a ‘pretend quarantine’ with the security being from labor rings using migrant TR?

      That’s 100% certainty in virus spread.

      In addition to the 1.9 million non Australian PR we have another 2.5 million non Australian migrant TR living and working here illegally – also in the cash economy, black market labour range, false identities, fake timesheets and deeply engaged also in the foreign criminal run vice, drug running, and black market economy.

      So the migrant PR took the opportunity whilst in a 5 star Australian taxpayer funded hotel room to do tricks for the guests and security.
      Or paid bribes to break quarantine.
      Paying the Indian or Pakistani TR (who the week before was cleaning floors or stacking shelves at Coles..)

      And so the virus spread like myxomatosis from the infected PR non citizens in hotels to the TR low life illegal workers posturing as security guards and then it got transmitted back into their filthy migrant slum enclaves.

      Let’s see just how honest this ‘enquiry’ is going to be.

      🔹Police claims that the security staff were predominantly migrant TR labour ring hires and untrained with little or no supervision.

      🔹Police claims that the Asian PR in quarantine had established brothel operations and were sexually active with other guests, hotel staff & security.

      🔹Corruption and bribe payments by quarantined migrants to security and hotel staff to evade quarantine rules.

      🔹The labour hire security firms engaged in ‘ghosting’ – a practice which involves inflating the amount of guards listed on duty to charge the government and taxpayer more for their services.

      🔹Operators charged the government for a certain number of staff even though there were less working.

      🔹Widespread use of false identities as many of the labor hire security candidates were working illegally.

      … All that and more.

      The migrant PR and TR have been a long standing social and economic risk to Australia.

      Now they are a bio security risk.

      This is just the first wave.
      As expected the virus outbreak is in the Melbourne (and Sydney) migrant slums.
      The 1.9 million PR and 2.5 million TR migrants – 4.4 million non Australian migrant foreign nationals will be the incubation hub and vector of transmission to wider Australia.

      They will be the first to infected, the first to chew up the ICU and healthcare capacity.
      That’s right.
      These 4.4 million non Australian migrants will spread the virus between themselves and completely destroy Australian health care capacity (being the first mass wave of infections) and then infect Australian citizens.

      And many Australian citizens won’t get health care and will die because,..
      because we refused to round up and deport these non Australian migrants (almost all the TR on a non invalid visa pretext) and stop the PR from coming back in.

  2. I expect the uber driver turned security guards and the unpatriotic foreigners who all combined to unleash this further misery on the populace, and cause further financial destruction to the country will all be publicly named and shamed. Then forced onto live TV to publicly apologize for what they did. Then have their assets all confiscated as compensation. Then any visas or residency/citizenship revoked for themselves and families and all and sundry immediately deported, where they can feel free to rut without consequences to this country.

    • Mining BoganMEMBER

      Nobody told them at Quarantine School that shagging the inmates was wrong.

      Truly an act of vile negligence by the gubmint.

  3. So, we will test the hypothesis espoused by some here this was all the young wokesters in the BLM protests.

      • …and that public-private partnerships deliver good governance by transferring all the boring details of service delivery to the much more ‘efficient’ cost-cutting and casualised private sector.

    • Can't Socially Distance

      People are ordered to stay at least 1.5 metres away from each other to avoid the spreading of the highly infectious plague.

      At the BLM protests in Melbourne there were 10,000 people standing next to each other shoulder to shoulder.

      Just a racist conspiracy to say that a BLM protest helped spread the virus…

    • Mining BoganMEMBER

      Didn’t Rupes’s Oz paper have to retract the story about links being found between the BLM Day Out and virus spreads? A couple of politicians had to.

      Still, the rumour started and that’s all they wanted.

  4. There’s no way that any thirsty guards actually banged guests. It is sensationalist hearsay and can’t be substantiated. As for sharing lighters, well I’d be doubtful if that was the means of transmission.
    Occams razor: Absent or failed defences in basic quarantine. Deficient training and supervision.

      • Believe it when you see it. All it did was titilate and deflect blame. You need to establish a chain of evidence bordering on 4k resolution at the time of consumation, not just a grainy pic in a hallway. Even so, you’d still need to establish that person A transmitted it to person B rather than person B just catching it in a lift or from a dirty toilet seat and taking it home to share.
        /healthy cynicism

  5. Don’t forget, this is a “nationwide” inquiry, chaired by “independent health expert” Jane Halton, an accomplished Yes Minister for the Tories. If Scott Morrison wants Daniel Andrews to get a flogging, then that’s what he’ll get.

  6. greedypuppyMEMBER

    Hopefully we will find out why the Victorian Police were not drafted to do this as in NSW…did they say no to Dan?