Dan Andrews: Downfall

Just right for another locked down Melbourne Friday.

David Llewellyn-Smith
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  1. ComradeKovolot

    Spotted this via her post on LinkedIn.
    Apparently Victoria has nothing to apologise for, using government speak means “we just have to plan better”
    My good Serbian fighting friends don’t like Covid-19 lockdowns being re-introduced, https://www.rt.com/news/494201-belgrade-protests-covid-escalate/

    • PalimpsestMEMBER

      Can someone explain this to me please. My understanding is they’re complaining because COVID spread because they relaxed lockdown too fast and held some big events. Now the authorities want to reintroduce lockdown the protesters are protesting about the lockdowns. I’m a little confused.

  2. If Daniel Andrews resigns right now (like MB is crying for) it means that James Merlino (or Tim Pallas) would become Premier – and I hardly doubt they would do any better of a job. If anything – it would be akin to throwing a learner driver onto the road for their first driving lesson in the middle of a blizzard on the road from Harrietville to Mount Hotham.

    Yes – Andrews has made mistakes, and yes he should be cruicified for these mistakes – but as a state right now we are better to wait 6-12 months and leave him in the chair to fix up his mess. The next state election is only 27 months away anyway.

    Andrews should not fall on his sword instantly because of the failure – he should be forced to clean up his own mess, and potentially fall on his sword once the economic fall out of thousands of small businesses hitting the wall due to a second lockdown becomes apparent across the economy.

    It’s all well and good to be outraged (and rightly so) – but the last thing this state needs in a time of desperate crisis is a new leader learning the ropes at the same time.

    Am I wrong?

    • You are not wrong. Daniel Andrews is probably the only competent politician in Victoria other than Clifford Hayes. The Liberal opposition are an embarrassment and bereft of any talent. Most of the Labor party is pretty much in the same boat.

    • You are wrong; Dan and any other senior politician has very little effect on how the government departments or economy runs on a daily basis. Look else where in the shadows.

    • Charles MartinMEMBER

      Not really, but people forget easily and 27 months is a long time away even in a covid restricted world.
      He needs to have constant pressure applied to him over the next 27 months, but that isn’t going to happen, especially with a non-existent opposition.

      Victoria wouldn’t fall apart if Andrews left right now because he doesn’t run the show, he’s the puppet getting his strings pulled. This is why I want to know the names of the so called “backrooms boys” and the other aholes giving advice. If these blokes maybe fear for their safety from a pissed off electorate when their deals are made public, then we might have decisions made in the best interests of the state or the nation. If they are allowed to stay in the shadows, it’s just more of the same.

    • I agree. This off with his head nonsense is why we don’t have good leaders in Politics anymore because 1 mistake and we crucify them. It’s also why they all just play it safe and toe the line, because why would you stick your neck out and risk it for the biscuit? Losing that job and salary with it.

      Yes Dan fudged it big time, yes I don’t particularly love him but he’s better than a lot of others and if he takes ownership and fixes this mess then he’s redeemable (for a Kmart voucher)… But I do worry about his China relationship.

    • Not wrong. Andrews is not Hitler even though the parody was funny. Of course he should not be forced to resign on the basis of the security guards fiasco. He’s done far better than Morrison who mumbles platitudes and then goes back on them. The premiers have saved him. Including Andrews. Andrews made a genuine error of judgement and now will try very hard to improve. So easy to cast aspersions, Macrobusiness, but give it a break and let the man learn. He is right in what he says about the general populace being far too cavalier with the virus. He has apologised, a bit defensively but nevertheless. …and now he is stuck with being grateful to Morrison for not slamming him. Andrews is already in Purgatory. Give him a go.

  3. Spot on Raglan but the only problem is you are trying to talk sense into a blood thirsty mob here!

  4. Tim Smith will be very proud. I would have expected better from this blog. Daniel Andrews or preferably Jenny Mikakos should be held accountable for the hotel quarantine fiasco and a tardy lockdown response (lockdown should have been Melbourne wide early last week). However, we should be analysing ways to not follow the Singapore route. Singapore allowed the virus to take hold in densely population poorer ethnic areas which is what is happening in Melbourne.

  5. DingwallMEMBER

    You know you have sunk to a new low (possibly so low you make a real estate agent look good) when you get the look from Annastacia Palaszczuk ………..

    Also it would be been the icing on the cake if he had included “Don’t tell me this impacts my plan to bring in 1.7 million Chinese student in the next 2 weeks does it?”