COVID-19 spike scraps 35,000 international student arrivals

Plans to fly 35,000 international students into Australian cities from late July have reportedly been abandoned due to the spike in COVID-19 cases in Victoria:

The latest COVID-19 outbreak in Victoria has halted nascent plans to bring back nearly 35,000 international students from the end of the month.

The Australian can reveal universities in NSW had developed a plan with Berejiklian government officials to fly into Sydney 250 international students every day for 100 days, beginning later this month…

A proposal developed by Victorian universities and the Andrews government to bring 7000 international students to that state has fallen victim to the virus, and smaller programs to deliver 700 students to the ACT and 800 to South Australia are on hold.

This was always a ridiculous plan given:

  1. It dramatically increased the risk of spreading COVID-19 throughout Australia; and
  2. It was unfair given Australians are unable to travel freely around the nation or overseas.

Opening up Australia to international students was always an asymmetric bet that offered massive downside risks for little upside.

Australia must remain closed to everyone but returning citizens and permanent residents until the pandemic passes. No exceptions.

Leith van Onselen


  1. locked out of the paradise of delivering vindaloo curries on fixxies thru peak sydney traffic for $ 5/hr

    nooooooooooooooooo its a humanitarian disaster

  2. 👉🏾Migrant guestworker outbreak.

    Not only should the entire foreign student visa racket be immediately shut down, but we also need to see DHA and State police enforcement on the current TR / non Nz born SCV who are here on pretext visas for a nation wide round up and deportation program.

    We have 2.565 million TR / Non Nz born SCV who have been trafficked into Australia and remain onshore.

    92% or 2.308 million are in Sydney and Melbourne. Living in vast fetid crowded migrant slums.
    Melbourne has 1.01 million
    Sydney has 1.3 million
    And 0.2 million elsewhere.

    What’s interesting in the Melbourne Tower blocks was just how many were living in those taxpayer funded housing commission tower blocks and who / were from.

    Migrant TR Indian Bangladeshi, Pakistani, Nepalese, and the Asian Chinese & South East Asian vice workers & druggies.

    Seems even our housing commission slums are being ‘sublet’ cash in hand by the foreign criminal gangs and syndicates that have taken over our low end private and our public housing.

    The genuine Australian families and needy pushed out onto the street.
    (We have 116,000 Australian permanent homeless and another 340,000 seeking affordable housing).

    2.5 million TR and non Nz born SCV
    Stealing Australian jobs.
    Stealing our housing.
    Trafficked in to be part of the foreign criminal run black economy.
    A long standing economic & social risk.
    And now a grave bio security risk to Australians.
    Let’s see the police & the media sweep thru these tower blocks and expose on social media live stream and in the mainstream media / television this massive overcrowded migrant occupation of our housing.

    11 Nepalese in a 1 bed unit
    2 families / 15 Africans living in filth
    Squalid clusters of Chinese, north Asian and south East Asian vice workers & their pimps in bunk share.

    All on TR visas as ‘students’, ‘partners’, skilled visas, ‘protection visas’.

    All living and working illegally.

    Let’s see the police and government authorities do a tower block by tower block, suburb by suburb housing inspections.

    These migrants have entered Australia with falsified documents, falsified health checks, pretext visas.

    They all need to be identified, bio metric checked, health checked, their visa pretext and COe verified.
    And their accommodation checked.

    Almost all will be found to be in visa breach.
    They are criminal migrant illegals.
    It will be in the order of hundreds of thousands in Melbourne alone.

    The same is required in Sydney (and Brisbane, Adelaide and the other migrant ghettos)

    It is only a matter of time before these other cities migrant slums – now simmering away as the virus incubation hub also ‘outbreak’ to spread and infect the wider Australian community.

    👉🏾Police and housing inspection.
    👉🏾Identity and visa compliance verification.
    👉🏾Visa cancellation.
    👉🏾Round up the hundreds of thousands / if not a million or more criminal migrant illegals in visa breach for immediate deportation.

    • buttzilla 266MHz

      bruh, the CCP already ordered everyone back. be patient.
      leadership doesn’t exist here, just spivs. so don’t expect s**t. Thank COVID, raptor jebus and the CCP for a miracle.

    • Did you notice the guy in the towers on the ABC complaining that they can only have four people at a time in the living room? I keep wondering when someone will say illegal slumshare, but no one does. (Except you Mike. Thanks for that.)

      • Mike, do you work for the elite by any chance? Your constant blame on migrants for all the issues Australia having is tiring. You should direct your blame on the successive governments who all sold Australians out by importing these people in mass.

        • Bear Bullwinkle

          Ending the flow of migrants will be more damaging to the interests of elites than whatever wrist slap the Greens could deliver to the elites if we went all-in on anti-capitalism.

          Judging from Innes Willox freaking out over the “Berlin Wall” being raised between VIC and NSW, the loss of these 35,000 students might cause some real heart palpitations in the Ponzi Kings!

        • I do blame the current and prior governments
          And there is a very long list of people and institutions that sold Australia out. And I have stated this before many times on this forum.

          You can go way back to say Al Grasby
          Or Hawke & the kernel of Chinese misfits allowed to stay that has now ballooned our to 1.4 million Chinese mainland born communists now in Australia, only 360k are citizens after 2 decades, 1.1 million (PR oratR) still remain non Australian Chinese sole passport nationals.
          Michael Knight in allowing ‘English’ as study for the south East Asian and later north Asian vice worker importation industry to be established.
          Howard “stop the boats – waive thru the airports”
          Pilbersek who sold out Australian homeless by gifting the NRAS housing to foreign students
          Abbott in his bluster and deceit on immigration
          Morrison more bluster and deceit
          Dutton weak & inept more bluster and tokenism
          The corrupted Education/universities/colleges
          The property & business lobbyists
          The FRB
          The Appeals Tribunal
          The ABF & now DHA
          And a weak gullible Australian population / mass conditioned into acceptance that seeking to have a quality and contributing migrant intake would somehow ‘be racist’ / instead the mass importation of third world guestworkers in blatant visa racketeering somehow ‘enhances’ our economy and society.
          All are to blame for the importation of 1.9 million bottom of the barrel third world useless PR and another 2.5 million TR /SCV that have turned our cities into fetid third world slums.

          But I also blame the migrant intake themselves.

          They lied, paid bribes, falsified documents, fake health checks, and were willing collaborators in immigration and visa fraud.
          They queued up in their third world slums and willingly collaborated with the foreign agent procurers to enter Australia on a visa pretext.
          Fake Identity
          Fake health checks
          False funds
          Fake pretext to be in Australia
          Working & living illegally.
          The mainstay of the now vast foreign criminal run black economy in Australia.
          The 4.4 million (1.9 million PR & 2.5 million TR / SCV) foreign nationals willing collaborated in their deceit to enter and to knowingly destroy Australia wages jobs housing education and our standard of living.
          So blame equally apportioned at least.

          Now with the China virus, the entire rotten migrant guestworker underbelly of Melbourne is exposed.
          A social, economic and bio security risk.
          Same in Sydney.

          And now there is a compelling reason to act.
          Most of these Migrant guestworker TR have no valid basis to be in Australia.
          There are no skilled jobs.
          There are no classes (that couldn’t be done online overseas and they wouldn’t pay or attend that anyway)
          There are no protection needs
          Most will have entered on False funds
          Many will have falsified health checks from foreign agent doctors
          Most will be living in slum housing
          And they no longer have any valid basis to be here.

          Not with regional and rural Australia in downtown
          Not with 3 million Australian unemployed
          Not with 116,00 Australian permanent homeless and another 340,000 without affordable housing.

          It’s time to face facts – the migrant guestworker overshoot needs to be rounded up, visas cancelled & deported.

          80 flights a day out from Sydney & Melbourne (well within airport & spare plane capacity) at 250 migrants per plane – will see over 2 million unwanted third world migrant guestworkers deported within 100 days.

          That’s what is needed.

    • Interesting article. I’ve developed this crazy wild habit of looking up airport websites to see what flights are happening, it appears that the usual number of flights for this time are departing Melbourne Airport tomorrow including to Hong Kong and there are dozens of flights listed for travelling to Sydney although perhaps that will change. Were these students simply fleeing the virus?

      • Oh no I’ve figured it, they’re fleeing an inspection of their visa papers. They give it away. Be interesting to see if they really do fly out of Sydney.

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