AUSMIN births “Scummo Doctrine” drivel

Via The Australian:

Australia and the US have established a top-secret defence co-operation framework to counter Chinese military aggression, and put Darwin at the centre of future military plans with a new strategic fuel reserve for the city.

The classified defence framework, agreed at high-level talks in Washington, creates a new bilateral team to co-ordinate decisions on joint operations and the deployment of hardware and personnel across the Indo-Pacific.

The nations will also combat Chinese state-sponsored disinformation campaigns through a new joint working group, and support regional partners to reduce the risks of new pandemics arising from wildlife wet markets.

…Amid Chinese trade sanctions and threatened consumer boycotts of Australian products, Mr Pompeo said the US stood firmly alongside its ANZUS ally in the face of bullying by Beijing.

He said the US commended the Morrison government “for standing up for democratic values¬ and the rule of law, despite intense continued coercive pressure from the Chinese Communist Party to bow to Beijing’s wishes”.

Senator Payne…said Australia — which counts China as its biggest trading partner — would make its own decision. “Most importantly from our perspective, we make our own decisions, our own judgments, in the Australian national interest, and about upholding our security, our prosperity, and our values,” Senator Payne said.

Australia stood firm during the talks on resisting US pressure to join freedom of navigation operations in the South China Sea within 12 nautical miles of disputed Chinese-claimed features.

So top secret that it was all reported nationwide.  If there are any remaining secrets then they should be released forthwith. The AFR is making a song and dance about it.

The Australia-US Ministerial Consultations have been a classic play of the Morrison Doctrine.

Foreign Minister Marise Payne and Defence Minister Linda Reynolds have travelled to Washington in the midst of a global pandemic to deepen Australia’s strategic alliance with the United States against the disruptive rise of China.

But Australia also deals with China and the world on its own distinct terms, fashioned by its different circumstances. That means Australia will not go all the way with Washington as we seek to build a broader regional coalition to maintain a prosperous and secure peace in the neighbourhood.

It is one of those quirks of history that Australia has landed at it’s most consequential strategic moment since WWII governed by a gormless Scummo. This empty marketing mediocrity is now a part of decisions that are so far above his pay grade that they will determine Australian’s fate for generations.

With zero foreign and strategic policy experience, history, training, or, for that matter, interest, somehow a hollow, real-estate worshipping political hack is now putting his name to monumental regime changes for war and peace!

Let’s be thankful that his real influence is irrelevant. We can perhaps see the vacuous marketing hand at work in the refusal to contribute to freedom of navigation adventures. In truth, that doesn’t matter a damn. But it is something we can market to Beijing unless or until it actually comes to war in the South China Sea.

Call it the “Scummo Doctrine” if you like. All it really is is the institutional ballast of ANZUS with a smiley face stamped on it for Beijing that, of course, it will ignore.

It’s all the way with the USA!

David Llewellyn-Smith
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  1. TailorTrashMEMBER

    The Scomo doctrine…..
    Any cessation of the purchase of our children’s homes by the Chinese will be considered an act of war . You can depend on any LNP government ( or labor for that matter ) to stand up for Australian values ..the values of our real estate . This is who we are and I Scomo make no apologies for that

  2. This stuff is far beyond the pay grade of anyone who attended the meetings.

    Australia has no leverage here.

  3. Hill Billy 55

    Unbelievable that the USA military has the need to place strategic fuel reserves in Darwin, but our dumb PM is happy with our national fuel reserves to be held on American soil. Dumb is as dumb does!

  4. Darwin.. so we’re bringing the fight up to the Chinese doorstep then? Sailing battleships just outside their port, n stuff..

  5. happy valleyMEMBER

    “It’s all the way with the USA!”

    Absolutely – no independence of mind, unlike our little neighbour across the ditch.

    • NZ has the luxury of pansying about on the fence because they are literally not worth invading, except possibly by us.

      We on the other hand have huge reserves of important resources plus a prime strategic location. We are worth having. We need a big friend and there is only one credible choice, which is the one we have already made. It’s not a thoughtless or mindless choice, it’s a calculated and obvious one.

      Encouraging us to break away and become “more independent of the US” is just code for isolating us so China can pick us off easily.

      • ashentegraMEMBER

        Henry Kissinger described NZ as ‘A dagger pointed at the heart of Antarctica.’

        We have independently concluded China is engaging in cyber warfare against Australia, Huwei is unacceptable as a 5G equipment supplier, the South China Sea is international waters and sail up and down to demonstrate this, the CCP has an extensive network of spies operating here notably in our Universities, and an impartial investigation into the source of the CV-19 pandemic will very helpful.

        We also have concerns The Phillipine’s fishing grounds are being exploited by China – while the Filipinos are as poor as church mice.

        We wish the Chinese people could have free and fair elections, freedom of religion, freedom of movement and individual equality. While we might not go to war on these points, we do require them to be remedied.

        We know Scummo isn’t up to the task, nor is the ALP. Carriage of the matter falls to DFAT and DoD.

  6. We should just be grateful it’s ScoMo and Payne rather than Turnbull and Bishop – that latter combo had little subtlety and loved wallowing in the fawning of US Hawks. At least our current more low-key leaders have listened to concerned interests, toned down the rhetoric a notch and are having a go at feigning a modicum of independence.

    Of course we’re still the suckers, the patsies, the lackeys but now have enough good sense to realise that we have been dealt our hand by spooks and spivs, and it is a bad hand.

    • I think you’re saying that the pear-shape monarchy has the bottom too large to fit into a single basket, it needs two at least.