Adelaide breaks quarantine as 800 students to bring virus in

Here is the madness in full view, at the ABC:

A security guard monitoring repatriated Australians in hotel quarantine in Adelaide was sent home for breaching safety protocols and a review is underway, SA’s Chief Public Health Officer says.

She said SA Police identified the breach because they have oversight of the security guard operations and that a review is now underway into the security agencies providing the services.

“The police have a very, very strong presence and they are overseeing the security guards and that was how it was picked up,” Dr Spurrier said.

“Because we’ve got those processes in place, I’m feeling very comfortable about that.

“It didn’t put anybody at risk, but it was just a warning: ‘okay, you’ve been told you have to wear a mask. You’re not wearing it. You’re out of here’.”

Dr Spurrier added that authorities were reviewing their procurement processes for the security service, “just making sure we really want the top people in there”.

Failures by security guards to meet COVID-19 safety protocols were linked to a coronavirus outbreak at a Melbourne hotel which was used to quarantine returned travellers last month.

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews this week announced a judicial inquiry into the state’s management of hotel quarantine after a number of cases through late May and early June were linked to infection control breaches.

Bullshit. There is no full-proof system against this virus. It has escaped borders and boundaries again and again. See Victoria. It may well have escaped from level five biosecurity in a Wuhan lab to begin with.

So why is SA doing this madness?

South Australia plans to admit 800 international students next month under a pilot program that will see them return to the state’s three universities.

SA and the ACT, where Chief Minister Andrew Barr announced a separate pilot program for the readmission of international students last Friday, are the first two jurisdictions to be ready for the return of international students.

The ACT has plans for 350 students enrolled at the Australian National University and the University of Canberra to arrive in late July. Additionally, NSW and Victoria are expected to announce their plans soon.

If this political virus spreads we should march in the streets.

Keep the borders shut!

David Llewellyn-Smith


  1. Reus's largeMEMBER

    Money talks, find the names of the VC’s and let’s make them popular on all media when the outbreak happens!

  2. Mitchell Stuart

    The virus will get in the second we reopen borders. Unless we close borders permanently, its inevitable. The only way out is herd immunity. Move the elderly to Tasmania.

    • LittleEmperorMEMBER

      Don’t worry, we’re used to having a swine problem on the campuses… So many VC and “admin” snouts in the trough.

  3. “You from Punjabi, I from Punjabi – let’s do the needful!”

    Said the security guard to the foreign student.

    • latenightguruMEMBER

      What is your good name so that I can ask you to prepone the needful and kindly revert soonest

      • Lol. It’s hard to believe people talk like that, but I got an email recently from a long term American ex-pat in the middle east that was pretty much a quote of your comment.

  4. Will we have someone like Dutton forty years down the line saying how much of a disaster mass immigration from the subcontinent has been?

  5. Isn’t there an opportunity for the Govt to make some serious money here.
    Alot of students would love to come to a country free from coronavirus, so we should increase the visa fee to around $100k.
    Let in 30,000 students and you get $3bn in revenue.
    Print more money than the RBA.

  6. surfbeach2536

    The ACT is no better than anywhere else in Australia. When I went through a drive through COVID19 test in the ACT a few weeks ago, the security guard greeting every arrival was not wearing a mask, was getting everyone to wind down their car window and virtually put his head inside the car to speak to people as he could not hear what was being said while constantly chatting on the phone. I mentioned the problem at every subsequent stop of the process and at the end of the 45 minute drive around I asked the nurse to bring it to the attention of the supervisor.

    Leaving the centre after 55 minutes the guard was still chatting on his phone and still putting his head in car windows. I wrote to the government and received no response.

    The guard and company should have been disciplined for breech of health protocols and also excessive talk on the phone.

    The ACT like Victoria is doomed.


      Australia is doomed really. This covid thing has only just bloody started. I sense that people are over it so they’re assuming it must be over soon.

  7. Let’s not forget that AFR article that mentioned all those international border exemptions that have been in place from day one of the lockdown. Any further articles on those?

  8. Ronin8317MEMBER

    The only country we should accept international students from is New Zealand.

  9. Serious Person

    Where has Australia’s forceful condemnation of China’s HK security laws been ?

    Not for nothing they are being coy about this,

    The Feds will be implementing their own security laws soon enough when it’s clear to the people of this country that their government is actively working against their interests to prop up commercial interests.

    The business sector couldn’t have a better friend in this current band of venal thugs.

  10. Stormy Waters

    David – small point. There is no such thing as biosecurity level 5 for labs. Highest is level 4. The WIV (20 miles from central Wuhan) is BSL4. There is also a smaller lab ~200m from the wet market that I think is BSL2.

    I wouldn’t like to see anyone critique/dismiss your important point on the basis of BSL 5 not being a thing.

  11. kiwikarynMEMBER

    Keep your borders shut (except for NZ). Keep your borders shut so you CAN open to NZ. If you’re bringing in the infected, there’s no chance we get our travel bubble 🙁

  12. Its insane keeping them in hotels. The airports are not busy right now. March the passengers off the planes at gun point to a barb wire fenced off area on the actual airport grounds with a tent city and make them wait the quarantine out there. Throw a limited amount of food and essentials over the fence and let them fight each other for it.

  13. Spoke to a mate who works for the Ministry of a primary Industry in NZ at Auckland Airport. MPI have done a pretty good job of keeping NZ pest free and he laughed at the clowns running the quarantine in NZ. No PPE use in transportation or in the hotels when they arrive, mixing people up in hotels and in floors of hotels so there’s no clear isolation of day 1 arrivals from Day 14 arrivals, Smokers mixing and mingling. A complete farce. And no one in the Ministry of Health has enough horse sense to ask the veterinarians who deal with quarantine for a living, what their protocols should be.