UQ pays for “violent” Chinese consul defense against Pavlou

Recall that:

And now today:

Time ASIO raided UQ.

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  1. The BystanderMEMBER

    Gee, who’d have thought that giving universities autonomy and then cutting federal funding would lead them into an unholy alliance with one of the worst regimes in contemporary history? Quelle surprise!

  2. Just like the CCP, everything that has gone wrong is someone else’s fault, and all dissent should be summarily stamped out.

    Should we designate UQ as a terrorist organisation for serving at the beck of the Chinese, Communist Terrorist state?

    Either way, this will end UQ – it’s chosen the losing side of history and will pay a heavy price for it. Time for these pathetic little socialist fascists to get a healthy dose of reality.

  3. The feds defunded the unis, and dodgy players saw it as an opportunity to gain influence of the hearts and minds of future workers, business leaders, politicians and in fact influence society as a whole.

    It also allowed a debt funded bidding war that drove up the cost of courses way beyond anything resembling the cost of delivering those courses. It’s not unlike the housing market where you constrain supply to just below the natural level of demand, and allow debt in and you get a bidding war. At the same time education quality has declined.

    I hate to say it but it looks like it was a bad idea to privatise education.

      • PaperRooDogMEMBER

        Exactly!!! It was proven to pay for itself in the long run with better jobs lifting all boats (trickle down economics that actually worked a bit even for those at the bottom) and allowing greater social mobility, ie. poor kids could make it to Uni (UK study I read over 10yrs ago showed a big reduction in social mobility, less poor kids made it to Uni, guess it’s same here)

  4. Astonishing if true. How might UQ try to justify this? On the basis that the Consul-General requires legal support only because of an action by one of their senators?

  5. ComradeKovolot

    The CCP in Beijing seem to allow its foreign representatives to speak their mind (shoot their mouth off) more than other countries allow.
    I would think its the standing rule in diplomatic circles is for a consul general to at least phone head office to see if what they are about to say to a local media is OK. Topics regarded as sensitive or potentially damaging and they would be told STFU!
    The problem I have seen with the Chinese CCP government is its resembles the Chinese Imperial Court, countless petty officials (Mandarins) doing and saying their own thing with the impression they will gain favor of the Emperor. Back in the day sometimes it worked, while others lost their heads.
    Very soon the top man in Beijing will notice the antics of Brisbane’s Chinese Consul-General and he will be recalled.

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