Univerisites lobby to destroy Aussie virus success

Via The Australian:

Seeking a “first-mover” advantage in the competitive global education business, Australia’s 39 major universities have put a plan to the government to restart the entry of international students under strict health guidelines.

The proposal by Universities Australia, sent to the federal government on Thursday for consideration by the national cabinet, will require pre-departure COVID-19 tests for incoming students and 14 days of strict quarantine after arrival in Australia.

Titled “a national framework for the safe return of international students to Australia”, the UA submission outlines an initial pilot program of small numbers of students entering, then scaling up to larger numbers.

How can I put this delicately? No bloody way.

Australians have not been under house arrest for months to nearly kill the virus so that a pack of greedy vice-chancellors, who won’t even take a pay cut, can flood the joint with virus-marinated kids from overseas, jeopardising the fortress economy and Australian lives to boot.

Virus testing is not foolproof. Quarantine measures are full of holes. Two weeks is not long enough to exhaust contagiousness and Australia now sucks most of its kiddies from countries that are plunging into, not coming out of, the pandemic. High growth counties such as India, Nepal and Brazil.

It only takes one snotty-nosed brat to flout the rules and the entire economy is put at risk. This is not a “first-mover advantage” it is a “risk-shocker” and should be thrown out.

The universities have already proven to be uber-toxic lobbyists during the pandemic:

  • campaigning to keep borders open;
  • smuggling students in after borders were closed;
  • campaigning for exceptions throughout.

If we had listened to them at any stage in the pandemic response, we’d now be a virus basket case.

These institutions are now corrupt beyond belief. Little more than cesspits for former public servants to get rich at everyone else’s expense.

Keep the borders shut, do not listen to greedy ^%&#$, and call a royal commission into university corruption.

David Llewellyn-Smith
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  1. ScoMo has earned political kudos from his handling of the epidemic so far.
    Something like this would kill his Government.
    The restart is most tricky because everyone has an idea to restart the economy that accidentally makes them individually better off … and the Government has the unfortunate Dr No role of protecting the public asset that it has built in the public health. Loud mouths like property developers don’t want to know, ditto universities.
    Government would be better to put resourcing into small businesses currently hanging on just but with support would make it out the other side. Especially as they service a LOT of voters. If they have their smarts on they would do more JobMaker/JobBuilder/JobRetreiver programs because the restart will take much longer than the switch off. And that is Morrison’s JobKeeper program.
    Letting foreign students in regardless of “guarantee” is bloody stupid and in one stroke would kill all the respect that Morrison has built in handling this crisis. From JobKeeper to JobKiller in one move.

    • I agree with both your points I don’t have same desire to punch Morrison I once had.

      • Yeah i agree, i only want to punch him repeatedly now, a vast improvement from a few months ago. I think he needs to visit Hobart. They know how to treat muppet prime ministers down there.

  2. If they open the border for the foreign students and keep JS at the elevated rate then fck them, I’m not going back into the workforce. And I won’t feel bad about it. I’m not risking my long term health for Jerry, Harry and all those dumb $#*& VCs to get a little bit more money when they already have so much.

    (I think the rage in America right now is infectious and all I’ve done is read the headlines, but the existing power structures in this country are seriously starting to p155 me off. I’m gonna email my MPs and the LNP about this, and a few other things)

  3. Super Phoenix

    “greedy vice-chancellors, who won’t even take a pay cut”

    LOL, even the top management of Deutsche Bank AG has foregone one month of salary and is trying to expand the rank of the managers who will follow suit. Turned out the Strayan Unis are more bank-like than a real too-big-to-fail bank – Who knew!? They are mastering the art of privatizing gains and socializing losses – good on them – and in time they will churn out more and more apprentices, I mean graduates, who are adept at the art!!

    • Torchwood1979

      I work at a uni and our VC is pursuing amendments to the EBA in the interests of “protecting jobs”, but no pay cut for the VC or deputies apparently. The question as to why everyone except the top brass was expected to take a cut for the greater good was blocked by one of the VCs henchmen at an all staff Q&A.

      Our enlightened Aussie unis are just Animal Farm, and the pigs are sitting high and mighty.

      • Luca BiasonMEMBER

        Actually let’s give some credit where credit is due: Brian Schmidt (ANU) not only voluntarily – and significantly – reduced his salary package when he was appointed as VC (a clear change of direction from his predecessor) but now he and as I understand all the Deans are taking a substantial pay-cut to buffer the hit as much as they can.

        I have my own deeply rooted reservations with other governance matters and am not short of criticism, yet it’s as critical to keep the context crystal clear and not throw everything in the same cauldron – something that seems to have become the most popular global sport, in this century.

        • Luca BiasonMEMBER

          The real shocker is that the sector as a whole is to this day dumb (or worse) to the threat that China is posing as a highly aggressive totalitarian state under Xi Jinping; and to ensure they don’t sacrifice their financial interests universities choose to rely on assessments by people who have developed their “expertise” through what I can best define as 5* ClubMed-style guided visits to China, or who have massive conflicts of interest preventing them from being objective, or else crave for some limelight.

          Stan Grant – who as a China correspondent has seen it for what it is and has become under Xi – recently nailed it: “How many times does the Communist Party leadership have to tell the West that it rejects liberal democracy before we believe them? Western leaders have stubbornly held on to the belief that the Party would collapse or become like us.”

          This view is strongly held by many executives, either because they are greatly misguided by their “expert” advisors as above, or because it safeguards their profit margins.

          We are still furthering the development of the military capability of a highly adversarial state (particularly around AI systems) through all legal loopholes of joint publications, because…it is beneficial to Australia apparently: https://www.australiachinarelations.org/content/cross-border-neural-networks-australia-china-collaboration-artificial-intelligence-research

          Yes, so absolutely mutually beneficial to us and China would in anyway do it with or without us that – for example – Chinese unis are full of Australian students and staff, honorary lecturers and academic visitors. Aren’t they? They are all given full and open access to what happens in those labs. Aren’t they? Ah but it’s all open source, and no they have no need to access our institutional background IP and know-how and datasets and who-knows-what-else going on in those co-authorships not captured anywhere else. Besides it boosts a university’s reputation to be seen publishing about AI surveillance and facial recognition stuff (among others) with a country that engages in widespread repressive policies and mass incarcerations.

          But don’t mention ring-fencing sensitive research or enforcing stricter publication protocols, as you may drown in your own echo-chamber.

  4. We should be kicking the china student spies out of the country but here we still are importing more china spies to sow discord and inform on other the china migrants and take jobs that should go to Australians. We are our won worst enemy.
    You know it would only take 1 case of the china flu popping up as the result of importing a diseased student to permanently derail the entire fake student resident/spy scam currently being run.
    Maybe we should let them import some disease marinated fake students now for the sake of permanently destroying this scam.

    • Angry Man – most sensible man.

      If you really want things to burn, and if you’re really so convinced that it would spark a virus outbreak here, you’d be all for this student importation plan.

      A little bit of short term pain for long term pain… then gain.

  5. Fascist China

    Most states if they keep their borders shut in a matter a weeks will be able to go back to life as it was 6 months ago minus intrastate and interstate travel.

    There will be no need for social distancing in those states and everything can open as normal.

    Pubs, restaurants, clubs, live music, shopping centres, will be packed every weekend. Instead of overseas holidays people will have weekend road trips away. Local holiday destinations will boom like they have never done before.

    And we’re going to ruin all that so a bunch of foreigners can pay their $15k per year so they can bluff their way through their degrees while taking jobs from our most vulnerable members of the community — the working poor.

    If NSW want their foreign students let them, but cut them off from the rest of the country.

    • that’s a fairy tale
      there are over 20m interstate and international (mostly interstate) visitors to QLD every year
      you think QLDers can afford 4 more holidays every year to keep state tourism going on internal juice?

      I mean border can stay closed for long but not without >15% unemployment and an economic depression

      • A fairy tale which will come true.

        You sound as if you have a financial interest in holiday accommodations or want to beach. I thought Bondi was so pharking wonderful it could accommodate every foreign and local .
        Haha keep your crappy beaches and street signs with scribbles on them.

        20 million so what, states population is 5 million and qld is the most decentralised state,

        How many of the 20 million were bus loads of chinamen – go long bubble busses. This place is rotten to the core. We need a clean out of the value add, ticket clipping administration adding leaches – all the networking leveraging BS , lets get back to value and direct from the provider. Not from an on seller.

        IMHO 15% unemployment and depression guaranteed, it’ll just be better in qld without pasty Mexicans and shark bait.

        The real thing that has rocked my boat, is what is the value of ‘anything at all’ now, you know the real value,


    • DominicMEMBER

      This is already happening – we’ve been trying to get away in QLD this winter break and everything is booked solid. Even September and Christmas hols.

  6. MountainGuinMEMBER

    Ask UA to set up a compensation fund. If a state has to go into lock down due to the accelerated import of virus affected students, UA can fund a jobkeeper program or a payment to all state residents and make a sizable payment to the healthcare sector.
    More seriously and usefully letting in students from NZ maybe worth considering, I’m sure there are not many but it’s a good test. I’m still unsure if nations have the same levels of disposable income to fund material levels of international students.