So, when will ASIO raid Gladys Liu’s office?

Via News comes generally good news:

A major investigation into an alleged espionage plot to infiltrate Australian politics is continuing, with ASIO raiding the home of a political staffer.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison on Friday warned foreign powers, including China, that he “won’t cop” attempts to influence politics.

“We won’t cop anyone coming and seeking to interfere in our political system, in our energy sector, in any area of perceived opportunity for an outside actor,’’ Mr Morrison said in the wake of searches targeting NSW Labor MP Shaoquett Moselmane.

“We won’t cop it. We are a resilient people. We will stand up to it. And we will take action, as what you’ve seen today demonstrates.”

Good to hear. This is the now funded Anti-Foreign Influence Co-ordinator that MB campaigned for starting to flexes its muscles, along with ASIO and others. We are now seeing enforcement of Turnbull’s anti-foreign influence laws. Bravo.

Let’s hope they don’t only roll out on the basis of politics. Labor targets are easy enough. But what about inside the Government? To wit, Gladys Liu:

  • previously occupied senior positions in CCP propaganda outfits;
  • courted and channeled Chinese money opposed to Australian foreign and strategic policy goals into the Government;
  • donated large sums of her “own” cash to help buy the Chisolm electorate;
  • defrauded the ethnic Chinese denizens of Chisolm with fake election signage;
  • refused to personally endorse Australian foreign policy tenets around China;
  • mumbled alarming things about Hong Kong in the Party Room;
  • used and abused the credibility of parliament house to aid campaigns for CCP control;
  • then lied about much of it directly into the face of the Australian people.

Moreover, ASIO already knows her dodgy connections, previously at the ABC:

Gladys Liu’s association with Chinese figures who were deemed a security risk was the subject of an ASIO investigation even before she entered Parliament or became a Liberal Party candidate.

The ABC understands ASIO Director-General Duncan Lewis advised that then-prime minister Malcolm Turnbull, based on the guest list, should not attend a “meet and greet” organised by Ms Liu in the Victorian electorate of Chisholm for Chinese New Year in February 2018.

So, Liu’s mates are not good enough for a PM to visit. But they are good enough for her to hold the Government’s balance of power and channel funds to it?

These laws are going to uncover plenty of Labor CCP stooges but they cannot be deployed exclusively so.

Meanwhile, freedom-fighter Drew Pavlou appears to have made it all the way to CCP public enemy number one, via Courier Mail:

STUDENT activist Drew Pavlou has lambasted comments from the Chinese Ambassador to Cyprus about him, slamming the “attacks”.

Chinese Ambassador to Cyprus, Huang Xingyuan published a column in The Cyprus Mail, titled “The definition of hero in my mind”, which questioned whether Pavlou’s activism as “heroic” as recent local articles had profiled him.

“It is not heroic at all to be blindly impulsive, to be supportive of riots, to be a maverick without principles, or to oppose China at every opportunity regardless of history, facts and common sense,” the column said.

“ … These are not the qualities of a hero who dreams of saving the world, but signs of being brainless, ignorant, unscrupulous and obsessive. I do not want to see Drew Pavlou go further down this wrong path.”

The 21-year-old Australian born University of Queensland (UQ) who has Cypriot heritage said it was a “bizarre statement” which endorsed his suspension, and “very telling” of Chinese diplomacy.

“It is very telling of the Chinese state’s fascist blood-and-soil worldview that they would direct their ambassador to Cyprus to attack an Australian activist due to their Cypriot heritage”.

Australia Human Rights Watch director Elaine Pearson said the student was “really getting under the skin of the Chinese government” commenting on social media about China’s Ambassador to Cyprus dedicating the column to Pavlou.

Thin-skinned wolf wankers of the world unite!

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  1. Herman Milson

    They’ll never raid Gladys’ office. The same way Julie Bishop never got raided despite getting $450,000 CCP money in donations, or Andrew Robb never got raided despite working for the CCP while Trade Minister.

    Only the opposition gets raided by ASIO.

    • Sexy SydneyPlumber

      Robbs continued relationship with the CCP after his Darwin Port sale is Beyond the Pale.
      The guy should be locked up for that decision alone

    • Right. ASIO has been rendered merely a political tool. A tool which the Chinese government actually has a fck load of information about. So much information, that it’s a waste of strayan taxpayers money to continue the department. But it’s a all about appearance.

    • The LNP might get ASIO to out-source the investigation to the AFP unit that investigated (or rather not) Angus Taylor’s forgeries.

      They did just the job the LNP wants.

  2. bzunicaMEMBER

    Hahahaha….hahahahaha! That was a good one! There is no investigation into Robodebt, they will not go after anything they do. Anyway it’s all Labor’s fault.


    How can they not investigate? Everyone is standing here looking at Gladys and then looking at ASIO. Back to Gladys, now back to ASIO. Highest profile China plant in the country? Whenever you’re ready chaps.

  4. “Gladys Liu’s association with Chinese figures who were deemed a security risk was the subject of an ASIO investigation even before she entered Parliament or became a Liberal Party candidate.”

    A feature not a flaw !

  5. Just to be clear, this is ASIO that we’re talking about
    And you wan’t them to “Find” something
    Who has instructed them to “find” it?
    When or where was it lost?
    Who has told them where/what “it” is?
    You seem to believe in an ASIO that is very very different to the one that we have, with a very different role and a completely different modus operandi
    Maybe you’ve been reading a few too many spy novels, lots of intrigue coupled with a sort of blind obedience to a singular morality. It’s easy to be righteous when there’s only one answer, one path, one way but this is a newer world and a decidedly less singular world. And yet you look to ASIO for direction, it’s tragic really, it’s a bit like looking to the Police (or the Army) for spiritual guidance.

  6. Jumping jack flash

    “These laws are going to uncover plenty of Labor CCP stooges but they cannot be deployed exclusively so.”

    How many houses does the head honcho at ASIO own? What about those in command of telling the investigators what and who to investigate?

    People are people and people need debt. Mountains of debt, to get the things they need. Incomes are completely inadequate to buy those things and are instead simply a means to obtain that colossal debt.

    Nothing will be done that could potentially upset the debt, like weeding out operatives from inside the sitting government. Can you imagine the fallout? Especially in these times.

  7. Display NameMEMBER

    The CCP is the only political party to have done anything for housing affordability in Australia. Our governments would rather sell every last asset to anyone with a pulse than solve any major problem in favour of the average tax payer.

  8. So if you are Labour member you get to be investigated and if you are Liberal member you are not. ASIO abd AFP just became an extended arm of Liberal party of Australia. They act as enforcers now.

  9. Chisholm electorate has an interesting recent history. Bo “Nick” Zhao was been groomed to be the LNP candidate for the seat but was mired in a controversy involving the CCP making available $1m to get their preferred candidate into Aust parliament. Unfortunately in March 2019 Mr Zhao was found dead in a Melbourne hotel room, cause or reason for death unknown.
    After a reported dirty tricks campaign Gladys Liu was elected in May 2019 on a very small margin and enables the LNP to govern with a one seat majority.

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