Pavlou: QLD police open investigation into Chinese consul

Via freedom fighter Drew Pavlou:

Bravo. UQ collusion should be examined as part of the case.

David Llewellyn-Smith
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  1. Luca BiasonMEMBER

    Let’s just say that in the past 10 years a number of high-level executives across the higher education sector have been carefully nurtured by we-know-who. some info still available online, other stuff has magically and completely coincidentally…evaporated. Sublimated, rather.

    • United Font of the CCP has targeted universities just as it has targeted policial parties and business interests.
      Very very deliberate long term cultivation of those likely to be, or become, decision makers.
      And they have been wildly successful.

      • Luca BiasonMEMBER

        In fact universities are one of the UF’s priority areas. Research is a critical key to achieving the aims of the China Dream, for Mr Xi. In a nutshell, in the HAAS area it’s likely around controlling, manipulating, channeling knowledge of China matters and erasing research and development in uncomfortable areas (say criminal justice). In STEM it’s about supporting the development of their military capability (AI and military-civil fusion plan) and surveillance state. The loose regulatory frameworks around conflict of interest and academic integrity, the blind support from political parties, and the complete absence of scrutiny and accountability have done the rest. They have been widely successful because a number of people happily exchange integrity with cash, and it has been a free-for-all Wild West for some time, in the name of fostering mutual relationship under the fairy notion of the collective greater good (the context is – of course – irrelevant when these wonderful ideals are on the table, next to a cheque). It’s a failure of the system as a whole, epochal failure and I trust it’s not hyperbole.
        If only there was the willingness to subject the matter of university governance to the forensic scrutiny of a Royal Commission… But I don’t see that appetite anywhere, even though it’s a crucial priority and it would reap significant long term benefits.
        Ah yes…long term…who cares about it…

      • Luca BiasonMEMBER

        which is also why – as a lateral consideration – it is completely bonkers to make it more difficult to enrol on a HASS degree when we should instead invest in it to increase contextualised and in-depth knowledge of China and other countries. That should be a priority area as if we are in this mess is also because of the vats gap in knowledge and talent in this area.

  2. Could it be true?
    I wonder how many expats might find their parking fines upgraded to organ harvesting?
    And the wolf warriors response….. Facts, blah blah, racists blah blah, cold war mentality, blah blah internal matter, blah blah peaceful… co operation blah blah Australian disinformation…

  3. Pre-emptive is the way to go with these d!ckheads. There is very limited ability of local operatives to make independent decisions without very detailed instructions. Slowness and inflexibility is the soft underbelly to be attacked.

    • The Faruqis and Benjamin Laws and Tim Soutblahblahblah of the world can’t be far away