Melbourne virus explodes

Up she goes and where it stops nobody knows:

Victoria is experiencing a “concerning” upward trend in coronavirus, with 75 new cases identified overnight.

The total number of cases in Victoria since the pandemic began now stands at 2,099.

“Obviously we are concerned by the increasing number and the upward trend and are monitoring the situation very closely,” Health Minister Jenny Mikakos said.

Ms Mikakos said the 75 cases could be broken down into the following categories:

“Many of the cases that have come through today are overwhelmingly concentrated in those priority suburbs,” Ms Mikakos said.

“We’ve got many cases across the inner-northern suburbs and the western suburbs of Melbourne, but not exclusively.

“And it’s important to reiterate to the community that you are not immune from catching coronavirus by virtue of the postcode that you live in.”

Earlier, Chief Health Officer Brett Sutton said Victoria was experiencing a second peak of cases, with double-digit daily case increases for most of the past fortnight.

He said the state was “right on the edge” of being able to manage the peak in cases, which accelerated after restrictions were eased.

A fresh blitz aiming to test 100,000 Victorians over a 10-day period is now underway and Professor Sutton said if the surge did get out of control “it will not be from a lack of effort”.

Professor Sutton also said new advice about the benefits of wearing masks, where social distancing was not possible such as on public transport, was on the way.

“It’s pretty clear wearing a mask might provide a bit more physical distance between you and others as they see you wearing it,” he said.

That puts the second wave near the peak of the first. Some of this will be the testing blitz but it’s clearly loose in the community:

Lockdowns loom.

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    • Whocouldanode that going out on a Blck Lives Matter protest would cause the virus to spread.

      It could almost be that the Corona-Virus is an equal opportunity infector?

      • reusachtigeMEMBER

        LOLOLOL! Can you please post the links providing evidence that this has anything to do with people exercising their right to protest? Also, please post the links showing how the same outbreak has occurred in other cities that had large protests like Brisbane and Sydney?

        Oh, and go get some masks and isolate yourself.

        • kiwikarynMEMBER

          The other States had already gotten on top of community transmission of the virus before the protests. NSW had not had a community transmission case for 2 weeks prior to the protests. Queensland had practically eliminated it. Victoria had not. So once the Govt threw out all social distancing requirements in order for the protests to proceed, nobody followed social distancing rules again. You cant expect people to do in private what the Govt does not require them to do in public.

          • MacondoMEMBER

            “You cant expect people to do in private what the Govt does not require them to do in public.”
            Are you suggesting the government shouldn’t have allowed the demo while it was allowing shopping? Any look inside a suburban mall or large city store even before the demo occurred would have showed people milling around shoulder to shoulder, ‘in public’. You can’t blame the demo for supposedly changing attitudes in general; they’d already changed. The spike is far more likely to have been caused by the same phenomenon which caused the meatworks cluster – casual employees such as hotel security guards living in large groups in shared houses – and the so-called ‘family clusters’ which have been at the centre of hot spot suburbs. Those two types of grouping are more likely to have started this spread, not the generalised change of attitude which one can observe everywhere and which started before the demo.

          • Hadron CollisionMEMBER

            It’s always good to have people like macondo speaking rational logic to utter stupidity

          • kiwikarynMEMBER

            Where there 10,000 people in a single mall at one time? Did 10,000 people all get on a tram or train at the same time to get to the mall? Funny, how in NZ social distancing rules got thrown out the window after the BLM protest as well, and we werent mingling in shopping malls beforehand either. Our Govt was forced into moving to Alert Level 1 early as a direct result of the protests because everyone thought it was blatantly hypocritical to expect social distancing rules to still apply to them, when it didnt apply to protesters. If the psychological shift happened in NZ, it happened everywhere.

  1. Ronin8317MEMBER

    Even if lockdown is ordered now, the number of cases will go up for 2 weeks. The increase right now is EXPONENTIAL!! In 2 days it’ll be over 100 new cases a day, and in 2 weeks it’ll be over 1000. I hope I’m being alarmist, but I’m not. It is really that bad!! Experience have shown that our politicians will always act too late, so an overwhelmed hospital system is now baked in.

    Any state that doesn’t close its border with Victoria right now will be next.

    • darklydrawlMEMBER

      I think that is too late already given school holidays started this weekend and lots of Victorian folks “have already booked and paid for” interstate holidays (with the majority of them flying there too). There is some chance this will get interesting again real fast.

    • Unfortunately here in NSW, Gladys spent too much time banging on about Queensland opening its border.
      Now she is sort of stuck with keeping the border with Victoria open when really we should be slamming it shut due to COVID and the even more virulent SJW virus endemic down there.

      • It feels like she only did it to appease scummo. Did the same with schools. Sucked up to him by keeping them open but changing the attendance requirements to optional (scummo didnt specify that schooling requirements shouldnt change, onlh that the schools remain open). You know, keep scummo happy but then indicate for people not to send kids.

        Now the borders stay open BUT just tell her own state not to entertain Victorians.. so same deal. Scummo gets what he wants but noone comes here anyway. I really doubt it worked this time. This time it might blow up in her face trying to play the two faced policy.. reckon heaps of businesses would have been desperate for dollars and accepted tourists from Victoria.

    • kiwikarynMEMBER

      I cant believe that the border hasnt been shut. Other States have practically eliminated the virus now and by not closing the border they are basically inviting it back in. Have they learnt nothing from the beginnings of this virus? If borders had been shut earlier, there would have been no outbreak and no need for a lockdown. It only takes one or two cases to arrive and before you know it the whole place is infected again. Borders are the only defence.

      • Nope. Learnt nothing.
        IN FACT! I have an idea.. why don’t we follow the logic of some and “don’t impose lockdowns” this time. Leave all the borders open.
        Let’s see if the economy still continues to function or the community imposes a lockdown on themselves, without govt having to do so. It’s easily forgotten that this is the how the virus started and that the economy came to a screeching halt even without lockdowns. Scummo was kicked and dragged to the lockdowns as the only way of providing assurances to people that it is safe to go out.
        What’s left is this half ar$d existence.. suck it up. Instead you have people complaining what an overreaction by govt and how things were just fine without lockdown and virus-shmirus…
        Why dont we start with the bl00dy CCP, keep our eyes firmly on the m0ron who couldnt regulate a wet market and recognise that it is the virus that shuts the economy, not the official lockdowns.
        But no, we don’t learn that.. round and round we go.

      • bolstroodMEMBER

        The states that have closed borders have had no new cases in days and weeks.
        NSW should close Vic border now.
        Not to is self defeating cos the people will go voluntry lockdown and not be out spending.
        TP to the moon

    • If I was a respiratory specialist or ICU nurse I would strongly consider taking extended leave.
      Stupid to risk own life for those who casually and self indulgently do.

  2. Increase cases all international traveler/quarantine related. Strict border closures with NO exemptions required. NO discretion for mates, big business, Kerry Stokes etc. Don’t believe goverment spin.

  3. bolstroodMEMBER

    There was a chart I saw over the weekend that showed the new CV cases for each state.
    The glaring take out was that the states that closed their borders,Qld. WA. SA Tas and the NT have had no new cases for weeks, in some cases months.
    The 2 states NSW and Vic with open borders are copping the uplift in new cases.

    • and what was the QLD Opposition leader saying about the Qld premier.. she is sticking knee on Qld economy throat. or something along those lines.

      • darklydrawlMEMBER

        The idiots who keep banging on about the economy always seem to overlook the fact that having the virus run rampant is terrible for the economy too. You can have an economic slowdown or an economic slow down with a health crisis. These fools have spent too long on magical thinking and denying science.

    • Yeah but if they didn’t test on every street they wouldn’t have so many confirmed cases. See? There is a way out of this. It’s called “Ignorance in bliss” and the most powerful man on Earth is currently employing it.

    • NSW hasn’t had an uptick – pretty much the only new cases there are returning travellers (which the close the border states don’t have).

  4. We had an opportunity to prevent COVID from reaching Australia by closing borders earlier. Missed it.

    We had an opportunity to eradicate COVID from Australia. Squandered it.

    Now with a lot more contact tracing work and restrictions, we still have an opportunity to stamp it out and save the populus and save the domestic economy (which is almost the entire economy). But if we lose the social consensus that chance is delayed or lost.

    NZ has completely reopened, cafes, bars, restaurants, domestic travel, back to normal apart from a few specific measures.

    I wish our illustrious leaders could explain why the NZ strategy can’t be used in Australia?

    • “I wish our illustrious leaders could explain why the NZ strategy can’t be used in Australia?” – because the 1d1ots here think Scumo is doing splendid job. Look at the poles. I think we a reaching the point where we have to admit that 70% of our population is brainless.

      • No face masks because Australia didn’t have enough to use (i wonder where they went…).
        Government spin was to say they were ineffective (despite being used all over the world). Now the government is backtracking……………..

          • MacondoMEMBER

            The key to masks being effective is for everyone to be wearing them. One person’s mask might be only ~30% effective, which is better than nothing, but put several people in a group, all masked, and effectiveness leaps to ~80%. Unfortunately, it sounds like the ‘family clusters’ which have proved so damaging in Melbourne, probably would not have been mask-wearing even if masks were compulsory.

          • surfbeach2536

            The thing is Macondo had people been told to wear masks in public and at work less people would be infected now. People in families would have a lower risk of being infected from another family member.

            In Bangkok today if you walk down the street without a mask you will get dirty looks from everyone you pass and comments, in other provinces it is compulsory. That is probably why they have less cases and less death than Australia even with 3 times the population.

            If our leaders had said we have to wear masks COVID19 would not be as great a threat as it is right now.

          • I am GrootMEMBER

            On the other hand, In Australia “today if you walk down the street without a mask you will get dirty looks from everyone you pass and comments”.

  5. Ronald Stewson

    Don’t forget you get $1500 in Victoria for contracting COVID, for something which for many people will cause no symptoms. $1500 is the going rate for a 4-day medical trial study!

  6. SBS says it was a result of community celebrations that ignored social distancing, to commemorate the end of Ramadan.
    Sounds like that particulate religious group was not sufficiently aware or just didn’t care.

        • Peter SMEMBER

          What is then particularly galling is that the media and local communities saying the government failed to get information out to the multicultural communities (whatever multicultural communities might be. I thought that a community is either one culture/religion or another, not multi?). What about an individual’s responsibility to learn to communicate in the language of their adopted home, rather than blame the messenger for not speaking 40 languages?

      • It’s not Ramadan, it’s more basic than that. As mike has taught us, housing situations are high numbers per house. One, or 17, work as security guards, it doesn’t matter, it’s going to rip through the shared house. if you have no access to social security and free healthcare you have every incentive to keep working and to avoid getting tested. This is the situation. I’m guessing ‘family clusters’ is someway coded language. So to be fair, a temporary visa holder may have great understanding of social distancing and of English, they’re just not able or motivated to comply.

    • Ronin8317MEMBER

      The end of Ramadan is May 24, so it’s been going around for at least a month. That’s a LOT of people being infected without knowing.

      Seriously.. W.T.F.??? Being a religious minority in Australia shouldn’t be a ‘free pass’ from the law.

  7. Over weekend speaking to firends in Pakenham and 2 other hotspots. wife showed me their FB pages – all are very very vocal about carrying on as normal ie pre-covid travelling all over taking kids to activities elsewhere etc. if that is a hint at the general public it is not good. the response i heard soo many times over weekend (from friends and family not only in hotspots) was something like most or all of the cases are asymptonmatic and no one is actually getting sick and well if anyone does it is only old people so our/ your folks should just remain in lockup and then its all good. …

    • Ronin8317MEMBER

      The only thing that will shut down the transmission is to close the airport, close the border to passenger cars, and lock down everyone inside their own home for 2 weeks.

  8. cuturhairMEMBER

    I live near a hotspot in the west of Melbourne, and received a message today from the CMO saying COVID door-knockers are working in the area.
    I mentioned about the testers to the guy at the local 7-11, and he said the testing team had come into the 7-11 earlier for a $1 coffee (the one’s where you serve yourself using the DIY coffee machine). The owner asked how the testing was going and the team leader said good – they’d found a few cases. Then the 7-11 owner asked the team leader why he hadn’t used the had spray at the front of the store before making a coffee, pointing out he’s as bad as many other visitors to the store who fail to / refuse to use it. The testing team leader gave him a stare, thanked him for the feedback and walked out.

  9. rob barrattMEMBER

    Lockdowns can only last so long. Look at the UK beaches…. It was always a race between 3 horses: lockdown fever finally going critical, businesses & jobs and a vaccine. Faites vos jeux Mesdames et Messieurs! At the moment it’s the virus by 3 lengths..

    • Segregate Victoria

      Not in Asia. Countries like Thailand have it completely under control.

      Westerners don’t have the patience, impulse control and discipline to stay home for three months. A weak and doomed civilisation.

      • SE Asia have experience with pandemic and learned to fear it and DTRT. West has had much less experience so have not learned to fear as much. Coincided with anti science move in US. Never seen a society sign up for a Darwin Award but the US seems to be trying really hard.

  10. kiwikarynMEMBER

    Here’s a thought – perhaps certain recent arrivals have no incentive to follow covid harm reduction strategies, because they don’t have any parents or grandparents in the country to worry about. Why worry about other people’s old folks?

  11. bolstroodMEMBER

    please someone tell me this is wrong;
    10,000,000 infections world wide.
    500,000 deaths world wide
    that is one in 20 infected people die.
    5% death toll.

  12. I’m from Melbourne but am not particularly provincial or precious about that fact. That said, NSW are kidding themselves if they think that they aren’t going to have a similar ‘spike’ before the int’l borders are lifted again. That big-schnozed Premier is going to regret her words to encourage people to not serve Victorians.This is all the result of Oz executing the ‘hammer’ so successfully (largely due to low density over good governance). The ‘dance’ is actually the more difficult part to manage with so few people having caught the virus here so far, as we’re seeing. The obvious hope is on the vaccine before they are forced to open up restrictions more everywhere in Oz and for longer.

    • Segregate Victoria

      Flattening the curve means stage 2 controls indefinitely. Plus it hasn’t really worked in Europe or the USA.

      Attempting to eradicate as they have done in much of Asia means life can go back to normal.

      • Only for the local population but you know, they have to pass through the denial phase of the whole thing where they refuse to believe life has forever changed and we arent going back to endless immigration led growth model. You say “but life goes back to normal for incumbent population” and the top 1% say “but whats the point in that???”

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