Manchurian Dan: Taxpayers to fund return of international students

After subjecting Victorians to months of draconian lockdowns, and issuing individuals $1600 fines for minor technical breaches of social distancing rules, Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews wants to rush back international students with their quarantine paid for by taxpayers:

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews has spoken on how to get “international education back on its feet,” arguing that some form of jointly-funded quarantine will likely be necessary…

“If we can get students back safely, then that’s obviously a smart thing for us to do”…

“We are welcoming of proposals for universities – subject to it being at the same time as their general student populations – to look at means of bringing back through supervised, stringent quarantine, international students,” added Andrews…

Andrews… says that he would like to see a “partnership” model, where funding is split between state governments and the institutions themselves…

“I think there’s probably a partnership approach and maybe the best thing for us to do.”

Victorian Liberal Leader, Michael O’Brien, has also promoted a similar plan. And this comes at the same time as the Victorian Government has literally charged homeless people for forced quarantine.

Both can take a long walk off a short pier.

Victorians have not been put under house arrest for months to get COVID-19 under control so that our greedy universities and their captured political mates can bring in tens-of-thousands of potential virus carriers from overseas, subsidised by taxpayers, in turn putting at risk the Australian fortress economy.

Virus testing is not foolproof. Quarantine measures are full of holes. Two weeks is not long enough to exhaust contagiousness. And Australia sources a significant chunk of its international students from countries that are heavily infected by COVID-19, including India, Nepal and Brazil.

It only takes a few infected international students to flout the quarantine rules and the entire Australian economy will be put at risk.

Australia’s universities have already proven that they cannot be trusted on this matter, as evidenced throughout the pandemic via:

  • first campaigning to keep Australia’s international borders open;
  • then smuggling students in via third countries after Australia’s borders were closed; and
  • campaigning for exceptions to travel bans throughout.

If policy makers had listened to our ‘enlightened’ universities at any stage during the pandemic response, Australia would now be in a far worse position.

The higher education sector cannot be trusted. It has become a toxic avenue for former public servants and officials to get rich at everyone else’s expense.

Instead of ceding to the corrupted education sector, give them a royal commission.

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    • I was going to say if you live in Victoria get the heck out ASAP .. South Australia is looking like paradise compared to this CCP frontier province.

  1. DingwallMEMBER

    University coffers should be bulging with cash…… instead they have p!ssed it away on high salaries, more staff to pay more high salaries to, Confucius Institutes and endless “research” probably into Chinese related studies

  2. Stewie Griffin


    Australians wandering around and spreading virus = no economic gain + they are already here so a sunk cost
    Importing foreign students = Student Fees + more spending to accommodate & quarantine them = more stimulus

    Which one will result in bigger GDP?

    Gooooooo EZFKA !!!!

    • Stewie Griffin

      You aren’t living in a country anymore, you are living in an economic zone…. that is the only possible way you can describe a place where people of any faith, culture or values, come to live and work and rip as much out of the system as possible without being under any obligation other than having to pay unavoidable little people taxes and enslaving debts.

  3. This is a disgrace. Australian students should burn down Melbourne Unis. This thought bubble is racist, divisive and damn-right dangerous.

  4. You know what pisses me off most abouth this push for the international students, I have a mate who works for a GO8, and space planning wise they have worked out we can’t actually fit more than 30% of the current students enrolled into teaching on campus with social distancing, so why do they have to come here if we can’t actually teach them on campus?

  5. SnappedUpSavvyMEMBER

    Daniel Andrews likes the Chinese grooming, he’s been groomed good he has

  6. Victoria’s massive trade deficit will only get much worse without international students and their apartment buying parents.

  7. It’ll be interesting to see if the decreased job opportunities or even more exploited employment than before has any impact on students arriving. At what point does the financial calculation reach ‘not worth it’?

  8. Victoria doesn’t really produce anything anymore and it’s economy is just:
    Ticket clipping
    House flipping
    Coffee sipping

    There is no leadership and it is back to BAU now

  9. Andrews is playing with fire.

    The personal investment all Australians have made in this lock down is MASSIVE.

    When Andrews gambles on re-introducing Wuflu, where the pay-off only benefits a very narrow part of the econommunity, there is no room for error.

    Imagine the politics of a foreign student induced 2nd wave? May as well just throw himself off a tall building now.