Manchurian Dan sold Victoria to the CCP for pennies

Citizens of Victoria have some pride and kick this mob out if they won’t change, via The Australian:

A Victorian Labor MP leading Daniel Andrews’s Belt and Road Initiative negotiations with Beijing lauded China’s handling of the coronavirus outbreak amid emerging global suspicions about the communist regime’s secrecy over the pandemic.

Speaking in the Legislative Assembly on March 5, Danny Pearson, parliamentary secretary to the Premier, claimed Australia was “fortunate” China’s reaction had “given us time” to prepare for the pandemic.

Mr Pearson’s robust support for China’s coronavirus response came as he was due to finalise a draft Victoria-Beijing “co-operation road map” for the BRI by the March deadline.

“When you look at it, I think we have been fortunate in the way in which China has dealt with it and the way in which this disease has played out in terms of having these interventions to try and prevent the spread of the disease,” he told state parliament.

China handled the pandemic great…for itself. But lying about it everybody else, bullying them to keep borders open to spread it, and siphoning off their PPE wasn’t in anybody’s else interests.

Including groveling and mercilessly abused Victorians. Manchurian Dan was busy lighting up Melbourne buildings in Chinese colours as the CCP left Victorians short of critical medical supplies.

At least the PM stands up for them as their premier sells them out, at Reuters:

Prime Minister Scott Morrison said on Thursday he would not be intimidated by “coercion” after China restricted some Australian exports and urged Chinese tourists and students to avoid Australia.

Diplomatic tensions between Beijing and Canberra have worsened since Australia called for an international inquiry into the source and spread of the new coronavirus, which first emerged in the Chinese city of Wuhan.

…“We are an open-trading nation, mate, but I’m never going to trade our values in response to coercion from wherever it comes,” Morrison told radio station 2GB on Thursday.

China has in recent weeks banned Australian beef imports and imposed tariffs on Australian barley. It has also urged Chinese tourists to avoid Australia.

In both cases, officials in Beijing said the warnings were due to racist attacks against Asians during the pandemic.

“That’s rubbish. It’s a ridiculous assertion and it’s rejected. That’s not a statement that’s been made by the Chinese leadership,” Morrison said in a separate interview on 3AW.

It is absolute rubbish but keep the students anyway. Through no fault of their own, the mismanaged flow has marginalised local youth from property ownership, lowered wages and crushloaded Melbourne. And the strings that are attached have corrupted many of our institutions.

Victoria is the basket case in point. Manchurian Dan’s population ponzi scheme has consistently delivered the lowest living standards in Australia:

Manchurian Dan is to blame.

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    • CORRUPTION ALERT : If it is for pennies – then who is getting the graft and how.
      – With the CCP involved graft is guaranteed.
      – Many of Dan’s other deals also stink and sell out Victorians – so where is the money?
      – We need yet another Royal Commission – for the usual tiresomely repetitive reason – greed and corruption.

  1. Ronin8317MEMBER

    Did Danny Pearson wrote that himself? Or did the CCP propaganda department write it for him?

    • frag outMEMBER

      What a ridiculous proposition that they’d write it! We all know the correct protocol is to submit a draft for review and consideration of key talking points.

    • Pearson is a shocker. A professional spin doctor now trying to make a buck from chyna. Treason.

  2. Sure – but those pennies funded Comrade Dan’s rise, so was well worth it from his point of view.

    If we are all really unlucky, the CCP has only bribed him and not found itself in possession of kompromat involving Comrade Dan and surprisingly nubile and enthusiastic but under-age… umm… supporters.

    Wait – how many times has he been to China?

    Sure. Supporters. Yeah. Supporters who support the CCP. Let’s go with that story.

  3. Sure, developer’s bcnich lobster-mobster M. Guy offered a viable alternative. And those silly Victorians passed the golden opportunity for a real change. Tch, tch…

  4. Zoom disabled the accounts of a group of Chinese dissidents in the US after they used its video conference service to commemorate the Tiananmen Square massacre.

  5. As the Americans say, we’re an easy lay. But surely the Chinese depredations have shifted opinion against the Population Ponzi? We do need a clear survey on this matter, the pollsters are carefully avoiding it.

  6. johnwilliamsmithMEMBER

    What exactly does victoria get out of the bri deal. Dan says jobs but we have no evidence of this and what does the ccp get in return.

  7. ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

    Democratic accountability to the Rank and file of Any party is the only way to eliminate the pervasive influence of Money, from any source, on our elected “Representatives”.
    Turning up at your local public school every so many years is not good enough.
    We all need to take greater responsibility by joining up, turning up, overseeing and demanding better from OUR Democracy by demanding a tight Rank and File held leash on decision making be placed upon the Representatives of our Party of choice.

    Not going to achieve anything by bitching from the MB sidelines alone,…though I do acknowledge it is Fun and along with Harry’s Gardening tips, and excruciatingly long guitar tuning monologues, justify the cost of subscription for me.

  8. Of course the Chinese stole the IP to build a plane. They wouldn’t know how to build one without it.

    As bad as Boeing has been with the 767 hands up anyone who’d get on a Chinese made commercial airliner?

    • ChinajimMEMBER

      I think you mean the 737 Max. The 787 program wasn’t so hot either (apart from the batteries that caught fire – they were hot)

      And if anyone got on to a Chinese made commercial airliner (one of their newer jets at least) it would be too heavy to take off.

  9. ChinajimMEMBER

    Back in January it was pretty obvious to me that it would be in the CPC’s interests for this virus to go global, so that’s just what they did.

  10. We need a royal commission to determine just how far our politicians are in bed with and/or receiving money from overseas chinese aka CCP operatives.

  11. For claims regarding Victoria to be valid one would need to prove that no other state, parties, governments or corporates are currying favour with China?

    This hardly compels anyone to maintain the status quo nationally with LNP currying favour with Trump and the USA…

    What do Victorians gain by voting for the LNP?

    PS Per capita income presentation is quite tricky when not highlighting the high number of low or no earning temporary residents in the population i.e. international students etc., lowering the per capita income when compared with other states.