Long queues at CentreLink to resume next week

One of the most enduring images from the COVID-19 lockdown was the long queues outside CentreLink as newly made unemployed Australians breached social distancing to obtain financial assistance.

We risk repeating these scenes again with mutual obligation requirements beginning next week for welfare recipients, including those sacked during the coronavirus pandemic:

There are fears Australia’s welfare system won’t cope with an influx of unemployed people when job hunting requirements restart.

Mutual obligation requirements such as job interviews will begin again next Tuesday…

Mutual obligations have been suspended during the coronavirus pandemic due to strict social distancing rules and health concerns.

Greens senator Rachel Siewert wants obligations to be suspended for six months.

She is concerned the system won’t meet the needs of the huge number of jobseekers.

“We know we have a very large number of people who are unemployed, underemployed and not currently engaged in the labour market, many of whom will be engaging with job service providers and having to deal with mutual obligations for the first time,” she said.

“This will put a lot of pressure on a system that is already not fit for purpose and I am not confident the system is prepared for this influx.”

As noted this morning, there were 1.64 million people on JobSeeker on May 22 plus another 3.5 million on JobKeeper.

Prepare for CentreLink to get crush loaded once more.

Leith van Onselen


  1. covid what?

    people have already forgotten

    the 24 hour r etard news cycle moves on looking for fresh crises to fool ppl with

    • Novelty wore off very quickly. Now we are left with a mess because governments listened to the hysteria of idiots than reason.

  2. There’s a huge industry of “job placement agencies” that makes money off the system of appearing to try to find work for unemployed people.

    This is why the long queues will return.

    • DominicMEMBER

      Those job placement agencies are just another rort — the only people who benefit from them is the owners / shareholders. They spend most of their energies trying to persuade people to take BS jobs so they can get their commission.

      • GlendaFMEMBER

        And the shorter the length of the job the better, back again in a couple of months to extract another round of ‘fees’.

  3. there were 1.64 million people on JobSeeker on May 22 plus another 3.5 million on JobKeeper
    so 5 million without a job and yet our unemployment is lower than in 2015 when there were less than 800k unemployed

    I think ABS deserves medal of some kind

    • The Scott Morrison Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Excellence?

      • in reality that was ScoMo’s biggest mistake

        if he decided a month ago to count job losses more honestly, we would have seen unemployment at 25% all due to corona (none would blame him)
        and by now, we would already see unemployment falling … in few months ScoMo would be able to claim that he created millions of jobs destroyed by corona.

        Instead, we are going to see unemployment deteriorating in months to come while more and more people blame him for job losses ..

        What a fool

        • This. Same with housing. Everyone knew the bubble was close to imploding and investors had backed off. What better scapegoat than co-vid to get the job done, improve affordability, then start some mega government building projects (including social housing) while the cost of land had gone down and tradies starting to finish projects, and employ a bunch of people who had been officially unemployed? Pain for a while then glory. Old skool style.

  4. Lord Winchester EntwhistleMEMBER

    Pity the poor employers who will need to sift through a lot of junk resumes to support this ludicrous policy.

    Business opportunity – some algorithmic tool that just ignores non compliant resumes/applications that don’t contain key words, address selection criteria, etc.

    • GlendaFMEMBER

      Ummm… the head hunters already have these apps to trawl though CV’s, that’s how they pick people already.

      • Lord Winchester EntwhistleMEMBER

        Direct experience 7 years hence was direct applications to employers via Seek etc and recording of evidence of same.

        Has this in fact changed?

        • drsmithyMEMBER

          Only the largest employers would do this themselves (because they wanted to shape the algorithms themselves), the rest outsource to recruitment firms.

          Employers advertising/hiring directly is relatively rare, in my experience, even though recruiters will usually charge the equivalent of a month or two of the new hire’s salary for their services, and rarely have any possible downside.

      • Yep, in IT if you don’t have XYZ technology with version 1.2.3 then you are excluded by the algo.
        It’s why you see CVs loaded with every technology and version known to man and they become useless at determining what a person knows.

        • I personally love the ads that say must have 5 years experience in x.x when its only been out for 6 months. The recruitment industry is such a scam.

        • I’m tempted to tailor my resume with outright lies now. Just say you can do X even if you can’t and learn on the job.

          • That’s a very popular ploy with a certain overseas cohort. Even on simple problems you see them using Google looking for a solution. They usually use the first one that pops up in the search. I’ve busted many this way when doing code reviews.

          • I know the cohort you’re talking about, my problem is job descriptions that are very exclusionary and don’t take into account and individuals ability to learn new things. Instead focusing on must know X,Y,Z and if you don’t have those on the resume you don’t even get a reply.

    • drsmithyMEMBER

      Business opportunity – some algorithmic tool that just ignores non compliant resumes/applications that don’t contain key words, address selection criteria, etc.

      You’re about 10-15 years too late.

  5. Why are PR – who are foreign nationals – non Australian citizens on a foreign passport even getting Centrelink?

    And why in June 2020 – 6 months now after China released their virus on the world..,..

    Why do we still have 2.5 million TR / SCV foreign nationals still in Australia on pretext ‘foreign student’ or ‘skilled’ or ‘working holiday’ or ‘protection visas’ or trafficked in via the NZ SCV racket?

    Almost all in blatant visa breach.

    Why are they still here, living and working illegally?
    835,000 fake students & partners, no classes no fees and all working full time in the foreign run underground cash economy. Why aren’t they immediately deported?
    (And the entire fake local ‘foreign student’ industry shut down – online remote learning for a faux degree,. Let’s see how many would pay for that nonsense if they couldn’t enter Australia to live and work illegally..

    Same with the fake ‘skilled visas’ and working holiday and others.
    Stealing Australian jobs.
    Costing us tens of billions.

    When are we going to see these 2.5 million Chinese, North Asian, Filipino, Vietnamese, Thai, Malays, Pakistani, Indians Bangladeshi, Nepalese, Middle Eastern, African and South American migrant guestworkers here on faux visas, rounded up & deported?

    When are we going to see public transport and street checks – and the suburb by suburb then house by house sweep and detention of these migrant criminal illegals?
    (they are migrant criminal illegals in visa fraud and visa breach, plus job theft and living illegally)

    Most other countries have already done it (Singapore, India, Europe, Middle East and now China is expelling all migrant TR / visitors and refusing to allow any in)

    Now is the time for the cleanout.

    There are thousands of planes spare in capacity.
    Even a 100 planes a day Sydney & Melbourne (well within our empty airport capacity) x 250 migrant criminal illegals on each plane – that is100 days or just over 3 months to expel the lot.
    2.5 million third world TR migrant burden cleansed out of Australia.

    • All of that will be fixed when employer groups tell scumo they don’t want them any more. ie never.

      • Is that true Steve99?

        “The ‘employer’ groups will tell Scomo they don’t want the 2.5 million migrant guestworker TR”

        Who do you think the ‘employer groups are for the millions of migrant guestworkers in Australia?
        The vast bulk who have entered on a faux visa pretexts to live & work illegally here.

        Entering with No funds, in debt to a foreign criminal trafficker, now they are not at classes, not employed in their so called skilled jobs, not picking fruit in some rural area..
        These 2.5 million migrant guestworker criminal illegals (and they are / in visa breach who are not compliant to their funds or COe (condition of entry)…

        Facts are that they are working more than ever / stealing even more Australian jobs / doing more hours & workforce participation than ever.

        The jobkeeper payment is massively rorted with fake identity and fake payroll / 2 or 3 illegal Indians or Chinese paid on for a borrowed migrant PR name..
        The jobseeker payments – a cash bonanza to the 1.9 million foreign nationals PR – useless dependent unskilled non assimilated who now suck up double benefits in Centrelink plus ‘lend’ out’ their ‘Medicare card’ to be rorted.

        The level of TR & PR foreign nationals exploiting Australians plus the job keeper and job seeker welfare fraud has just exploded.

        Why are any PR getting Centrelink or job keeper and job seeker? They are foreign nationals.
        And when is the crackdown and forcible deportation of the 2.5 million TR third world migrant guestworkers living and working here illegally going to commence?

        • If employers didnt want this source of cheap labour and landlords/developers (ie all the LNP core for starters) didnt want mass immigration of every possible kind it would not happen. I doubt that there is one employer or property group that lobbies the government to stop this extreme and cynical use of immigration. As for stealing jobs, I disagree, employers are gifting them these jobs instead of using perfectly qualified locals. I know for sure as my job was exported to India and every company I applied to work for was loaded with imported Indians. My wife got ill and was pushed out of returning to work on account of them replacing the entire IT department with rotating Indian contractors ostensibly working in India but on shore in Australia. My poor late brother was pushed out of his cleaning supervisor job when his employer lost the contract to a pirate that could not have done the job unless he under paid his ‘student’ workers who in turn did a crap job, cleaning local government offices no less. On one occasion I reported a returning dodgy pretend student (ie full time worker) to immigration while he was on holiday back in Asia but a few weeks later he was back doing my brothers job and crowing about it to rub [email protected] in the wound. Our government likes it like this and that is the issue. Stop the boats was pure BS while the front doors were wide open and still are

          • Agree with all that.
            Your story is repeated across millions of Australians…

            especially our youth and mature age citizens who have endured years of wages loss, job theft, housing theft housing contention, money laundering, Sydney & Melbourne house price bubble, overpriced rents, congestion, filth, the spreading stain of non assimilating third world migrant squalor, vice & crime…

            all introduced by 1.9 million third world migrant PR foreign national parasites on our welfare & healthcare and another 2.5 million as TR migrant guestworkere living and working illegally.

            No Australian citizen voted for this.

            Australia border force and DHA stand idle and don’t even enforce basic visa or COe conditions.

            A corrupted education industry that prostituted itself as a migrant guestworker visa alibi for 835,000 faux foreign students & education fell 10 places globally with over 75% of these ‘foreign students’ working illegally.

            Another 1.6 million migrant TR either on skilled or protection or business investment or working holiday fake visas or else 440,000 of 670,000 Nz scv being non NZ born trafficked in via the ‘Nz scv’ fraud.
            No one voted for that either.

            Why aren’t millions of Australians impacted by this out on the streets protesting & demanding the 2.5 million migrant guestworkers be rounded up & exited?

            Talk to any Australian homeless and it’s the same pattern.
            They lost their jobs initially to ‘globalisation’ but then more recently/ the onshore influx of migrant guestworker TR being paid cash, labor rings, squeezes out by foreign ethnic hiring of a non Australians as the foreign national or migrant got a kickback in hiring an non Australian.

            Retail, wholesale, transport, food, rural, leisure, factory and so on – all these industries binned the Australians & replaced Aussies with migrant guestworkers.

            Same with housing – the normal Aussie couple or young family evicted or pushed out of low cost housing as that dwelling was bought with foreign criminal syndicates dirty money laundered by a PR migrant proxy to run subtlet cash in hand bunk share for 8 or more migrants paying twice the overall rent now in cash via subletting…

            That’s why we have 116,000 Australian permanent homeless and another 340,000 seeking affordable housing.

            That’s why the streets of Sydney and Melbourne are lined with Australian unemployed and homeless.
            The migrant influx overshoot.

            Again why aren’t Australian citizens out on the street demanding the millions of parasitic migrants – almost all in blatant visa & COe breach – destroying our jobs housing & standard of living be rounded up and deported..

            100 days of visa enforcement could see most of them cleaned out & forcefully repatriated.
            Why isn’t this public issue #1?

          • Wasnt sure of the numbers but its massive. Why aren’t the multitudes rioting on the streets? because unless its in the mainstream media, loud and clear they dont even realise it. As I said, ‘Stop the Boats’ was the Murdoch press getting them all agro but at the same time totally hoodwinked by the government who had plans for not only 350K immigrants per year but double that again with quasi immigrants. On account of the employment situation for myself and my wife and the housing situation we moved to the UK where my wife was from, bad in the UK but nowhere near as bad as Aus, bought a decent house in a semi rural area with a good trainline and do very well with part time work. We want to return to Australia however not as it is today. Was there at Xmas and even less impressed than when we left 2 years ago.

  6. truthisfashionable

    My regular email from seek prior to covid would have the maximum 20 suitable roles each day (almost always unique roles too), only once in the last 12(ish) weeks have I noticed the email having 20 roles, and when digging into some of them it was the same role advertised across multiple recruiters.

    TLDR – sweetfa new jobs

  7. Sorry government but this is the price you pau for overreacting with what was always destined to be no worse than a bad flu season.

  8. They should que outside the RBA and ask the board and employees why they have set rates at absurdly low levels