Gas cartel “shitfuckery”

If you didn’t laugh you’d pick up a revolver:

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  1. Good stuff and the kind of thing that needs to be seen and spread through the Australian public but checking twitter other random stuff is more important than learning about our serious political issues, the video itself is only at 35k views, by the time it gets a proper amount of views it will be old news and we will have new issues to fret over.

      • I am, im just lamenting how no matter what as long as the news can find other topics to feed us the general populace won’t ever give it the attention it requires.

  2. Ukraine fnMEMBER

    Gunna get me one of those t-shirts at the end of the clip .. the one with S*&tf#ckery on it !!

  3. Awesome!

    the only hole I can pick after viewing, is her failure to articulate how exactly the government is ‘giving all the money to gas companies’ if that is indeed their claim… maybe she can sharpen up the messaging in that area with some details. Also, highlighting the lack of a domestic gas reservation policy, and pointing out the stark differences in outcomes in WA vs East coast would have been worth her while.

    • NoodlesRomanovMEMBER

      I’ll be nit-picky on the automatic assumption that throwing money at renewables will create a manufacturing industry.

      It will go the same way throwing money at mining has created a mining equipment manufacturing industry, or the way that throwing money at construction has resulted in a home grown tools, crane and excavator industry. Big ticket capital items 100% imported, repaired locally using imported steel, welding consumables and labour. Very little domestic value add at all.

      So, a renewable industry is incredibly important, but we will stick to what we are good at. Send our lithium and sand to china and buy it back as batteries and silicone panels. Jobs will be limited to initial construction and ongoing wiping down panels with a squeegy. Very few jobs that don’t involve hi-vis shirt and a stop go lollypop wouldl be created. Hope I’m wrong.

  4. Juice Media are awesome! If these “honest government ads” are new for you check out the back catalogue.

    • darklydrawlMEMBER

      Yes, the bushfire one was a classic ‘Get fvckn used to it’ indeed 😀

    • I love their videos but it’s a pity there isn’t a single mention in any of them about immigration policy.

      • DominicMEMBER

        This. They are unfortunately part of the ‘progressive’ set. In other words, part of the problem.

        But enjoyable videos 😉

  5. nexus789MEMBER

    KInda perverse laughing while at the same time knowing we are all being shafted. 

  6. What’s not covered here is that we are already the biggest exporter of gas in the world; yet locals have hardly any share of the proceeds anyway. Of course we are left with poisoned water, cracked river beds, etc as a result without any of the proceeds.

  7. Best of all … Fantastic, great move, well done Angus! No chance he will ever live that down.