Freedom fighter, Pavlou, demolishes Fake Left on China

A great discussion today as UQ freedom fighter Drew Pavlou joins an international panel discussing CCP influence operations worldwide with a focus on Australia. Worth your time if you can get through the poor tech:

Great points throughout:

  • Australia “ground zero” for CCP influence;
  • propaganda tsunami;
  • media is bought;
  • Fake Left useful idiot of CCP.

Meanwhile, the CCP is accusing Australia of similar, at the ABC:

Asked about Senator Payne’s comments on Wednesday (local time), Mr Zhao hit back with an accusation of his own — that Australia was doing the very thing it had, in his view, accused China of.

“As facts have shown, disinformation is Australia’s expertise, not China’s,” Mr Zhao said.

“The UN and WHO have called on countries to strengthen solidarity and cooperation to counter all sorts of disinformation.

“We hope the Australian official [Senator Payne] will act responsibly in a just and objective manner, stop political manipulation of the pandemic and contribute to the global combat against the pandemic.”

Senator Payne had said in a Tuesday night speech that it was troubling that some countries were “using the pandemic to undermine liberal democracy and promote their own, more authoritarian models.”

Wolf wankers of the world unite!

David Llewellyn-Smith
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  1. The most worrying development is that the calls to curb “disinformation” on the internet and in the media are growing more shrill in almost every corner of the world. We are rapidly heading towards authoritarianism.

    I mean, who the hell gets to decide what is disinformation and what isn’t? It’ll begin with an ‘independent’ body (which will be nothing of the sort). I mean ‘independent’ bodies include: the ABC and the RBA (both funded by the State). No one is truly independent of their main source of funds. Then eventually they will stop pretending and the State will decree what truths the sh!tizens can be exposed to.

  2. TailorTrashMEMBER

    I like how these wolf wankers are reinventing diplomacy
    with Chinese characteristics ….bad manners all round ….
    and pissing every country in the world off at the same time …..wonderful stuff ….meanwhile strutting around in their jackboots ….this will not end well for them

  3. Spoke with Bill Bishop at Sinosicm today. Asked him whether all of this is happening because Xi is losing control. He reckons no, Xi is absolutely in control. So, they decided consciously to take on Japan, US, HK, Taiwan, Australia, Vietnam, India, UK and others, simultaneously. Nothing if not hubristic

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