Drew Pavlou sues University of Queensland for $3.5m

Drew Pavlou has turned the table on the University of Queensland (UQ), suing the top brass for $3.5 million for defamation and breach of contract:

Drew Pavlou says he is suing the university, its chancellor and vice-chancellor for $3.5 million.

Mr Pavlou filed the claim in the Supreme Court of Queensland today for damages relating to a breach of contract and defamation…

Mr Pavlou told his Twitter followers he was “seeking damages for breach of contract, negligence, defamation, deceit and conspiracy”.

“It’s not about money, it’s about sending a message — a message they understand,” he wrote…

In an earlier tweet, Mr Pavlou said “we are trying to protect the right to free speech on Australian campuses”.

It’s amazing that Australians have had to rely on a 21-year old kid to expose the corruption and Chinese influence at our universities, as well as to protect freedom of speech.

Pavlou has a strong case against UQ, if the observations of Paul Frijters – co-author of the book Game of Mates – are anything to go by:

UQ management is not holding back, or at least, the PR firms and spokespersons they have hired are not holding back.

Aaron Patrick in an The afr article on the case mentions that “A university spokeswoman mocked the student for allegedly being a “virgin” ”

Drew Pavlou claims to have heard from 4 journalists that the PR firms tried to dissuade them from running articles on him by describing him as a “violent racist”.

If true, this would seem both sexual harassment and a clear violation of the rules under which PR firms operate.

I have myself noted that on twitter, there are an awful lot of bot-type responses now oriented towards Drew Pavlou. You know the type: regular western names following 80 generic news cites and with 30 followers, making all sorts of wild accusations and random noise directed towards Drew. This wasn’t there a month ago. It’s very recent.

So there is a no-holds barred professional campaign directed at Drew Pavlou now. Paid for with public money. Openly cheered on by a foreign power, perhaps coordinated with it…

Despite the strange protestations to the contrary by the chancellor and a UQ spokesperson, there is no way the case against Drew was not organised and orchestrated by the two Peters. They have official organisational roles in the disciplinary process, have set up some of those very processes, and of course are involved in executive decisions, such as around hiring law firms to represent the “University’s position” in the Drew case. What other position is that ‘official position’ but that of the chancellor and the vice-chancellor? Has someone stolen their university from underneath them for a year and been running an unwanted campaign against one of their own students without their knowledge? Its a ludicrous lie.

Instead of spending time on that obvious lie though, there are again questions of organisation. Who briefed the hired legal hands and how? Who else in UQ management was involved? Are there minutes of various meetings? Was information shared with the Chinese Consulate? Was action against Drew coordinated with the Chinese Consulate at particular points (and not just merely in those demonstrations: we’d also want to know about some of those complainants)?

There are deeper questions, particularly if one truly thinks of this as treason, as to whom else was in the loop. As my post makes clear, the two Peters are not an island. They operate in a political network that appointed them, profited from them, and backed them up in the many previous scandals of the last 10 years. How were they involved in the Drew Pavlou affair: who in the Brisbane political setting tacitly or explicitly approved of the approach taken towards Drew Pavlou and the operation of the Chinese consulate on the UQ campus?…

If one thinks through what has really happened here, there are a lot threads to pull that are important for many issues around free speech, sovereignty, and academic administration. The Drew Pavlou case in that sense could be used to clean up a lot of problem in Australian academia.

These things have obvious lines of inquiry since these universities and networks have all kinds of middle-men doing the bidding of various people. They normally talk if put under enough pressure. So the people doing the liaising with those PR firms will probably talk about who told them to do what. The HR involved in the investigation around Drew and the complaints university get will also probably squeal if put under enough pressure: they don’t make millions like their bosses and they won’t want to lie in a court of law when the pressure is on…

This evidence of fabrication is a bombshell that will have large consequences, and not just for UQ management. It opens many lines of criminal inquiry that will now almost surely be taken up, I think…

I think it now likely that Hoj and Varghese and others in UQ management are going to have to testify about their roles in these disciplinary matters. Did they put undue pressure on UQ administrators to find or fabricate incriminating stories on Drew and others they wanted pursued? That would seem to me to constitute criminal behaviour…

The whole scandal is worthy of its own Royal Commission.

Leith van Onselen


  1. Its an ambit claim, but he’ll still be paid out handsomely!
    With the proceeds I suggest Drew invests it into investment property.
    Saying that, he could take the high moral ground a donate the money to an anti CCP organisation.

      • reusachtigeMEMBER

        Look, they have always been a great investment but nothing beats Sydney apartments for profit maximizations as you can get 3×3 level bunk beds in each room!

        • There’s a new landylord trend called “hot-bunking”. This takes advantage of the ability of migrants to work a night, meaning your bunks are occupied to the max 24/7.

          So you have a day shift in the bunks and a night shift. This doubles the virbrancee and the profits. 3×3x2 per room per day.

  2. Hopefully this goes to court and all the dirty laundry gets aired out and he gets a humongous payout. Unfortunately even if all the dirt becomes public the powers that be wont do anything, There will be a a few media articles written and then it will be business as usual because our politicians are a bunch of crooked spineless worms. The best thing would be for the China to continue its fallacious propaganda routine and distance this country even more. There is too much greed here for us to be able to do it ourselves i think. What a disjointed pathetic non unified nation we have become all because of excessive immigration. Maybe if the china continues its attacks the real Australians will rediscover a spine and stand up and be counted, telling the china to just go F itself.

    • Super Phoenix

      What would happen to the humongous payout if the court case drags on, the university finance keeps deteriorating due to the ongoing international fee bust and the UQ files for bankruptcy?

      • Gates is funding some research at UQ with results to go to GlaxoSmithKlein who has managed to keep its name out of the media. Source of large global corticosteroid dependence and systemic body damage, asthma preventers being one hugely profitable outlet. Anyone interested might start in Georgia at the Lugar Institute. That’s the country,

    • this one has attention internationally. When do our masters across the Pacific pond come asking what we are doing about this?

  3. Every Life Matters

    They’ll try to settle out of court. There’s no way the uni will go to court. This will be international news. Will be very tempting for the young man to pocket a few million.

    • My thoughts exactly. Who could blame him. To make it palatable I can see hoj being promoted elsewhere.

      Cost of doing business = 150-175 individual annual tuition fees = 3.5 mill. (Assume 20k fees)

      That’s not even 1 plane load of confusions.

    • Arthur Schopenhauer

      He won’t settle and Tony Morris QC is wealthy enough not to be tempted to pressure him. He wants to expose the UQ administration for what they are.

      • Yes, that seems to be the aim. And good luck to them.

        Never mind the financial claim, the real prize here is a university administrator or two under oath in a courtroom, at risk of perjury, forced to share how this thing unfolded.

        To those saying nothing will change, this is exactly how things do change. It’s not guaranteed for sure, but there are some encouraging signs here.

      • frag outMEMBER

        Agreed, he’s in this position with Tony because they have principles, seems unlikely they would be settling for anything less than total vindication by following this through to its full conclusion, and maybe a cheeky bonus kick to the proverbial nuts of slave and master.

      • drsmithyMEMBER

        He won’t settle and Tony Morris QC is wealthy enough not to be tempted to pressure him. He wants to expose the UQ administration for what they are.

        This is certainly what one would expect from the emotion of youth.

        Hopefully he does carry through as well, it’ll be the only way things might actually change. Payouts are easy (for both sides).

  4. Goldstandard1MEMBER

    CHA CHING! **

    **not a racinst term, more a financial term. Please don’t sue me or threaten to not buy my dirt or agriculture

  5. reusachtigeMEMBER

    I wouldn’t be surprised if someone expires this guy. Powerful people don’t take too kindly to profit destroyers.

  6. UQ…Come for the treason, stay for the incompetence.

    Something that riles me regularly…these dumb UQ cubts are swimming in rivers of gold yet aren’t even clever enough to sort this young lad out without ending up in court and having to bare all (so to speak).

    I suppose that’s what happens when the system rewards loose morals over ability.

  7. Lord Winchester EntwhistleMEMBER

    Senator Drew Pavlou has a ring to it, I think.

    But for which party….

    • Drew was a member of Labor, not sure if he still is. He already has Murdoch media and US Foreign Policy/CIA support, so could be a long term future Labor Prime Minister. He just needs another 25 years to build cross-factional support within Labor.