CCP pounds away at “racist” Australia

More Global Times material today pounding away at “racist” Australia. Not that it is very convincing. The video is a rehash of the patchy reporting of incidents by local media, overlaid with an ominous tune, and had been shared a grand total of four times when I looked.

China boffin, John Fitzgerald, reckons we should all be afraid, via Crikey:

A big shift is underway. Public reprimands from Beijing are hardly new, but before this incident they tended to be spontaneous and inconsistent. In December 2013, Foreign Minister Wang Yi rebuked Foreign Minister Julie Bishop to her face over the South China Sea dispute. It was an awkward moment, but it ended there. Further criticism and name-calling followed the Australian government’s decisions to limit foreign political interference in 2017 and to ban Huawei from tendering for major telecommunication contracts in 2018. On each initiative, Australia acted well ahead of the US and other countries, prompting one of China’s top Australia watchers to accuse Canberra in September 2019 of playing a ‘pioneering role’ in a global anti-China campaign. But there was little sign of coordination among the accusations.

In the wake of the call for an inquiry, however, a decision has been taken at the highest levels in Beijing to consolidate earlier random and inconsistent critiques of Australia into a common communications strategy in support of a unified approach that involves leveraging trade and investment to punish Australia for challenging Xi’s version of events and his vision for the region.

This approach is wrapped in a communications strategy branding Australia an irredeemably racist country in thrall to US hegemony—incapable of thinking independently or pioneering China policy for the world, as critics had indicated earlier, but instead tagging lamely along in the superpower’s lumbering tread. It is being implemented methodically across many arms of government, including five ministerial-level agencies that have taken action so far: Trade, Education, Tourism, Foreign Affairs, and Propaganda (the home of the People’s Daily).

Following Canberra’s call for an inquiry, Beijing notified the world of Australia’s pariah status through a strongly worded editorial in the state-run paper on 28 April under the byline Zhong Sheng, or ‘Voice of the Centre’. This byline is reserved for editorials signalling central party views on important international relations issues. It’s fair to say it is the voice of Xi, one or two steps removed. The target of the rebuke was Sydney’s Daily Telegraph, which the editorial accused of ‘evilly associating’ the pandemic with China by defacing the country’s national emblem with a graphic image of a viral crown.

…The Zhong Sheng editorial signalled a high-level central party decision concerning Australia to every government ministry and to officials running China’s state-owned enterprises at home and abroad, along with tourism and education agents in China, that people around Xi have adopted a hostile approach towards Australia. All need to fall into line.

Good. The truth is we need less Chinese students. This is an entirely economic argument. It is not the fault of individuals. But the trade has corrupted our universities to the point of them being unrecognisable. They now routinely:

  • conduct research that aids tyranny;
  • crush free speech that protests against tyranny;
  • allow the CCP to conduct courses via Confucious Institutes;
  • force proficient English speakers to effectively tutor foreign via group learning;
  • lower pedagogical standards;
  • make Australia vulnerable to economic coercion;
  • drive up property prices;
  • drive down wages;
  • add to the general crush loading.

This is not education. It is re-education.

Once you include the externalities, as the largest component of the international student trade, the Chinese student trade makes a material contribution to lowering Aussie living standards. As said, it’s not any individual’s fault but that does not make it untrue.

It’s more CCP gaslighting to use racism as the excuse, but we can all be glad if and when Bejing does stop the trade.

Meanwhile, the Australian Government is still captured by it, at The Australian:

Marise Payne has warned Chinese “disinformation” is undermining democracy and creating a “climate of fear”, as she committed the nation to a new global push to strengthen international rule-making bodies which are vital to Australia’s security.

In a strident speech, the Foreign Affairs Minister pointed the finger at China and Russia for spreading false information during the pandemic to shore up their authoritarian systems.

…Just days after Scott Morrison declared Australia had “done nothing to injure” the nation’s relationship with China, Senator Payne told the ANU’s National Security College on Tuesday that China’s claims its students and tourists were at risk of racism in Australia were unfounded.

She declared Australia would stand against the use of disinformation “to foment violence and divide communities”, countering it with “facts and transparency”.

We do need to protect Chinese Australians from Beijing’s divisive lies but there’s nor need to overreact. It’s just another childish CCP lie and if it wants to kill the student trade then good!

David Llewellyn-Smith
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  1. BrentonMEMBER

    CCP have gone full lunatic mode.

    Overnight saw the first deadly border skirmishes in 35 years between the 2 most populace nations on earth; 20 Indian KIA, with unknown Chinese casualties.
    Got to wonder what the CCP rationale was for kicking this off. The Indian mood is very nationalistic at the moment, they were always going to give as good as they got.

    • DingwallMEMBER

      State-run Global Times editor Hu Xijin has put forward his unbiased view
      “My understanding is the Chinese side doesn’t want people of the two countries to compare the casualties number so to avoid stoking public mood. This is goodwill from Beijing”

      The Pakistani’s are out in force in the replies……..

    • Cue the plane loads of more rich Indians looking for bolt holes..should mix in nicely with the rich Chinese in those nice leafy suburbs and CCP run university campuses.

  2. It was reported that China is expanding its university capacity. If their universities become more focused on their domestic students and our universities become more focused on our domestic students, who gets the better domestic student outcomes? 30 years ago I would have said us. Theirs will be a political tool of the CCP, where truth is sacrificed for party ideology. Ours used to be about truth seeking.

    • For all their faults, our unis teach students to question authority; theirs teach them never to question it. Ours will always be superior on this basis alone.

      • McPaddyMEMBER

        Tell that to the academics who have dared to suggest that Taiwan is de facto or should be an independent country.

      • For a couple of decades our unis have failed to teach students fo question insisting on blind obedience to socio-political agenda that has seen free speech suppressed and freedom of thought punished – even the occasional independent thinking academic risks expulsion from the clique should they dare diverge from the dominant narrative. And never have a guest speaker cross hallowed halls if views are not those of the ruling elite. Unis are dead places.

      • No our universities preach unquestioningly the new religion of social justice.
        As someone pointed out it is a zealous religion with religious tenets including original sin (white males), heretics (conservatives) and sanctified martyrs (colonised peoples).

    • Indeed, but what we lack in party propaganda programs we will surely make up for with our own ‘social awareness’ programs. The search for or even the importance of truth has died out in western society as well, narrative and ‘feels’ rule above all.

      Besides, our universities will just find some other nation to flog fake degrees too, India will be high on that list, and a new visa class will easily grease those gears!

    • codeazureMEMBER

      There was a study in China last year looking at graduate incomes for domestic versus international studies. The domestic students had significantly higher income & employment, because they made contacts (work experience, etc) while at university. The international students struggled much more just to get a job.
      I agree there is probably an education quality difference that makes more of a difference in the long run. But given the degradation of standards here in recent years, nowhere near as much used to be.

      • billygoatMEMBER

        I bet even the chai knees Australian students born & raised in Oz compete with their newly minted Australian chai nees born in Chy na teacher counterparts for job in Australian suburban public primary schools. They will not qualify as their chai neese language skills unadulterated to match the chai knees language skills of their 5-9 years old primary school students.
        That’s my ray cyst observation

      • The main reason Chinese students go overseas to study rather than to study at home is because they did not get a place at a local uni. Probably because their grades were not high enough. So you can’t make judgements about outcomes for the two groups just based on where they studied.

        • codeazureMEMBER

          Fair point Joan. So they send us their dummies? That explains everything 😉
          I have read they have a long term goal to greatly increase the number of domestic university seats, so it will be interesting to see how that affects the number wanting to go overseas in future.

  3. Herman Milson

    Add to your list of what Chinese students do is take up seats and prevent Australian students from going to University. According to DomainFax

    In NSW, 14,669 students have applied to start university in 2021, according to the Universities Admission Centre, compared with 7824 at this time last year – a jump of 88 per cent.

    The admissions centre in NSW says year 12 students have been quick to lock in plans, as they see the pandemic hitting the economy.

    Year 12 student, Indigo Matheso lost her casual retail job because of COVID-19. She realised the outlook had changed and sent off applications for university places. “Now everyone is saying let’s all just go to university next year.”

    But universities face a dilemma because they don’t have many more places to offer.

    • McPaddyMEMBER

      This would happen whether or not our unis were crammed with foreign students. Demand from local students has spiked dramatically and there would never be a prospect of accommodating all of it.

    • Shades of MessinaMEMBER

      Says it all when going to Uni in Australia is a second choice option behind a part-time retail gig.

      Uni in Australia used to be something to aspire to, incredible how debased it has become over the past 30 years.

      • Completely agree. Universities have debased their currency. They are degree factories now. Once upon a time trades were common and unis were path to higher income life. Now trades are rare and well psid.

  4. If the Communist Party read the Thoughts of Chairman Morrison, they would soon discover that Australia is the Most Successful Multicultural Nation In The World. All together now. Say it. Over and over and over again.

    • There are even those who believe that our diversity is our strength. No, seriously. I know it’s hard to imagine anybody swallowing that guff, but I swear I’m not making this up.

      • Most Successful Multicultural Nation = Morrison’s Mass Migration 4Eva. It’s that simple.

    • Charles MartinMEMBER

      There was a time when Australia may havebeen the most successful multi-cultural nation in the world. But that was a long time ago.

      But the idiot politicians, so called economists, so called demographers (Liz Allen, lol) and the many other vested interests use this same thinking as if it applies today. It clearly doesn’t, when you look at the data and the effects on day to day life.

      The thinking needs to be updated to suit the times.

  5. mikef179MEMBER

    China gets away with calling other countries racist because racism is so accepted and systemic in China that nobody there criticises it. Certainly not the government mouthpieces. So when black people in China are forcibly evicted from their apartments or when shops everywhere have signs that no foreigners are allowed the world hardly bats an eye.

    • As always, one set of rules for one and another set of rules for the other. Never had a progressive explain precisely why this all quite acceptable and I’m not holding my breath either.

    • adelaide_economistMEMBER

      Chinese understanding of ‘racism’ is anything they perceive as anti-Chinese. It’s why they can spend all day spouting Han supremacism while violently and brutally suppressing ethnic and religious minorities but an insignificant and non-racially specific comment by a (wh!te) westerner is automatically ‘racist’ if it’s aimed at them. The irony and hypocrisy of a Han supremacist super-state complaining about other’s (perceived) racism is breathtaking but naturally the ‘media’ is too busy flagellating themselves (and us) over anything and everything that this little fact escapes their reporting of ‘what insane self-serving lie is China telling today’.

  6. The CCP always spouts meaningless self-serving nonsense and nobody outside China believes anything they say. Being labelled as a “racist” by those idiots is a badge of honour.

  7. Sometimes I don’t understand you.
    Surely it is always the job of the Ascendant to define the new order and create the rules that govern the relationships under their new regime. Naturally they thereby create and embed themselves in a position of privilege but that’s nothing new.
    Is there something else going on here?
    As far as I can see they’re simply doing what they must do, in some ways I’d be more concerned if they weren’t acting as was to be expected.

  8. You don’t get much more racist than the Chinese.
    And as I will outline – the Chinese in Australia are even more racist than the Chinese in China.

    It’s not the CCP Nationalism / one China : China first nonsense but an inherent and it seems congenital part of a Chinese in being accepted by their group to hate despise and denigrate all non Chinese.
    All across China – racist to non Chinese
    Then racist and the elite and peasant classes of Chinese (hukuo) within China.
    Outside of China – Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, in Australia (1.4 million Chinese mainland born communists with 1.1 million as China first sole passport holders as PR & TR, the pacific islands, everywhere Chinese are present it’s the same.
    And the Chinese here the most extreme racists of all- part of their bonding and identity in their enclave here.

    Go to Chatswood or Ashfield and see the Chinese racism and exclusion of non Chinese at work.
    Not just the Chinese.
    The Japanese. We had a war to stop their eugenic based ideology & conquest. Not that it made any difference in the long run.
    And the Koreans.
    And the Indians including their religious divisions & caste system. Go out to north parramatta some time and check out the Indian ghetto and their racist attitudes and behaviour.
    And the Pakistani, the Bangladeshi, the Nepalese, all replete with their highly racist and discriminatory culture and pecking order.
    And then we have the Africans in their tribal system & clans or eons old slaving culture & genocidal impulses
    And in the Thai, the Malay Bumiputra, the Indonesian Javanese who despise and slaughter the Ambonese, Papuan & the Timorese on blatant racial prejudice, the South Americans split along both racial & ancient tribal lines, and the Middle East in their religious and Arab or not birthlines & genocide of each other..

    That’s what comes in.
    Then compressed into their respective Sydney or Melbourne third world ghetto where they continue their blatant third world microculture, non assimilation and hatred of Australians and our values & society as well as all other ‘foreigners’ becomes their ‘common bond’

    👉🏾The complete failure of multiculturalism in Australia.
    No dispersion and no assimilation to our Australia values, language or way of life.

    Nope – instead vast ghettoes in Sydney and Melbourne of some 4.5 million migrants (40% of both cities population) that are massive ethnic enclaves, non assimilated, racist and overt hatred expressed to an Australia that feeds & cares for them, and their hatred to any once else not of their group.

    So once in their little ethnic slum here – their latent or learned racism is amplified.
    The Chinese or Indians etc – not used to other foreigners in their own country get exposed to them in Australia and become extremely racist and exclusionary.

    Even more racist than back in China or India.

    In fact it’s hard to think of a single country in our third world intake where we are not importing racism and then amplifying it once they are here in their ethnically aligned ghettoes.

    • Stewie GriffinMEMBER

      We are seeing the outcome of Multiculturalism in UK (rape gangs, bombings and knife violence), Sweden (rape gangs, bombings and migrant violence), Germany (rape gangs, church burnings and migrant violence) and France (rape gangs, church burnings, no go zones, bombings, truck rampages, terror attacks and now, a virtual civil war between Chechen migrants (mussies) and Algerians (mussies). In the US we see 12.6% of the population are responsible for committing the majority of crime.

      MultiCult is a Corporate Boondoggle designed to further atomise Western society, import incompatible populations and cultures that further divide these societies, all to boost corporate sales.

      This nonsense that it some how makes us strong and more united, is simply Word Magic to transform our perceived reality into the opposite of what is actually taking place, while all the benefits that even the most hardened advocates can point out amounts to a better kebab.

      As I have said repeatedly, as we are seeing in the US and Europe, MultiCult is a lie – the moment our societies fail to deliver on the diverse, and competing demands of the various hostile, incompatible cultures that have been injected into it, our societies will fail.

      This is who we are and what we will become – a series of failed societies, fractured, impoverished and utterly ruined, because of the moral vanity of a bunch of liberal know it alls, who think their post-modern view point is an advance in human understanding, as opposed to a naive, nihilistic cult.

  9. “branding Australia an irredeemably racist country in thrall to US hegemony—incapable of thinking independently”

    A bit excessive on the racism angle, but not entirely wrong. The rest, uncomfortably close to the mark. Australia had potential to be the Switzerland of the region but found it impossible to simultaneously remain friendly with our major trading partner (and growing regional power) whilst doing the bidding of our major ally and favoured cohort in numerous small largely futile wars.

    We need to grow a pair.

      • Everything we do we are told to do. That is China’s point. It was initially reported that Australia’s bizarre decision to lead interrogation of China over Covid19 followed a discussion between Trump and Morrison.

        Why us? Why did we agree? To what purpose?

        • SnappedUpSavvyMEMBER

          so everything we do we are told to do by the US, and your point is it should be China, your customer instead, hey twiggy….lol

          everything you ever post you are told to post by chyna, and previously the minerals council mate, jeeez

          • No. We should be more finessed, more Swiss. Step back, remain on friendly terms with both. We pick US as winners arguing shared democratic values and freedoms conveniently ignoring multiple US interventions across Latin America, the Middle East and Asia where said values were aborted in name of US hegemony.

            We need to be smarter. Maintain good relations, focus on mutually beneficial relationships with each country and ensure free flow of trade. These rest is hawkish noise and not in our national interest.

          • Exports are the lifeblood of the Australian economy. Macrobusiness has long recognised this and single handedly raise iron ore to rockstar status. All exports are important, seemingly many politicians are blind to this preferring sabre-rattling to supramax.

            That said re US moral superiority and its expectation its sidekick Australia will compliantly play fall guy whenever demanded US itself is more pragmatic. China curbs Australian barley imports, US promptly fills the void. Covid19 careens through US meatpacking plants and Trump orders they remain open. Today we learn these plants produced record pork exports for the China market, Covid deaths aside.

            Oh what a complex web we weave.

    • Australia never had a chance to be Switzerland. That’s not growing a pair. That’s cowardice.

      • bolstroodMEMBER

        “We will cut you loose” Sec of State Pompaeo to Australia at the first hint of independant action.

        • Ah our great fear as sparsely populated anglo nation in the turbulent sea of Asia: yellow peril, the Indonesians, even at one point Japanese economic domination.

          Surely a good friend, one we have acquiesed to for decades, one with which we share democratic principles, a belief in rule of law and transparency of governance would not abandon us?

          • Trump would dump Oz in a sec if he thought there was any advantage to him. Someone would need to remind him where/what is Oz.

    • Agreed, but most Aussies have long ago internalized the narrative that Australia is a country, in international politics, which punches above its weight. It sounds good when our politicians use the phrase and it’s empowering to believe that our opinion really counts. But here’s the rub, our opinion doesn’t really count because for the most part we don’t have an opinion of our own. Turns out we’re just extremely good at seconding the US, we do so to the point that we sometimes even appear to take the lead.
      But is it really our opinion?
      Is it an opinion that is consistent with our best interests?
      Will it prove to be a rational opinion especially when viewed through the lens of history?
      Lots of discussions, lots of decisions if we really want to have an opinion of our own, or we could just ask Donald what he thinks, apparently he has a good head on his shoulders.

  10. Stewie GriffinMEMBER

    Zero surprises that the Chinese use that juicy race baiter Max Kolowski’s articles in their disinformation.

  11. Good to see use of “CCP” rather than “China”. Confusing/conflating the two does the CCP’s work for it.

  12. working class hamMEMBER

    Full tropic thunder CCP. Can’t really say I’m surprised. They will be looking to make an example of Australia, being the US South Pacific lapdog.
    F’em. They have crushed Australian society with the help of both major parties corruption. I’ll fight. Die on your feet, live on your knees etc.

  13. The Chinese passed racism in the rear view mirror years ago. Today they’re at full fledged genocide.

  14. Perhaps the CCP could helpfully bash the AUD down with some more tough talk about punishing us. It would help the economy and amuse us all watching the boffins in the RBA go into a meltdown.

  15. For China to be taking on the UK, Taiwan, HK, Australia and India simultaneously, it suggests to me, things must be very bad politically and economically in China.

    • India and Chyna both have an excess of young males. Putting them to use via a patriotic war of some kind?

  16. Aparently, Chinese state controled travel agency has urged de-emphasising travel to Australia for holidays, which means that few will want to incure the wroth of the CCP by making the trip when they are able.