CCP: Australia has unleashed espionage assault in China

Lol, via CCP mouthpiece The Global Times comes Straya, the interfering superpower and evil kangroo:

Australia is waging an intensifying espionage offensive against China – sending agents to China to spy, gather intelligence and recruit assets, instigating defection among Chinese nationals, spying on Chinese students and organizations in Australia, feeding fake news to media to hype up the “China espionage theory” and even in early years attempting to install wiretaps in the Chinese Embassy in Canberra, the Global Times has learned from a source with a Chinese law-enforcement agency.

Multiple Australian espionage cases uncovered by Chinese law-enforcement agencies showed that Australia is a veteran in spying against other countries and precisely “the thief who is crying stop the thief” as it steps up infiltration, spying and technological theft operations against China, the source told the Global Times.

In response to Australia’s espionage offensive, Chinese counterespionage agencies will take more vigorous countermeasures to crack down on Australian espionage operations to safeguard China’s national security and interests, the source said.

Thieves get caught

In 2018, a Chinese law-enforcement agency uncovered a spying operation launched by Australia and arrested agents who work for Australian security intelligence agencies, and seized materials, including espionage equipment, US dollars and Chinese yuan used for espionage funds, and the intelligence information they were going to exchange.

According to the pictures provided by the source, the Australian spies caught red-handed also had a compass, a USB flash disk, a notebook, a mask, gloves and a map of Shanghai. On the notebook, there was some English handwriting about addresses, which are relevant to their operations.

Photo: Intelligence funds, spy tools and maps recovered from Australian spies

The Global Times learned from the Chinese law-enforcement agency that Australian security intelligence agencies are not just spying on China within Chinese territory, but also conduct acts against overseas Chinese in Australia and other countries, such as inciting the defection of some overseas Chinese to work for them.

A case cracked by the Chinese law-enforcement agency showed that Australian security intelligence agencies incited the defection of a targeted person and trained him on Swan Island near Canberra with professional espionage skills, and then sent him back to China for intelligence gathering.

Photo: Intelligence funds, spy tools and maps recovered from Australian spies

The spying activities against China by Australian security intelligence agencies mainly include sending spies to China to incite defection and collect intelligence, according to the source.

The source told the Global Times that Australian security intelligence agencies set up a Beijing intelligence station in the Australian Embassy in China, and this station is the most senior level one in East Asia, which also serves as a junction center to manage Australia’s espionage activities in other countries in the region such as Japan, South Korea and Mongolia.

Australian security intelligence agencies have deployed multiple intelligence officers in the station and they have status as Australian diplomats in China (which means they have diplomatic immunity), and their missions in China also include inciting defections, intelligence gathering and cross-linking.

The source said Australian security intelligence agencies conduct espionage activities in China very carefully and cautiously. They tried to escape from China’s counterespionage operations by using various sophisticated spying devices, but still, “the approaches that they thought to be reliable and sophisticated also leaked out during China’s investigation,” the source said.

Wiretaps in the embassy

Australian security intelligence agencies have, in recent years, increased espionage activities and surveillance against Chinese institutions and their employees in Australia, including engaging and interrupting local Chinese to force them to spy on local Chinese communities and the Chinese Embassy, and even instigated local Chinese to become their informants to return to China for intelligence gathering or attempted to infiltrate Chinese Embassy and consulates in Australia.

Feng Chongyi, a Chinese Australian “scholar” at the University of Technology Sydney, was an informant to Australian security intelligence agencies, and he provided much information regarding China to Australian security intelligence agencies, and also played the role of a “China studies expert” to stigmatize and smear China on some anti-China foreign media outlets, the source said.

Australian security intelligence agencies’ espionage activities against China can be traced back to the 1980s-1990s. At that time, Australian security intelligence agencies used the construction of a new Chinese Embassy as a chance to deploy different types of covert listening devices, including seismic wiretaps and high and low frequency electromagnetic induction devices all over the embassy, the source noted. China and Australia established formal diplomatic ties in 1972.

After the construction of the building was completed, the relevant Chinese department found covert listening devices inside almost every floor and wall, and even the basement. Given the situation, China had to build a new embassy in Australia. According to the source, Australian intelligence agencies are still conducting espionage against the Chinese Embassy and consulates in the country.

Photo: The eavesdropping device found at the Chinese Embassy in Australia
Australian intelligence agencies also launched an investigation against their own politicians who displayed friendly attitudes toward China recently while bilateral ties were worsening.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald on Friday, the Australian federal police – as part of a joint investigation with the Australian Security Intelligence Organization (ASIO) – raided the Sydney home of the New South Wales upper house Labor MP Shaoquett Moselmane on Friday morning “searching for evidence to support allegations of a Chinese government plot to influence a serving politician.”

Photo: The eavesdropping device found at the Chinese Embassy in Australia

The MP held a friendly stance on China publicly and has come under scrutiny for his recent praise of China’s successful handling of the coronavirus pandemic, the report said.

The Australian Institute of International Affairs published an article in September 2019 saying that the Pine Gap satellite surveillance base jointly used by Australia and the US is also spying on China. The article says “Pine Gap is fully integrated into the US military’s ‘kill chain.’ It directs drones and missiles onto targets in the Middle East and elsewhere. As a CIA base, it can also eavesdrop on all Australian telephone calls.”

The source with the Chinese law-enforcement agency noted that “when Australia continually conducts espionage operations against China, it also accuses China of ‘espionage.’ That’s a typical practice of ‘a thief crying stop a thief’.”

Photo: The eavesdropping device found at the Chinese Embassy in Australia

Producing fake news

Apart from espionage activities, Australian security intelligence agencies have even started to influence public opinion and policymaking in the country by expressing views on major issues and feeding fake news to the media, Chen Hong, director of the Australian Studies Center at East China Normal University in Shanghai, told the Global Times.

The alleged “Chinese spy” Wang Liqiang’s case in 2019 is a typical example, said Chen.

Wang’s own claim that he was a “Chinese spy” and “defected” to Australian authorities was eventually proven to be false.

“If Wang defected to Australia as he claimed, he must be in contact with Australian security intelligence agencies and wouldn’t be allowed to talk to the media. But how could he get in touch with the media? The only scenario that makes sense is that Australian security intelligence agencies knew he is a swindler but intended to let him talk to the media to spread anti-China or sinophobic sentiment to the public,” Chen said.

“Fake news is not important anymore. As long as Wang could help them create an atmosphere in the country to show that ‘Chinese spies are threatening Australia’s national security,’ the Australian security intelligence agencies will make no comment on the case,” Chen noted.

Unprecedented hostility

The source of the Chinese law-enforcement agency noted that Australia has added more weight to its espionage activities targeting China.

“Australian security intelligence agencies have increased their budgets and strengthened the construction of espionage intelligence networks against China,” the source said.

Canberra made such moves because China’s rise has put pressure on it, and as a member of the Five Eyes Alliance, Australia feels it has the “responsibility” to collect Chinese intelligence and share it with other “Five Eyes” allies, Chinese analysts said.

In fact, Australia is not content with merely being a loyal follower of the US, but wants to make its own decisions, such as announcing a boycott against Chinese 5G telecom giant Huawei, and it even tried to convince other countries to follow, Chen noted.

Chen added that on the one hand, Canberra wants to enjoy the benefits brought by the rise of China; on the other, Australia is a typical “Indo-Pacific nation” and wants to use US President Donald Trump and his administration’s Indo-Pacific strategy to make itself more important to the US and the West in a competition with China.

This is why Australia is nervous, panicking and self-contradicting when dealing with China. In recent years, due to the impact of ideological elements and the worsening of China-US relations, the anti-China conservative forces are becoming increasingly influential in misguiding China-Australia relations, Chinese analysts said.

The compass and map of Shanghai metro are a nice touch. Our spies are lost apparently.

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    • Too funny. Why didn’t they have a range of passports and the Walther PPK. Sort of cross between Bourne and Bond.

      They really are utter clowns…

      • The Global Times has gone from Wolf Wanker to 1950s spy shtick, but everyone knows that a code book, trench coat and a martini is standard ASIO issue for spying on China…

        This is the nation that we’ve bet the farm on, sold the silverware to and rolled out the red carpet for? These are our great friends and partners in the new Asian century who behave like a 2-year old with ADHD? The dusted off propaganda from the Cultural Revolution shows that not much has changed for the happy clappers in the CPP or Global Times “journalists”. What a time warp.

  1. mikef179MEMBER

    lol, I read that earlier this morning and just laughed. I’m surprised people believed what these clowns said for as long as they did. I can’t imagine there are a lot of people in China who take what they say seriously.

  2. Ukraine fnMEMBER

    I an crying with laughter at the moment. I can’t believe this clown fabrication by the CCP.
    I wonder what gave it away that the said person was an Australian spy.. his mullet,red checkered shirt..Ahh the thongs !! LOL

    • NoodlesRomanovMEMBER

      You have the right username to perhaps know that some of the communist show trials had laughable premise, evidence and testimony. I bet the smart moderates kept laughing all the way to the gulag.

  3. Stewie GriffinMEMBER

    I remember cutting out coupons from MAD Magazine when I was a kid to send away for a spy kit, which when it arrived looked remarkably similar to the ones shown in the photos (without the money of course).

  4. DingwallMEMBER

    Spat ma tea out 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣……… though the state of Australia’s “spy” capability is on par with the kit there…………

  5. truthisfashionable

    Maybe they have seen the success of the Betoota Advocate and are trying to emulate it?

    The standard looking junction boxes as a listening device is uhh interesting.

    Wonder if this is in relation to that weird interaction at the press conference last week:

  6. Reus's largeMEMBER

    Wow the CCP really is stupid, by far the dumbest on earth, I am loving every minute of this as they are showing how pathetic and thin skinned they are and are just making things worse.
    I do hope they continue to act like they are in kindy so we can continue to laugh at them.

  7. Locus of ControlMEMBER

    Hilarious. I possess at this very minute all the tools of the trade to become a spy – who knew?

    BTW, a listening device in the embassy is no problem if you follow protocol and always use the cone of silence.

  8. adelaide_economistMEMBER

    So not only do our ‘spies’ have 1950s kit, but they need English subtitles on their map to know where they are going? I’m going to take a guess that any Australian human spy assets in China would not be ocker Anglos [other than known ‘spies’ based in the embassy as all countries do]. Outside of ‘tourist’ areas they would stand out a little too much methinks. Might also be hard for them to influence or actually ‘spy’ if they can’t understand what the locals are saying. The global times is a caricature of itself.

    • We all already know what the Chinese Locals are screaming when any Anglo walks the local streets outside of any Major city
      Laowai Laowai Laowai
      It really is laughable

  9. rob barrattMEMBER

    I wouldn’t laugh too loud. These dictators do nothing without thinking ahead. Expect a number of Australian visitors (or even diplomats) to be arrested and held as political hostages. There’s no depth they won’t sink to.

    • Any Australian in China should leave asap regardless of ethnicity. It’s obvious the relationship is dead and we are now a public enemy, the CCP needs a western enemy and they’ve decided we’re it. There is no walking back from this in the eyes of the Chinese public. We have infringed on their sovereignty which is unforgivable. I’m so glad I left and so glad I decided after returning and seeing the relationship deteriorate that is never be going back (cos I think the CCP will stay in power in China for a very long time and I’m not going into any area where they run the joint)

      • Locus of ControlMEMBER

        “…and I’m not going into any area where they run the joint”.

        Popcod, do you have any views on Hong Kong (as in Chinese interaction with) that you’d care to share?

        • Not particularly but I do find Louis Vincent Gave a really good economics commentator on HK. He has just relocated to Canada but he’s lived in HK the longest out of any place. Recently he had a short podcast on Macrovoices where he expressed his view that XJP has now taken ownership of the issue of HK so it now needs to succeed (plus it looks like the US wants to exclude Chinese companies from US capital markets, and Shanghai isn’t ready to be an international capital marketplace so they can’t let HK fail now cos they have nowhere else to raise/access foreign capital). There was a long interview of him on youtube by some young podcaster in the past month.

          But full disclosure, given that I have chronic fatigue syndrome and China is not an easy place to travel (ie it takes a lot of energy) if I was going to travel anywhere os, it wouldn’t be back there but somewhere else, so it is an easy decision to make. And yeah I’d now give HK as only a slightly lower than the mainland risk factor atm (don’t forget those booksellers that got moved over the border, ok they haven’t done that to a foreigner that I’m aware of, but the risk is there). But having said all that, we (the olds and I) do have some friends from a western-ish (location) ethnic minority and I’ve been privileged to have had access to private homes, religious institutions and witnessed and been involved in cultural festivities and practices that most people, including Han, don’t get to experience, so not ever experiencing that and seeing good-hearted, generous friends again is not something I like to dwell on.

  10. Andrew2MEMBER

    Maybe they’re playing with us, trying to lull us into a false sense of security (that we’re dealing with idiots) so we don’t take them seriously until it’s too late.

  11. Arrests on trumped up charges of carrying hi-tech spy gear such as maps, money and USB sticks to follow.

    Any Australian in China, particularly those of Chinese descent would be well advised to bail out now.

    I’m glad Popcod is no longer there.

    • Thanks mate! I remember thinking a lot in my last 1-2 years there about the Jews in Europe in the lead up to ww2 and what was it that caused some people to see they were frogs in slowly boiling water and what the trigger was for them to migrate to safety before that opportunity was lost. I felt strongly that the door for safe exit was closing for westerners (especially but foreigners in general) in China, and this was in 15/16. It was so obvious we were no longer wanted by the gov, though the people had a very different opinion. I’d seen so many foreigners forced out in 2008 and how it gutted them, and I always said I wanted to leave on my terms and before I became bitter and disillusioned (which happened to many expats – those with unrealistic expectations). I’ve just had a big convo with the olds saying China has decided we’re a public enemy, the foreign enemy to distract the people from their own problems and that there is no returning from this. Any Australian should gtfo China asap. I fact is go so far as to say any westerner should be ready to leave at the drop of the hat

  12. Segregate Victoria

    We’ll be one of the first countries seized by the Chinese when it all kicks off.

    No doubt armed with bamboo sticks with nails sticking out of them.

  13. mikef179MEMBER

    I think the people at the Global Times have been watching too many Bond films. You can’t suddenly do good journalism if you’ve never been doing it before.

    • The90kwbeastMEMBER

      Whilst everyone including our government was still pretending 5-10 years back China was liberalising, it was all kosher. Now the bait and switch they pulled on the world is bare to all for see, being best friends will happen at precisely never-thirty.

  14. TailorTrashMEMBER

    That piece looks like it was written by a graduate in journalism from Sydney ( South Shanghai ) University .

    It reminds me of the passage in one of Clive James’s great autobiographies…where he was a gormless Aussie in sixties London ….
    ..duffle coats were the rage ….Burberry blue …..Clive wanted to blend in ….but he only had a sand coloured duffle coat … he recountedit was nice to blend into a sand dune ….but not many sand dunes in London ….,so he was what he was …a gormless Aussie out of place ….looks like the 2020 spies in Shanghai are following form …

  15. Did you know that China has actually taken away a lot of our “angry boys” to China?

    There are a few people I know that were part of the “Proud Boys” movement alt-right wing group here in Australia who have been “encouraged” to go and live in China as “english teachers”. Many of these guys are ex army guys, or people who would “put up a fight” if the Chinese rolled into town.

    They have lured them to China (with cheap smokes, booze, women and new lives as teachers) and are busy re-educating them… likely to send them back to Australia as spies and to help with their invasion in the years to come.

    I’m already aware of two people who have been lured to Shanghai, and I’ve heard there are dozens more.

  16. AirForceOneMEMBER

    Perhaps Madeline King is part of that joint investigation into CCP friendlies. On another note I need to order some of those fabulous fuchsia spy gloves.

  17. Apparently our spies are so incompetent they cant use google maps, phone app compass to navigate or even use a taxi to get to the right address. Must be easy to spot. Just look for the white devil walking along the side of the road taking sightings with his analogue compass and referring to his analogue map.
    And why was this aussie james bond caught with two different sets of colored gloves. WTF is that about. Maybe Q made them special and they shoot a grappling hook and knockout darts.
    The best part would be the eaves dropping device. The one that looks like an electrical conduit housing.
    Sure if i wanted to listen in on a conversation the first place i would put it would be under inches of concrete.
    Going to get great reception there.

  18. Up to the whuflu I was their on a regular basis..
    I know I’ve had my room bugged with a camera. That was before the poo got in but noticed the change he did.
    Not sure if I can go back.

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