Builders: Housing stimulus not needed

Phil Dwyer, President of Builders Collective of Australia – an incorporated association of predominantly small builders – has questioned the need for housing market stimulus, claiming that his members are as busy as ever:

Phil Dwyer: “I can’t imagine why it’s taking place… I don’t think it’s needed. Tradies are very busy. We haven’t slowed down at all. We are an essential service. So, nothing has changed from our perspective…

“There’s a heap of renovations in every suburb. There’s no doubt about it. It’s very busy and hard to get trades. I can’t imagine why we would need cash injections to help us. We are just going to overheat the industry. And that would be ridiculous…

“At the moment I think it’s a little bit busier than usual because I think people have taken the attitude: ‘oh well, we’ve got this lockdown, so we might as well get on wit this renovation’. I can’t see where it’s slowed down in the area we’re talking about…

“We’re handing out a little bit too much money…”

As we noted yesterday, stimulus would be far better used to build public housing, given:

  • There is a massive homelessness problem in Australia; and
  • Stimulus would not be wasted on people that were going to buy a new home or renovate anyway.

The fix is in!

Leith van Onselen

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