ASX sickens on virus

The Australian dollar is down this morning and is forming a possible bearish descending triangle:

It is also encouraging to see that shorts have almost all puked, opening the path to lower prices:

Bonds are bid:

As XJO pukes lower:

Big Iron is soft:

Big Gas even more so:

Big Gold is strong:

Big Banks have a whack head and shoulders pattern that could reverse the recent rally :

Big Chunt is hopelessly deluded as usual:


David Llewellyn-Smith
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  1. Goldstandard1MEMBER

    Short cut for everyone to see our close today……..
    Dow was down over 200 on Friday so we will be down 40 ish.
    Our market will watch dow futures today and will add or take away from that baseline. My guess is furures will unsure today so we’ll end up 30-40 down from Friday. Our market is a parasite on the Dow with next to no independant swings.