UQ treason stokes ANZUS alarm

Let’s reprise the shocking document released yesterday by Aussie freedom fighter, Drew Pavlou:

In short, UQ collaborated with Chinese officials on how it should go about attacking pro-democracy protesters on its campus.

Let’s not beat around the bush. This is treason: aiding a hostile foreign power in its pursuit to silence, intimidate and even physically harm Australian youth. The purpose of this is to make an example that prevents any future pro-democracy protests, or thoughts of doing so, on Australian soil.

Why this has not triggered alarm across the Australian press is a question you might want to ask yourself. But it’s not the same on the other side of the ANZUS treaty. In the US, Drew Pavlou is creating a major stir. A week ago he appeared in the august Foreign Policy magazine to plead his case:

The Chinese Communist Party’s attempted cover-up during the earliest stages of the coronavirus pandemic doomed the world to a historic public health disaster, one that would shatter the lives of billions of people. In the face of this catastrophe, both U.S. and European policymakers and thinkers have called for a reevaluation of their countries’ economic and political ties with this regime.

Sadly, the experience of critics like myself in Australia, a country far more reliant on Chinese economic ties than Europe or the United States, shows that decoupling will not be an easy task. After being an outspoken campus critic of Chinese state human rights abuses, I now face expulsion from the University of Queensland (UQ), where I am a fourth-year philosophy student, on the grounds that I “prejudiced” the university’s reputation by using my position as an elected student representative to express support for Hong Kong’s democratic protesters.

And today, the bluest of US strategic policy blue-bloods, Walter Russell Mead, took up the alarm on the cover of the WSJ:

…keeping Beijing happy is essential to the UQ business model, and hosting a Confucius Institute is part of the package. Roughly 20 per cent of the university’s students last spring were from China, and international students pay much higher tuition fees than locals.

Furthermore, vice-chancellor Peter Hoj received a performance bonus of $200,000 in part because of his success in strengthening the university’s relations with China in ways that supported student recruitment. Hoj was committed. He not only allowed a Confucius Institute to be established on campus; he served for several years as an unpaid consultant to the Confucius Institute’s international board. At least one course jointly funded by the institute and UQ highlighted China’s emerging world leadership in, among other topics, counter-terrorism, human rights and the prevention of mass atrocities.

It was apparently intolerable that a student insulted an institution so august. UQ compiled a 186-page dossier of Pavlou’s alleged misdoings and summoned him to a hearing at which he faces possible expulsion.

If WRM has taken up Mr Pavlou’s case then concern over UQ treason now runs right to the very top of the US security establishment.

It is, therefore, not too much of a stretch to argue that treasonous UQ behaviour is now directly undermining ANZUS. Certainly such alliances are based upon national interests not individuals. But they are made up and interpreted by people. Why would any US citizen spill blood to defend an Australia that can be so easily lifted of its principles?

And this as the CCP press daily insults Australia, daily cuts trade agreements, and is now launching an all-out war on Hong Kong democracy. Via the always excellent Richard McGregor last night on Bolt:

UQ treason must be stopped. Its behaviour is an outrageous violation of an Australian citizen’s free speech, egged on, and directed by, CCP agents of influence and the dollars they channel via the international student trade. The federal government should pull UQ funding until it:

  • clears out China-corrupted management;
  • reduces its dependence on Chinese international students;
  • removes the Confucious Institute from campus,
  • and apologises plus makes reparation to Mr Pavlou.

UQ is operating far out on some autocratic limb in violation of community standards, intellectual principle, democractic rights, national interest policy, and now it is undermining bedrock Australian security treaties as well.

David Llewellyn-Smith
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  1. alwaysanonMEMBER

    It is so rare for Australia to be even mentioned in the WSJ, let alone on the front page, that – for this to be the reason – you have to hope gets some attention…

    • I’m amazed. Although if you can make the Global Times, you can make the WSJ.
      Who are these pathetic overpaid nihilistic clowns, get rid.

      • DominicMEMBER

        Good thinking. They could use the power stored in their Tesla battery packs to apply electric shock treatment to non-compliant students. Mr Pavlou would be a highly prized recipient.

        • PlasterMEMBER


          But I forgot to mention the crematoria surrounding UQ Lakes.

          The dust can be sprinkled to feed the eels.

  2. The AFP should be investigating Peter Hoj for possibly being an agent of foreign influence.

    Hopefully not the same AFP unit which investigated Angus Taylor by not investigating Angus Taylor.

    • stock twitter

      lol. AFP couldn’t find shoes in a shoe box. Do you guys think the media’s bread isn’t buttered by the CCP too ? Of course it is, thats why they’re not touching this either.
      I for one am a little surprised you picked it up also…..I know how you lefties enjoy your facism for the ‘greater good’. This sort of behaviour should be right up your alley, no?

      • You’re either a complete illiterate knob (by your reading so much into my comment that simply wasn’t there) or a CCP troll.

        I hope you fall into an open sewer.

        • stock twitter

          Failed abortions such as yourself are literally too stupid to insult.
          Perhaps you should go back to your union meeting singing the communist anthem?

      • “facism”??
        Would that be prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different face based on the belief that one’s own face is superior? Moron…

    • BabundaMEMBER

      I suspect a different acronym is working this one. We won’t hear much about it but the cables will be flying thick and fast right now.

  3. robert2013MEMBER

    What could we at MB do to maximise impact? How about we all email the attorney general at precisely 4pm? Each day do the same to a different mp.

  4. It’s a kind of reverse racism. Academics grovelling to our Chinese overlords is somehow regarded as “woke”, but not to our much safer American overlords. Apart from those delightful defence hawks at ANU…

  5. happy valleyMEMBER

    And who apparently is the UQ Chancellor? Peter Varghese, an ex-Secretary of DFAT? Interesting?

  6. If Universities were truly a competitive market they would be offering 1 years free tuition to transfer from UQ right now.