UQ launches CCP-style lawfare to crush freedom-fighting student

The federal government must step into this disgrace, at The Australian:

A student activist facing expulsion from the University of Queensland is being threatened with criminal prosecution over his handling of documents relating to the institution’s public response to anti-Beijing protests on campus.

Drew Pavlou faces a disciplinary hearing on Wednesday following his protests and social media posts criticising UQ’s ties with Chinese government institutions and of the ruling Chinese Communist Party’s record on human rights.

The 20-year-old philosophy student, who organised a campus protest last July in support of Hong Kong’s independence movement, received a letter from UQ lawyers last week accusing him of contempt of court over his intended use of internal emails in his defence at the disciplinary hearing. The emails are understood to have been provided by UQ under subpoena, brought by Mr Pavlou, in a separate court action he took against China’s consul-general in Brisbane, Xu Jie, after the diplomat issued a statement condemning the protests as “anti-China separatist activities”.

Which resulted in death threats to the student.

This is pure and simple “lawfare”. The kind of misuse of the system against itself perfected by the CCP and now deployed by UQ, its corrupted Australian university offshoot.

This behaviour is an outrageous violation of an Australian citizen’s free speech, egged on, and directed by, CCP agents of influence and the dollars they channel via the international student trade.

The federal government should pull UQ funding until it:

  • clears out China-corrupted management;
  • reduces its dependence on Chinese international students;
  • removes the Confucious Institute from campus,
  • and apologises plus makes reparation to Mr Pavlou.

UQ is operating out on some autocratic limb that is in complete violation with community standards, intellectual principle, democractic rights and national interest policy.

Rein it in.

David Llewellyn-Smith
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  1. Incredible

    Combine this with Murdoch university threatening to sue the whistleblower

    They all need to be nationalised and cleaned out completely

      • DingwallMEMBER

        Hahaha ….. though I shouldn’t scoff at something that is certainly not implausible …. the pr!cks will have considered it I am sure…… as well as the future acceptance of the take-over offer from Wuhan Degrees Pty Ltd.

  2. Stewie GriffinMEMBER

    Australian researchers say Wuflu mos likely created in a lab:

    In an email to LifeSite, Dr Petrovsky said that his study suggests that “there are some highly unusual features, including optimal human adaptation, that in the absence of identification of a close to identical virus in an animal population from which COVID19 could have arisen, would point in the direction of human intervention at some point in the evolution of COVID19.”

    He added that scientists have been unable to find any evidence of this coronavirus strain present in animals, which would support the natural evolution theory:

    “If an animal vector and virus could be found then of course this would resolve the matter completely,” Petrovsky noted, adding. One would have thought that the Chinese would be intensively sampling all conceivable animals trying to find such a virus to exonerate their labs. If no such intense search is going on (which I don’t know one way or the other) then the inference could be that they are not looking because they already know what they might find.”


    • The various media shilling for the CCP, including progressive rags, are praying that there’s no fire with this smoke. It’ll put them in a tricky spot.

    • Fascist China

      The CCP are going let there be an investigation into the virus, the findings will show that it was man made, then they’ll try to pin it on the US military/CIA/Mossad.

      They’ll claim the won the war by stopping the spread in China. The fact the US received blowback from their own virus will show how inferior the US is to China.

    • @zero hedge, is that Austrian or Australian study. I know the countries sound similar but bit of a different location?

  3. UQ has been run like a sovereign state for decades now, administered by glorified middle managers whose mediocrity is only matched by their autocratic tendencies. But this is all enabled by State legislation and federal funding agreements which lets them get away with it, They should have their Community Infrastructure Delegation revoked, and their accreditation suspended pending a review.

  4. David WilsonMEMBER

    This just shows how dangerous it is to allow Chinese infiltration of our University Campuses other than being students to come here to learn and not as a back door way of entering Australia as a permanent resident.

  5. fitzroyMEMBER

    He should ask UQ to produce copies of the emails. Nothing would happen to him even if found guilty of the contempt. It goes nowhere.

    The death threats on the other hand are serious crimes and should be investigated by the police

  6. Luca BiasonMEMBER

    and immediately expel from the foreign interference taskforce Peter Hoi as representative for the university sector

  7. rob barrattMEMBER

    Hoi has probably got the nod & wink from the Chuck’s government. It’s the money don’t you know.

    • made me think it’s prob a bit like Carrie Lam overseeing HK, even if PH disagrees at a fundamental level, he has his orders and he better damn well do what’s he’s told.